How to separate the Magnets from an old harddisk

Picture of How to separate the Magnets from an old harddisk
Harddisks have a pair off very strong magnets in it, Unfortunately, they are placed on a metal plate for fixing them in the drive. It's very hard to remove them from the metal without breaking the magnet.
But if you know the trick, it's very easy...
This is the trick:....
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Step 1: What u need

Picture of What u need
You just need the magnets you want to seperate from the metal and two large grippers, the bigger the better

Step 2: Holding

Picture of Holding
Now take the Metalplade on both ends with the grippers.
Be careful just to put the gipper on the metal, not on the magnet or you will berak it for sure!

Step 3: Bending

Picture of Bending
Bend now the metal until the magnet is only held by its on force.
Just take it off and you have a very good and strong magnet
Be careful not to bring the magnets to close together, because they could snap and break!

Step 4: Finished

Picture of Finished
You're finished.

By the way: Sorry if my english isn't that good, but english is not my native language...
supah4x0r2 years ago
Thanks so much man, there was recently an e-waste collection by my local council, and I managed to get 43 hard-drive magnets, while snapping 3 screwdriver heads
zeutstarz3 years ago
This is just what I needed, thanks man!
ppatekar3 years ago
great method
antling4 years ago
Glad to find this post. Just extracted 2 pairs of magnets and will do what you did
wow.. this is good tip..
i tried your method and it works lie a charm

wanted to try the dental floss method but mine was epoxied
thank broder
olao996 years ago
Thank you, I had broken too much hdds magnets. Your English is fine.
arrowcrest6 years ago
great :-) I think your English is fine.
simplytuff7 years ago
Wow , very nice ! too bad i didnt see this before coz ive already broke 2 hardisk magnets
mattccc7 years ago
JuanPi8 years ago
Hey! Thanks for the info. do you know how to do the same but with the speakers magnets ¿Do you know? Those ring-shaped ones. I am not anglo-speaker but I think your english is ok!
You have better english than a lot of Americans.