Step 4: Jetpack

Like the helmet, the jetpack is a bit of work but it does go together pretty quickly and making it from cardboard makes it very light weight. The missile is the hardest part to make. I made mine from styrene sheet but cardboard will work too. The body of the jetpack is made from cardboard glued together with a glue gun. After it's put together, the seams are smoothed with spackling paste and it gets a coating of polycrylic sealer before priming and painting. The jetpack is screwed to the armor backplate with four wood screws- you'll see in the photos that there are a couple of plastic sheets glued into the jetpack body to accept the screws.

The fuel tanks are made from soda cans and the ends are filled with hot glue and spackling paste.

My jetpack is still missing the thrusters!
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EvgenR2 months ago

hi there, can you say me, what is the material you made this jetpack of? I mean, what is the sort of cardboard it is and where i can find it? p.s sorry for mistakes, that's not my language at all:)

Honus (author)  EvgenR2 months ago

From the materials list-

"two to three large sheets of cardboard- the sheets I used are called
newspaper board (about 1/16" thick and measure 30" x 40") It's available
at craft stores and picture framing shops."

kmcauley2 years ago
i all done step 4/
bravo09233 years ago
would pop bottles be ok to build the jet rocket? I'm stummped
Honus (author)  bravo09233 years ago
I'd say use whatever you can find!
bravo09233 years ago
How wide is the back pack and how high without the missile on top? How tall is the missile? Reason for asking is I am 6 foot 1/2 inches tall and my shoulders are 58 inches across.
Honus (author)  bravo09233 years ago
I don't know the overall dimensions- I gave my costume to a friend several years ago so I have no way of measuring it. I do know that the patterns are dimensioned from the movie jetpack and the actor that played Fett is 6 feet tall so you should be just fine.
I'm pretty much finished with my jet pack. I'm twelve and i'm making the empire strikes back version which is green. I did this just by the pics of yours.
I haven't done the thrusters yet.
Honus (author)  MandolorianFan4 years ago
That's great! Make sure to post photos when you're finished!
minerug4 years ago
I'm going to try and make this out of 0.8mm steel in the holidays, I'll post pics when I'm done.
PS I'm on thedentedhelmet as well
Honus (author)  minerug4 years ago
Wow- that will be quite the project! I once made a proton pack wand from steel and I think it took me around 30 hours...
minerug Honus4 years ago
I estimate the jetpack will take about 2 0r 3 days, The helm the same due to the bends, 1 day each for the gauntlets, 1 day for the platebody and knees.

That's only if the steel supplier replies to my product inquiry!
gar-gar5 years ago
it is 2 days before halloween how do i get it to print the right scale
Is the bottom vent looking piece that goes into the hole at the bottom come in the templates? And how did you do the cube looking lining on the final two pictures?
Honus (author)  Thereisnoend015 years ago
Yep- it's on the templates. The little cube shaped pieces are just pieces of balsa wood but you could use cardboard.
Gotcha, thanks. Your helmet tutorial worked out perfectly for me, this jet pack one will help just as much. Thanks for taking the time to put this whole project up!
funkman6 years ago
thanks for such a great, inspiring instructable! just a few questions. is there a template or measurements for the main tube? i'm finding it a little difficult to match a shape to it with the angle of the bottom of the pack. is the cone on the top of the rocket made from the patterns, or something else? and how do you wear the pack? thanks so much!!
Honus (author)  funkman6 years ago
Thanks! For the main tube I just eyeballed it and bent a piece of cardboard in a semi circular shape and glued it in place. The top cone of the rocket is made from the patterns. To wear the pack it is simply attached to the armor backplate with screws.
funkman Honus6 years ago
awesome! thanks for the info
Honus (author)  funkman6 years ago
Thanks! For the tube I just bent a section of cardboard to fit. The
r u planing on make templates for the jet pack?
Honus (author)  footballmax26 years ago
The templates are already there on the second page.
BobaFettFan6 years ago
Hello there honus I have to give it to u that helmet is amazing for making out of cardboard I had some questions where can I get the cardboard for the jetpack and what kind of cardboard should I get and how much did it cost to make yours?
Oh alright well thanks anyways I'm trying to make a costume for this convention in April I just got a 1996 boba fett collectors helmet and I'm getting the jumpsuit from a army surplus store but every thing else like the armor I'm gonna make from plastic trash cans so hopefully it will be done by April.
Honus (author)  BobaFettFan6 years ago
Thanks! The cardboard is called newspaper board- it's available at craft stores and picture framing shops. I don't really know how much it cost to make since I already had a lot of the materials.
LeeHarr6 years ago
Here's Boba Fett at his 1st Grade Halloween party. The jetpack was the envy of all the NInjas and Ironmen in attendance. Lee
Honus (author)  LeeHarr6 years ago
Wow- he really looks the part! I bet he was pretty happy.....
LeeHarr6 years ago
I completed the jet pack, just in time for Halloween festivities. I fudged some stuff, but overall I am pleased with it. Thrusters are wood balls, air-freshener cones and some washers for the side buttons.
Honus (author)  LeeHarr6 years ago
That looks amazing- even better than mine! Way to go!!
hey for my jetpack would you have to paint the part that straps onto your back because know one would really notice.

Hey if you having some trouble building the armour(and some extra cash)go to http://cgi.ebay.com/Affordable-Star-Wars-Boba-or-Jango-Fett-Costume-Armor_W0QQitemZ190259571790QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item190259571790&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1418%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318
Honus (author)  starwarsfanatic956 years ago
You wouldn't have to paint it if you didn't want to.
Do you have any pictures of the back of the jetpack?
Honus (author)  Gamma_Metroid6 years ago
Unfortunately I don't.
Oh well. In the last picture in the first row you have added curved sheet of cardboard. Is that one of the templates, or do you have to measure and cut that yourself?
Honus (author)  Gamma_Metroid6 years ago
It's just a bent piece of cardboard- just cut it to the correct height, then bend it and glue it in place. A large cardboard tube that is the correct diameter would work just as well, but will probably be pretty difficult to find.
LeeHarr6 years ago
I just completed the main part of the jet pack; still have to build the thrusters. I am not a craftsman, but I think it came out okay and my kid loves it. Took several hours but it does work. Minimal tools: cardboard, glue gun, scissors, x-acto knife, pen, ruler, and some paint. I'll try to post a picture. Thanks Honus!
Honus (author)  LeeHarr6 years ago
Awesome- that looks fantastic! I'll bet your kid is happy- and that makes me happy. :) I have three boys (the oldest is almost five) so I'll be making a lot more costumes in the coming years.
iamparalax6 years ago
I have been building the jetpack for my boy from the designs you have put up for us to print. It is a great help. I was wondering a few things. What are the dimensions on some of the pieces. I am not sure mine is the right size. I am worried that I have not printed it to actual size. It will work for my little boy, I am just curious of how big it is supposed to be. Also, The piece that goes on the top and bottom in the first step of the pack itself. Where did you get it? I tried to copy the one image you have for the bottom, and when I tried to use it for the top it was about 3 inches short. I really do appreciate you putting this up for others to use,. My little boy is so looking forward to seeing his finished. -Chad-
Honus (author)  iamparalax6 years ago
Chad, I don't quite understand. There is a scale on the plans to print everything out actual size you know it will be correct. The top and bottom parts are on the templates on pages 31-34. If you need any more help just let me know!
I'm not sure what I might have done with it. It looks right, but I used the piece on page 33, and 34 for the top and bottom. Are you supposed to use the piece on page 31 for the top over the other base piece? I'm not much of a model builder I'm afraid. I was going by image # 5 to see what piece to use for the top.
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