This is an Unfinished Instructable, check back soon for more pictures.

When I was younger, I wanted to find tutorials on how to sculpt certain characters from television shows, video games, and movies.  Unfortunately, I could never find any good clay sculpting tutorials, only how to draw them. Thats when my creativity kicked in. Why not use the drawing tutorial AS a sculpting tutorial? Over the next few weeks, my new technique was born. This Instructable will teach you what I did:

How to sculpt from ANY drawing tutorial. 

You will need:

Tin foil
Wire (optional but recomended)
Toothpicks or other detailing tools
An oven
Sculpy or Fimo clay
Wire cutters (I use NEW toenail clippers)
A great imagination

Step 1: Find a Good Step-by-step Draw

First thing you need to do is find a good drawing tutorial. There are thousands out there, so find the most detailed one you can. I chose this one of Pikachu.
<p>end results</p>
Uhh.. So where's the result
no picture of final result?
Hey guys, sorry about the wait, pics will be up tomorrow, since it is cooler. I live with others and didn't want to light the oven when it was already in the 90s. Thank you so much for your kind comments, I hope to make more instructables soon. :)
Please vote for me in the &quot;Play with Clay&quot; Contest. Also, tell me what I can do to improve this instructable. It is my first, so be nice, please. Also note there will be more pictures soon. I am still baking it ;)
Kai, I agree with Rox, great first instructable, I have to ask though where the pic of the finished product, I'd love to see how it turned out with paint and all. Good job on the workup
This is a great instructable... so far! I can't believe it's your first one :) What a great idea! I hope you can finish your instructable i can't wait to see how your figure turned out. Check out my instructable as soon as i put it up. It's a mini popcorn sculpy figure. GOOD LUCK IN THE CONTEST :)

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