Introduction: How to Set Up a Super Nintendo SNES FAMICOM to a HD TV

This is living proof that it is possible to hook up a SNES to a HD TV using RCA cables. The quality isn't HD but it is still reasonably good considering how old the super famicom is.


goodmeme (author)2012-09-01


By the way, you have a PC there. If you use zsnes emulator then you will be able to play super nintendo through your PC. I'm not sure how to make your cartridges into .smc rom files, but it can be done fairly easily you can see how people have done it already online.

It's not perfect but the picture is probably better in most cases, and its one less box and power supply, not to mention not having to change cartridge all the time.

retrotowers (author)goodmeme2012-09-01

Yes that is true. I just prefer playing the games on the original console it just feels better if you know what I mean.

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