Make your very own kitty-cat themed warm and fuzzy winter gear set.

Pick your colors - for this pattern, I've used only about 12x15 inches of pink for paw and ear trim, 1/2 yard of purple (main) color fleece, 1/3 of a yard of cream (contrast) 1/4 of a yard of black (trim) fleece.

Tools used: circular fleece cutting tool, cutting mat, sewing machine with 2 different settings, 3 colors of thread, scissors, serger (not necessary, but makes things faster), medium weight fabric sewing machine needle, measuring tape and a dozen or so pins.

Project will probably take about 2 hours, maybe less.

Print and cut out all pattern pieces.  The only piece that is not a full size pattern is the hat dome, but there are instructions on the pattern image for making it for your size.  This hat base will have trim added to it in the second step.

Step 1: Cat Hat Part One

pin each ear wrong sides out, stitch or serge top edges together, leaving the bottom open. Turn right side out.

Pin ears on the inside of the hat base as shown, stitch the full length of the round edge, right sides in.  Go slowly over the ears, leave bottom (head opening) open.

Turn hat inside out.  ears should be sticking more or less straight up and out a bit, but not floppy.
can someone PRETTY PLEASE send me the download - it won't work for me - I need the pattern :) gotta get this on the go now for Christmas :) ltrowlands@rogers.com <br> <br>Thanks in advance! <br>HUGS <br>
super AWESOME!!!!!!!!! gonna make one for me and my nieces this winter :) Unable to download this tho - will have to try without the pattern :(
I am from Iran Amin <br>A good friend <br>amin_dvd99@yahoo,com
Hm, I'm thinking the nose &amp; whiskers are what sets it apart personally.<br />
Cute and it looks warm too!<br />
Good stuff
That's so adorable...&nbsp; I especially like the paws!<br />

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