How to Set Up a Bearded Dragon Terrarium





Introduction: How to Set Up a Bearded Dragon Terrarium

This instuctable will help you to set up a terrarium for a bearded dragon to survive in.

Step 1:

First you will need to gather all your materials such as
1 40-55 gallon terrarium and terrarium stand,
1 screen lid,
2 Reptile habitat thermometers,
1 Reptile habitat hygrometer,
1 Daytime UVA/UVB bulb and fixture,
1 basking spot bulb and fixture,
1 lamp stand for UV and basking light (if desired),
1 Ceramic heat emitter/nighttime bulb and fixture (if necessary),
1 Timer for lighting and heating fixtures (if desired),
Reptile carpet
Artificial/natural rocks and/or wood for basking site, Branches for climbing and hiding.

Step 2:

Then you will want to set up your stand and terrarium.

Step 3:

After placing your stand and terrarium in the place you disire you will want to first place the Reptile carpet at the bottom of the terrarium, be sure you get the proper size.

Step 4:

Then you wlll want to set up the hiding and basking spots using the Artificial or natural rock and wood. Be sure to set the branches at different heights.

Step 5:

After you have set up you Decor for the habitat you will want to place a screen cover on top of the terrarium.

Step 6:

Then after placing the screen on the terrarium you will want to place a UVA/UVB fixture on top for daytime lighting, for the UVB bulb i would prefer repti-sun 10.0.

Step 7:

Finally after Setting up all your Decor and lighting you will need to set up the heating fixtures, you will need to set up you heating lampstand (if desired) where you can place the daytime heating light and nighttime heating light, you will want to use a ceramic hear emitter or a nighttime bulb in the nighttime heating fixture (you will want to keep the temperature of the terrarium at 65-80 degrees at nighttime). As for the daytime heating light i would prefer a 100-150 watt lamp and bulb (you will want to keep the temperature of the terrarium at 105-115 degrees during the day).

Step 8:

Now you are ready to place your bearded dragon in its terrarium!



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    This is a perfect article - if you want a sad, depressed lizard, in a sad, depressing terrarium.

    A few mistakes:
    - No background
    - Using flooring instead of substrate
    - General (UV) light does not cover the whole width
    - Basking spot is not high enough
    - Way too small water pot (should be big enough that your pet can actually swim in it)

    10 replies

    I can agree with some of your arguments but not all of them. For instance: it is does not affect the dragon at all if they have a mat as flooring it only matters that they do not walk on the bare glass. And the water pot does not have to be big enough to swim in (if you give them a bath once in a while). But i can agree with the rest.

    It might not affect them as far as you see, but bearded dragons are from the desert - it is their natural habitat. And to provide them the best care, I think it is better to use sand than a mat. Also it's easier to clean of poop (just use a sieve).

    Bearded dragons come from Australia, which is a desert, but it isn't a super sandy desert like the Sahara or something. Not to mention, it can be a problem for baby or juvenile beardies. Please, do more research :)

    Apparently I have to repeat my comment, at least partly.

    1. Easier to clean
    2. Natural habitat
    3. (Extra) Bearded dragons like to dig, what they can hardly do with a mat.
    4. (Extra) Aesthetically looks better
    5. (Extra) Cheaper to replace than a mat

    sand is actually really bad for the dragons! it can cause really bad constipation. with a mat, you have two and you just put the clean one in and wash the other and then do the same next time!

    using sand is really bad because you will still leave bacteria in there if you are just taking out the part with the poop.

    its also better to have a mat when you give them crickets, as they will catch them and eat some sand at the same time!

    you can get a mat at any color.

    you can literally just machine wash a mat and use it over and over

    i agree with 3 of those. sand does not have to be cheaper to replace then a mat. it sometimes will and some times wont. and i dont think it will be easyer to clean. it will be exactly as easy to clean as a mat (in my perspective).

    I have checked four local pet stores nearby (I live in Hungary). Sand recommended for bearded dragons comes in a 10kg kit, which is enough for 4-5 full replacement of one 100x50 base terrarium, comes around the price of 2 better quality mats (cheaper one needs to be replaced about every month or so).

    Pet stores will sell you anything to make a profit. Try educating yourself.

    Why would the mat have to be replaced every month or so? and depends where you live you can also get sandy earth in nearby lakes. (in californa we have no water so you can litrially walk on the bottom of the lake bed and get rocks sand ect)

    No. They need a higher basking spot. They should be about 6-10 inches from the top of the tank. And, the UVB bulb should span the entire width of the vivarium. This website is upsetting because every bearded dragon guide is 100% wrong, and dangerous for the dragon. People like you are going to kill your pets. Did you really even research anything?

    nice setup, but isnt the UVB Bulb ment to span the whole width of the viv and be within 10 inches of the dragons reach?