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You can see your name on the toolbar(exactly beside the "time") by following these steps:
1)Open control panel -> region and language
2)Click on formats.
3)Click on additional setting.
4)Click on time.
5)Change the AM or the PM symbols to the name you want.
6)Then press apply or OK.
7)The trick is done.
Its a funny trick that can be easily done and you can surprise your friends with.
The steps i gave is for windows 7 ,but it can be done on windows XP and vista but their will be a slight variation in the steps. 


verence (author)2011-06-23

Yeah, great tip!

Go on and change the system wide setting that controls the textual representation of time. So a file was created "5/22/2011 7:41 blackey" and your word processor might add the current time as "2:23 mohamadelmoussa"

Your trick will not work in countries where the AM/PM scheme is not used (24h clocks)

Why do you want that anyway? Do you occasionally forget who you are?

Only reason I can think of would be a multi-user machine with similar desktops for the users. In that case, look for the tool BGInfo of the Sysinternals suite of tools, it allows you to put system information on the desktop.

metalman1138 (author)verence2011-06-26

Seriously verence, chill out. Dude was having fun, not even a "virus" practical joke, just a fun thing to do.

mohamadelmoussa, good instructable, short to the point and fun.

mohamadelmoussa (author)verence2011-06-23

First of all ,why you are so angry in your comment ,Second i mentioned that this trick is only for fun so the purpose is*FUN*(not to remember my name).So let your comment be more positive and polite.

PATSY001 (author)2011-06-25

I love it!

Not sure there would ever be a practical use for this, But nice to know that it can actually be done.

Good job!

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