Picture of I Can Wii. Can You?
This is an instructable on how to set up your Nintendo Wii so that you are ready to play. This is meant for those who may find the game's directions to be a little confusing or hard to understand. This will give people a more visual way of how to set your Wii up. I first came up with the idea when I was trying to show my dad how to hook up our Nintendo Wii at our house. I got sick of showing him how to do it so this was for him.There are quite a few steps, but trust me it won't take very long at all to get through the instructable. So don't let it scare you.
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Step 1: Introductions

Picture of Introductions
This is me, Da Hand. I will be taking you through this instructable with a "hands on " point of veiw. 

Step 2: The Doohickeys And The Whatchamacallits

Picture of The Doohickeys And The Whatchamacallits
This is all of the equipment that you will be working with. It can look kind of intimidating, but we will get through this. So don't run away just yet. 

Step 3: Your System

Picture of Your System

This is your Nintendo Wii console that you will be hooking up. Not much to look at, but that's why it's so convenient. Their is the front view, the back view and the top view.

Step 4: Location, Location (side of TV)

Picture of Location, Location (side of TV)
Before we get too far into the process you must first decide where you are going to put your console. Because of intelligent engineering, there are two ways that you can place your console. Upright so that you can place it at the side of your TV.

Step 5: Location, Location (flat)

Picture of Location, Location (flat)
You can also set the console flat so that it cannot flop over just don't place in upsidedown. In case you are paranoid of what could happen.

Step 6: Memory Card

Picture of Memory Card

Some of you may still have a memory card from your previous system. This can be used with your Wii system to expand its memory.

Step 7: Insert Memory Here

Picture of Insert Memory Here
Just open the cover on the top of the console and place it in the slot as I am doing in the picture below.
techboy4113 years ago
Internet.cable OR WIFI
um, what channels u got? i cant get any channels than the basic ones!
Muniosi4 years ago
You may want to say that when you first get your Wii, it will only have the first six channels shown on the image. The others can be downloaded from the Wii Shop channel.
Bert995 years ago
i know you worked hard on this and all but people can just read the instruction booklet. it is a good guide though
The author did explain that it was for people who found the wii instructions a little hard to understand. Well don e on the instructable, it was relly clear =]