Here's a quick cheap way to get some hydrogen and oxygen.

Step 1: Gather the Items

You will need 2 pencils,a cup,some cardboard,salt,a 9-volt battery,a 9-volt battery connected, and a pencil sharpener.
<p>thx a ton i was wondering how to do electrolysis.</p>
Does the same work without adding salt?
There will also be a certain amount of chlorine gas from the salt.
What happens after I see bubbles? Thanks
<p>then you add some dish soap to the water, and watch flammable bubbles form.</p>
<p>The Bubbles are Hydrogen and Oxygen. If you can collect them from each pen seperatly by using pvc-tubes, you can use them for other experiments. e.g. hydrogen has a lower density then air, a balloon would float if it was filled with H.</p>
<p>ps: oxygen will appear at the positive lead, negative leads to Hydrogen.</p>

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