Step 5: How do I use this?

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The trickiest part of the entire dual monitor setup is learning how to use it. What we've done is enlarge the desktop and stretch it across two monitors. With mine setup as shown in the pictures, when I move my mouse to the far left side of the laptop monitor it will vanish from my laptop screen and immediately appear on the right side of the screen on the second monitor. Basically, just pretend that you have one monitor and you've cut in half (and it magically still works). When I maximize any window on my computer, though, it will fill the screen that it's on but not both. To help clear things up, take a look at the images. The first one is a screen capture with all of my windows minimized. The division that is seen is the border between the two monitors. When I want to move between them I just move the mouse, or window, in the corresponding direction. In the second image I've brought up the instructables website on the right, another browser playing a video on the left, and a third window in between them. To see how this looks on the monitors just take a look at the last image.