Introduction: How to Sew a Tool Pouch

This is the technique I use to make my own canvas zipper pouches. These are great for holding tools and keeping your tool bag organized. The pouches available at the store tend to be a little small for my needs. I set out to make my own and decided to buy a sewing machine and see what I could come up with.


acasey1223 (author)2014-04-19

Hope everyone enjoys this simple Instructable. Sewing is something anyone can do, I never sewed anything in my life before starting to make these pouches. It is relatively inexpensive and a good skill to possess.

hdebeaudrap (author)acasey12232014-04-19

can you share the sons graphic?

acasey1223 (author)hdebeaudrap2014-04-20

I'm sorry I no longer have the graphic. I have a screen burnt but do not have the vector art. Ill try to make a new one. Glad you like it.

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