Step 33: More photos of the finished quilt.

Picture of More photos of the finished quilt.
Additional photos of the finished quilt that I didn't include in the intro. Enjoy!
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I am using T shirts from my daughter's years of dancing. Is it possible to use squares for the front and back of the quilt without making a rag quilt? That is what I would like to do. I can make a rag quilt if I have to.

Wonderful tutorial. Will definitely be using your help to make my quilt. Not planning all the small squares. Will be buying bias maker. THANK YOU for you expertise !!!
sasmira1 year ago
Tout simplement Wow!
LesliePLowe2 years ago
Thank you for this course, Jessy. It's wonderful! All one needs and nothing wasted. I think I'll give quilting a try, thanks to you. -- Leslie
~ Lotus2 years ago
Excellent tutorial!!
mrmtgh2 years ago
hi, thank you so much, I am Iranian and my English language is not very good but I understand instruction by watching picture, I think I can complete this project. tanks again dear friend
codyormoe2 years ago
I've never sewn anything before, just bought a sewing machine a month ago and I made a quilt thanks to this instructable. I'm a very visual learner and all the pictures here made it soooo easy. It came out amazing, I can't even believe how good it looks and that I made it.

I used a bunch of old sheets I've been saving because I knew one day I'd find a use for them and a flannel flat sheet for the back(I wanted super cozy).Now I have a beautiful quilt made from sheets that all my kids used to sleep on.

Thank you!!!!
bpucks3 years ago
Wow, you make me feel like I can complete a beautiful project! Thank you!
I have been wanting to make a quilt and your instructions are very detailed along with great pictures to walk you though it all. I had always wondered if I needed a walking foot and you cleared that up.. I have also wanted to make my own binding, so your instructions have inspired me to pick up all the extra's and get started. Thank you for taking the time to ease the beginning sewers into it all. I cannot wait to try this, the forcast calls for rain this weekend and my husband will be out fishing, I think I will try to start something this weekend.. I might not finish it by this weekend but at least I could get started. Thanks agian,
belbix083 years ago
Your quilt is beautiful! I've been taking on more craft projects lately and I can't wait to get started on this one! You make it seem so easy and fun, thanks for putting this up for begginers like me =)
balalawi3 years ago
thank you very much .You are very clear in your instrutions.
but do you know how can I make a quilt with photo?
my sister will marry soon and i want to make a quilt with her photo as a present
jessyratfink (author)  balalawi3 years ago

There's always something like the instructable above, or printing images directly onto fabric. It all depends on what you want the finished product to be like. :)
Softdove3 years ago
I have been learning how to quilt and I must say that I really enjoyed this instructable very much. You are very clear in your instrutions. I have learned some new things as well. Thank you for taking the time to show your work. All the pictures were very helpful as well. Now I have to get shopping for a few items to make my next quilt. :)
jessyratfink (author)  Softdove3 years ago
Thank you very much! It always feels good to be helpful! :D
Oooo thank you!! Your clear instructions and pictures will allow me to quickly repair a much-loved quilt that never had binding on it before. Then I can move on to the grandchildren's special theme quilts! It's one thing to see a couple line-drawn steps in a book and quite another to observe an actual quilt in process in living color.
jessyratfink (author)  duckweedfarm3 years ago
You're welcome! Happy I helped! :)