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Results may vary. I just thought I'd ask my friend on a date a different way. This is just a letter with a reply postcard inside. I prefer to make everything myself, this way it seems like I went out of my way. And its basically free this way.


Optional materials:

Step 1: Write the Letter + Postcard

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I used cardstock my mom uses for scrapbooking. Luckily enough I could see through it enough to trace the words from my laptop screen. This way you can get decent looking handwriting. I thought about printing it but writing it yourself is always better in my opinion.

The letter reads:

Dear Haley,
I would like to take you on a date. If you get lucky, we could even play boggle.

Please reply with your response.


1st picture is the letter

2nd is the back of the postcard: After I finished it I thought it would have been better if I only had put yes....

3rd is the front of the postcard

Step 2: Make an Envelope

Picture of Make an Envelope

Never done this before. Tried to make measurements. Used a sheet of my mom's scrapbooking paper. Pretty awesome because you have two patterns, or at least one pattern and the other side plain.

I messed up on the envelope pretty bad....

Step 3: Wait to See If Works

I'll update to tell everyone if I got a yes or no.


Foaly7 (author)2009-09-10

Genius, man. And, after one uses this method, there is not turning back at that point.

jianqiang (author)Foaly72009-09-13

thanks, she said yes, but I never took her on the date. She didn't reciprocate my feelings...oh well, many fishies

kelseymh (author)2009-04-22

From your I'ble's title, I had a image of zip-ties, duct tape, and scented candles. Your idea is much more sensible, and probably more likely to be successful in the long run :-)

WirelessMonk (author)kelseymh2009-04-23

...what are the candles for? ;P Nice 'ible, very sweet.

kelseymh (author)WirelessMonk2009-04-23

It wouldn't be a date without candles, now would it? And besides, with the zip-ties and duct tape for securing, the candles just add that extra level of creepy malevolence that every good serial killer needs.

Lithium Rain (author)kelseymh2009-04-23

And you wonder why I hide so much on here...

kelseymh (author)Lithium Rain2009-04-23

:-D I presume you remember Wednesday's comment from Addams Family Values, "I'm dressed like a serial killer. They look just like everyone else." :-)

Foaly7 (author)kelseymh2009-09-10

Love that line, but I thought she said "homicidal maniac", not "serial killer". But I guess they are both essentially the same thing.

kelseymh (author)Foaly72009-09-11

You're probably right, as I was going from memory. The difference between the two, I think, is between desire and success ;-)

Foaly7 (author)kelseymh2009-09-11

Ah, yes. That does make a lot of sense, as serial killers have committed the act already, and homicidal maniacs only want to.

Lithium Rain (author)kelseymh2009-09-11


Lithium Rain (author)kelseymh2009-04-23

Hahahahaha! In all seriousness, I've often thought that as many people as I've interacted with and will meet in my entire lifespan (here's hoping that's a long data set!), the probability that I've had some type of interaction with such a character or similar is not improbably low. D:

Sunbanks (author)Lithium Rain2009-04-23

I really wouldn't be surprised at all if some of the people I know/have known turn out to be serial killers or at least some kind of killer D:

PKM (author)WirelessMonk2009-04-23

what are the candles for
Ambience. Or possibly.... no, wait, family site, definitely just ambience.

How to secure a date part 2 :P

Jianqiang: I like the combination of the elaborate loopy script and a cute, funny message- it shows you are willing to make an effort but still have a sense of humour. It's easy to think that whenever you pick up a pen to write someone a letter like this you have to become a poet.

Hehe.. I was about to ask "where did you learn to write like that?", then I went back and saw Luckily enough I could see through it enough to trace the words from my laptop screen. This way you can get decent looking handwriting.

I can't complain after doing exactly the same thing but in my defence that was just one letter :P

jianqiang (author)PKM2009-04-23

I plan to practice a little a day to be able to write that font. I thought it would be cool if I could write in Times New Roman, but I think loopy cursive is more practical, thanks for the comment :)

jianqiang (author)kelseymh2009-04-23

Zip-ties, duct tape, and scented candles is after I get her in the car ;)

hammer9876 (author)2009-04-30

Are my eyes going bad, or are the photos really blurrrry?

jianqiang (author)hammer98762009-05-10

blurry. Its the flash/camera

killerjackalope (author)2009-04-23

You know, there's an experiment in this, basically a set of us all test ideas as to how to secure a date, then write a definitive 'ible on the matter...

dan moulton (author)2009-04-23

Boggle ...nice

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