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Introduction: How to Secure a Date

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Results may vary. I just thought I'd ask my friend on a date a different way. This is just a letter with a reply postcard inside. I prefer to make everything myself, this way it seems like I went out of my way. And its basically free this way.


Optional materials:

Step 1: Write the Letter + Postcard

I used cardstock my mom uses for scrapbooking. Luckily enough I could see through it enough to trace the words from my laptop screen. This way you can get decent looking handwriting. I thought about printing it but writing it yourself is always better in my opinion.

The letter reads:

Dear Haley,
I would like to take you on a date. If you get lucky, we could even play boggle.

Please reply with your response.


1st picture is the letter

2nd is the back of the postcard: After I finished it I thought it would have been better if I only had put yes....

3rd is the front of the postcard

Step 2: Make an Envelope

Never done this before. Tried to make measurements. Used a sheet of my mom's scrapbooking paper. Pretty awesome because you have two patterns, or at least one pattern and the other side plain.

I messed up on the envelope pretty bad....

Step 3: Wait to See If Works

I'll update to tell everyone if I got a yes or no.



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    Genius, man. And, after one uses this method, there is not turning back at that point.

    1 reply

    thanks, she said yes, but I never took her on the date. She didn't reciprocate my feelings...oh well, many fishies

    From your I'ble's title, I had a image of zip-ties, duct tape, and scented candles. Your idea is much more sensible, and probably more likely to be successful in the long run :-)

    13 replies

    It wouldn't be a date without candles, now would it? And besides, with the zip-ties and duct tape for securing, the candles just add that extra level of creepy malevolence that every good serial killer needs.

    :-D I presume you remember Wednesday's comment from Addams Family Values, "I'm dressed like a serial killer. They look just like everyone else." :-)

    Love that line, but I thought she said "homicidal maniac", not "serial killer". But I guess they are both essentially the same thing.

    You're probably right, as I was going from memory. The difference between the two, I think, is between desire and success ;-)

    Ah, yes. That does make a lot of sense, as serial killers have committed the act already, and homicidal maniacs only want to.

    Hahahahaha! In all seriousness, I've often thought that as many people as I've interacted with and will meet in my entire lifespan (here's hoping that's a long data set!), the probability that I've had some type of interaction with such a character or similar is not improbably low. D:

    I really wouldn't be surprised at all if some of the people I know/have known turn out to be serial killers or at least some kind of killer D:

    what are the candles for
    Ambience. Or possibly.... no, wait, family site, definitely just ambience.

    How to secure a date part 2 :P

    Jianqiang: I like the combination of the elaborate loopy script and a cute, funny message- it shows you are willing to make an effort but still have a sense of humour. It's easy to think that whenever you pick up a pen to write someone a letter like this you have to become a poet.

    Hehe.. I was about to ask "where did you learn to write like that?", then I went back and saw Luckily enough I could see through it enough to trace the words from my laptop screen. This way you can get decent looking handwriting.

    I can't complain after doing exactly the same thing but in my defence that was just one letter :P

    I plan to practice a little a day to be able to write that font. I thought it would be cool if I could write in Times New Roman, but I think loopy cursive is more practical, thanks for the comment :)

    You know, there's an experiment in this, basically a set of us all test ideas as to how to secure a date, then write a definitive 'ible on the matter...