Heres a simple step you can take if you need to mail something but have no stamp.

Step 1: Simply...

Simply switch the two addresses so that whoever your sending the mail to is in upper left hand corner. This is usually the return address area.
<p>Stick to emails... no stamps needed.</p>
My local mailman will leave an envelope in your mailbox saying that you forgot your stamp, and explains that he would appreciate if you left 50 cents in the envelope to cover the cost of him putting one on for you.
if you genuinely forgot to put a stamp on the letter. that's pretty nice if your postman
Does this acually work?
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<p>defrauding the usps is about 35 yrs in fed pen.</p>
<p>They should be glad their systems are getting circumvented every now and then. It's how they get better. Cut through the red tape and expose the flaws. Any company worth its weight in stamps should take some initiative and hire the people who figure this stuff out as security analysts.</p>
<p>But this method takes weeks for the letter to be returned</p>
People,,, you need to chill out....this was just for fun obviously.
Good thought, but it is mail fraud and illegal
This MIGHT work if you are sending a letter in the same zip code (in which case hop on your bike and save your parents the cost of the envelope) but it's not going to get past the routers if it's farther than that.
Re:&nbsp; &quot;save your parents some money&quot;<br /> <br /> <br /> Am I&nbsp;the only person on this website who is over 18?
Mentally, socially or chronologically? : )
For some, date of assembly! ;)
Nope. I'm 18 several times over. Heck, my kid is over 18.
well I&quot;m 23. I didn't even think there would be a lot of teenagers on here considering how much membership costs. and being a member makes things a lot easier. But I guess the majority(not all) teenagers have a lot more time, energy, and less responsibility than the average adult taking care of a family on minimum wage.
Just look at a list of the instructables available, and some of the comments on them, and make your own determination of average age ; )<br><br>When the first comment was made, there wasn't a cost for membership-as far as I know, there still isn't, you just have to jump threw more hoops to get at things.
true. true. I go through the instructables too fast so I took the easy way and paid for pro membership.
ya probably
of course the address is 0420. I'd refer you to steal this wiki if the site weren't down. <br>oh wait, there's a dropbox mirror https://dl.dropbox.com/u/64088059/Steal%20this%20Wiki/wiki.stealthiswiki.org/wiki/Main_Page.html
Rules have changed over here : sender has to pay an extra tax. So it means that real receiver will be asked to come to the post office where he / she will be asked to pay more than the stamp price to get the letter. <br>So this should be checked according to country where you send it to. <br> <br>Good idea though. <br> <br>I didn't know John Doe lived in Some St. <br>Also thought his city was Everywhere. This may be close to Anywhere but not that close !&hellip;
I believes this appeared in Phrack magazine a lot of years ago first, no?
This is so cool of an Idea. <br>Now I can do mass mailings for free.
Once a friend didn't put a stamp on a birthday card to me, the post office put a notice in my mailbox telling me I needed to go to the post office and pay to receive a letter that had insufficient funds. I'm just saying, illegal or not, it won't always work.
Yeah illegal, but if you have a shed load of mail to send all at once it could be cheaper to be charged for fraud than for stamp duty, lol
Wrong, lol.
this christmas i sent a card to my self to see what would happen. It must of been the time for giving, because they processed it thru free of charge. Long story short..no need to switch adresses!P.S. i bought stamps for the rest of the cards
Worked once... I'd still advise against assuming your neighborhood's regular mail carrier is too dumb to notice, in the long run! ;)
Here in the US, that is mail fraud, and is punishable by time in prison. If you're really being frugal, prison is the ultimate in low budget living: food, rent, clothing, medical care are all gifts from the taxpayers. There isn't a whole lot of choice of room, menu or clothing, but that might be part of the fun of it. <br> <br>Seriously, the typical US Post Office will dispose of letters sent without postage, which keeps the letter from going where it was supposed to, and wasting everyone's time. It's less than a half a buck to mail a letter, which would be a bargain at twice the price. After all, I can't buy an apple as cheaply as I can mail a letter, which can go first class to Hawaii (about as far from Boston as you can get within the US) for the same $0.45 that brings it across town. Even if it goes across town, that $0.45 is far cheaper than the cost of my time and fuel to hand deliver a letter. Not worth the risk.
