Picture of How to sew a simple clutch or purse
Here is a basic tutorial on how to make a simple purse, clutch or bag, with few materials and a zipper.
This isn't extremely fancy, you could do this to teach young girls how to make their own purses, or zipper bags.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
I used recycled materials from old scraps (the black sides) and an old torn shopping bag (the white insides, tougher) and a zipper.

Mine has the following measurements :
 4 rectangles of 20cm x 15 cm  (7.8 inches x 6 inches) and a 6 inch zipper.
2 white, for the inside  and 2 black for the outside.

You can do this whatever size you want, if you want it smaller, do so, and it would also fit a phone, it could be a simple wallet, or a tablet case. Whatever you chose to cover or put in it.
Marina L.2 years ago
A tutorial even I can handle! (You can tell which buttons I've sown by the bloodstains around them...) T_T
Also, a great idea to use some scraps I've got lying around.
Thank you so much!
janecandy (author)  Marina L.1 year ago
you are most welcomed ^.^ and maybe you can post pics of what came out when u decide to use this :D i'd love to see it and cheer you on :)