The Instructions listed below are provided to show beginner and intermediate gamers how to setup online gaming for their XBOX 360 video game console after they have purchased the Xbox Live online access card and keyed in the access code. The instructions will cover how to connect your Xbox 360 video game console to Xbox Live Online Services. Follow instructions step by step to get the best results.

The materials and Services needed are:

· Any XBOX 360 gaming console

· Internet Service (Must have home internet service to be able to connect the console to Xbox Live online services)

· A Modem (if required by your service provider for internet access)

· A Router (for wire/wireless Access)

· 2 Ethernet Cables

*You may have a modem/router combination, if so you won’t need a separate router.

Side Notes

First check to see if your internet service provider installed your internet service with just a modem or with modem/router combination. You can do this just by reading the box the modem/router came in or by calling your service provider and asking.

· If you have a modem your router will be connected to the modem.

· If you have a modem/router combination you won’t need another router.

Next make sure the gaming console is turned on (the green ring should appear around the power button).

Step 1: Wall Outlet

Make sure the Ethernet cable from the Ethernet wall outlet
is connected to the modem.

*This Ethernet cable should already be connected if you have internet service

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