How to See the Creepy Faces in Gameboy Camera




Introduction: How to See the Creepy Faces in Gameboy Camera

Calling all Horror fans! If you want to see the Scary Faces in Gameboy Camera on the original cartridge this instuctable is for you!  The Creepy faces are the only reason I sold my Gameboy Camera!  Disturbing Faces, right?

Step 1: Get Your Gameboy/Pocket/Color/Advance/Advance SP

First, you NEED to Get the system to boot the game on. So get any systom from the gameboy line EXEPT the Gameboy Micro.  Original gameboy games don't work on the micro

Step 2: Get Your Gameboy Camera

Next get your Gameboy Camera.  The Camera Cartridge is the most important part, along with the system!

Step 3: Boot Up Gameboy Camera

Next Boot up the Gameboy camera.  To do this, put the cartridge into the Gameboy, then turn the Gameboy on.  You should see the title screen now. If you don't, take the cartridge out, then make sure there is no dust or dirt in the cartridge and the system. Then, put the cartridge in the Gameboy again. If it STILL doesn't work try a different game, to see if it is the Gameboy. Also, try the Gameboy Camera in a different system.  If the gameboy plays another game, but not the camera, the camera is probably broken, and you need a new one.  If it is the other way around, you need a new Gameboy.

Step 4: Go Into the Menu

Now go into the menu.  To do this, press start, and then highlight Shoot and press the A button.

Step 5: Press Run

To press run, highlight Run, then press A.

Step 6: You Are Now Crossing the Equator! Jambo Nintendo!

Sometimes, instead of one of the creepy faces, it will Say "You are now crossing the Equator! Jambo Nintendo!".  If it says that, try pressing run again.  If it still says that, press run again till it has the creepy face.

Step 7: Your Done!

Now you got the creepy face up!  Remember, there are more than one face, and you can also just get an error message up instead.  There are many ways to see the creepy faces!  Thanks for reading!



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