Step 19: Quilt sandwich - laying it out.

Picture of Quilt sandwich - laying it out.

Choose a large spot on your floor - hardwood or tile is better than carpet. Then clean your floor! This is very important, especially if you're using a white backing. Also make sure your feet are clean - you're going to be walking and crawling all over the quilt. :P

(Also, shoo all animals out of the room, otherwise picture 2 will happen.)

Iron your backing and lay it out - smooth it out so you have no creases or bumps.

On top of this, lay out your batting. Smooth it out as well, and make sure it's centered on your backing.

Now, lay your quilt top down. Make sure everything is centered and smooth it out.

The best way to smooth it out is to get down on your hands and knees, honestly. You can either go end-to-end or from the middle out. Do what works best for you - just be sure to be very thorough!

Once it's smoothed out it's time to pin it!

crazymama632 years ago
just wanted to say thanks having come from a single parent family I was lucky enough to have a mom that worked at singer in the seventies our local store had all need fabric,notions and patterns,well anyway my mom gave me sewing lessons every summer and 6yrs latter had great knowlege for my age 12 t the last of the lessons,but long story short got carpel tunnel so bd at 47 had bi lateral wrists done and started sewing again,but have found myself really having to hone my skills but oh well this is one of THE MOST COMPLETE tutorials I have come across sew thank-you for all newbie sewer this is COMPLETE sew stop searching at this tutorials it is GREAT............thank-you again........tina