Best answer.
Super-illegal, and if you send it across state lines, you invoke the possibility of a whole new layer of charges. <br> <br>Also, it's an old, old trick, and the USPS has been fighting it longer than your parents have been alive. It has a limited possible success run, if they flag the addresses in the system.
It might work for local. <br>But if it has a return address that's out of state, the usps will be wise to your scheme (and will know where you live.)
While that's super illegal, I find it to actually be quite clever. Kudos to you for coming up with that, it's pretty ingenious.
sometimes I forget to put stamps on my letters, but they always get wherever there going anyway... probably the Irish post service feels sorry for me... everytime an unstamped letter goes thru, they sip tea and say,&quot;ah, poor Maeve, she forgot the stamp again,&quot; and then someone else goes, &quot;did you hear last week she left her jacket (including money, iPod nano and phone) at school for a week while she was out sick,&quot; and they all nod their heads sadly. Thankfully everyone pities so much that they left my jacket and stuff in school, untouched! which says a lot for how honest we are....<br /> Sorry, I'm a bit hyper and typing gibberish becaus we get A&nbsp;WEEKS&nbsp;EXTRA&nbsp;CHRISTMAS&nbsp;HOLIDAYS&nbsp;BECAUSE&nbsp;OF&nbsp;THE&nbsp;ICY&nbsp;WEATHER!
Well don't forget you're coat!
This doesn't go to the return address, it gets droped in the &quot;Dead Letter&quot; bin.
i am not in the USA but surely they will see when the letter reaches the first distribution centre that it was sent from somewhere else( perhaps half a country away). i doubt it would work other than across your own town.
This is illegal, not suggested. You can be charged with defrauding the postal service.
Careful, I think this constitutes mail fraud. That's bad news there.
Both of you are right! I tried this a couple times with local mail. One successful letter sent. But the second WAS delivered... only it was delivered "postage due". Might actually be more trouble than its worth.. thanx for the feedback anyways. Peace +|+
Don't know if you guys realize-Mail fraud in the US is a federal offense. Do you really think the price of a stamp is worth a hefty fine. As for those of you who say to send an e-mail, that's all well and good if you don't mind someone else having record of your correspondence. US mail is covered by federal privacy laws which makes it illegal for anyone but the addressee to open it. Check your privacy rights on an e-mail and you will find out there are none.
If you don't have 50 cents for a stamp... send an email?
Here is a better idea (If it isn't money or a toy&quot; Scan it and email it.
In Canada there are only two instances where mail is delivered legally free of charge. <br><br>1. Brailled documents for the blind. Must be marked &quot;Materials for the Blind&quot;.<br><br>2. Your Member of Parliament.
&nbsp;This wont work for anyone in the UK as Royal Mail will still deliver it and charge the person receiving the letter the postage costs plus a small fee.<br /> <br /> So its free for the sender but it will make people mad at you lol<br />
if your letter carrier doesnt catch it --it will go postge due--reciepeint wont appreceate it---and it is attempted fraud/fraud----but its not FREE and i have 1 more comment<sub>but i wont say it </sub>,because it would help you get away with your FRAUD !!!!!!!!!!<br/>
Genius, but you have the risk of being caught if you put your address in the middle of the envelope
Dont useyour address for anything illegal, thats a no-brainer
Lol.. risking fraud to save a stamp? Why not just make the $.44 in under a minute.. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://freewebs.com/free2workathome">http://freewebs.com/free2workathome</a>Free Paypal Money<br/>
it IS fraud but it does work, especially if you put the same address in both places (and you can always say "the stamp must have fallen off" )

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