How to Set Up a Chess Board





Introduction: How to Set Up a Chess Board

Use this Instructable to be an expert at setting up a Chess Board

Step 1: Rooks

Get a numbered and lettered chess board. First, put the two rooks on A and H.

Step 2: Knights

Next, put your two knights on B and G.

Step 3: Bishops

Next, put the two bishops on C and F.

Step 4: Kings and Queens

Then, put the queen on D and the king on E.

All the pieces should be on the line numbered 1.

Step 5: Pawns

Finally put the pawns on the numbered line 2, directly in front of the pieces. You should have 8 pawns.

Then do the same for black, but on the other side of the board, following the same instructions.

Step 6: Begin the Game!

Good luck and have fun.



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    The bishop hat is called a miter. I always just look at the color to place the queen. They go on their respective color

    Very nicely done!

    I always wondered why the horses were called knights, while the guys with the obvious knight-like helmets on were called bishops. I think we'll never know... :)

    Great guide, thanks!

    The horses are called knights because long ago, they actually had riders, so they looked like knights on horseback. Eventually, however, people decided that it was too time-consuming to carve the whole thing, so they just made horses. As for the bishop, if you look at a picture of a Catholic bishop, you will see that their hat is exactly the same as the chess piece.

    That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation!

    This Instructable just took me to a whole new level. I'm now a master of setting up chess boards.