Step 2: Oiling up

Picture of Oiling up
For this step you'll need some high flashpoint oil. I use corn oil, but peanut oil, canola, crisco, butter, or lard should work just as well. Make sure the oil you choose is not salted or flavored. You want the plain stuff, no salt.

Pull your pans out and unless you're using solid oil (butter, crisco, lard), you should let them cool until you can touch them without getting burned.

If you use the solid stuff, you'll need an oven mitt you can wash or else don't care about. Get your mitt on and go to town! Make sure the pan is fairly hot (like just done drying in a 400 degree oven right?).

Get some oil on to a paper towel and rub it into the metal. You will get some on your hands if you do it right. Don't leave puddles! if you can shake a drip off then there's too much. It should be a good amount, just short of too much. Make sure your racks are spaced tall enough, and put those oily pans into the oven.