This is an instructable that will show you how to sew. Follow all the steps and practice and you will get better. Anyone can sew. Note: This is my first instructables, hope you like it!

Step 1: Getting Started.

First you have to know the parts of the sewing machine. Once you get familiar with the parts, this will make it easier for you to use the sewing machine. See the attached images for all the parts. I will explain the parts I feel necessary for a beginner.
Very good insrt. on the basic machine parts
just a tip: use basting stitch in place of pins to temporarily hold the fabric/s together. just like what baddjj said, be safe and not hospitalized for having a needle stuck in your major artery!
"Finally, when you are sewing 2 or more pieces of fabric together, use pins to hold them in place. When you are done your whole project, iron it so it will be flat" It's VERY important to remove the each pin just before it meets the presser foot- you don't want to run the risk of bending or breaking your needle should it strike one of the pins. I learned this the hard way after my needle broke and the tip that broke off ricocheted up into my eye! Happy Sewing
wouldnt it burn the fabric
I learned that the hard way on a machine older than me :( Snapped the needle and hit me!
OUCH! thanks for the tip. i'll add it to my ible.
I just went out and bought this same machine for 70 bucks..I am going tot ry this out ..yay!
Where'd you get that machine I think I'm going to go buy the same one so I can get the same results
cool, hows it coming along?
that is a good tip to try it without thread first, great job on this
Good job, and welcome

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