{a sew warm contest entry!}
In this instructable, I'll show you how to sew the unisex vest pattern from Vogue, with a couple enhancements (real pockets, fleece lining). You don't need too much experience; this is how I taught myself how to actually sew (that archaeopteryx costume in 1st grade doesn't count; my mom did most of the work). If you don't know much about using patterns (as I didn't), continue reading! All you need to know is how to use the machine.
If you actually know how to sew, I welcome your comments on how I could have done this better, and also to correct any unorthodox techniques I might be using.
It's Oh Sew Warm, this vest!

Step 1: Preparation

outer material (I got 1 yard, but only needed half that)
lining material (fleece) (used 1 yard)
satin backing material (only needed half yard)
fusable interfacing (1 yard)
four 5/8" buttons
1" buckle for the back
thread. (can't really sew without it...)
I'll be showing you how to sew the unisex vest pattern from Vogue (ooo, stylish), found here: http://voguepatterns.mccall.com/v7644-products-1265.php?page_id=180
Tools: normal sewing stuff.
sewing machine
regular needle
some way to do button holes :/ (step 24)
seam ripper
lots of pins.
only the most basic of sewing skills: how to operate the machine, what a backstitch is, etc. I'll even tell you how to sew on the buttons.
<p>LOVE IT.!!</p>
<p>Nicely Done!!!!</p>
<p>Nicely done! Now lets see you make one out of leather and steampunk yourself!</p>
<p>this looks awesome , so great to sew a man sewing :)</p>
I love the vest! It's much more complicated than I would expect it to be. I would like to make a vest for a Joker costume since I'm having trouble finding one in my size, and that's the right color. <br>Great instructable.
What kind of pattern did you use If I may ask? I really need this asap. Thank you &lt;3
it&acirc;€™s just a vogue unisex vest pattern that I got at a sewing shop...
thnks for the help man. lov ur instructable<br>
this step confuses me....totaly
You got my vote !!!!!<br /> I'm so gonna make that !<br /> <br /> hey, why don't you make a fine suit-jacket and post the instructable ?<br /> <br />
this vest is the bees-knees! striking work young chap, you have my vote!
voted! i'm going to have to share this with my sister (=<br />
Once I make this I shall buy a monocle, pocket watch, and derby in order to become an unstoppable force of AWESOME!<br />
I love the simple, frank language you've used in this instructable. Makes it accessible, open. Easy to read.<br /> Basting is, traditionally, the&nbsp;process of running a quick, wide stitch along the edge of a seam. It is typically done anywhere a cut made on the bias is not supposed to stretch. I've never heard of basting interfacing before, because it is not the nature of interfacing to stretch. Interesting!<br /> <br /> I love the finished piece, but I do have a word of advice:<br /> Unisex patterns try to take the broad&nbsp;shoulders of a man, and the broad waist of a woman. For instructable purposes, that's handy, because your audience is going to be both genders.<br /> But you, sir... you have no hips to speak of. If you ever make another one of these puppies-- and I would, because it's a great project, and you'll be wearing these for years to come-- I would do some alterations to your pattern.<br /> I'm seeing&nbsp;FAR too much slack around the back of the piece. Personally, I would have &quot;taken in&quot; the back seam. Eyeballing it, I'd say the shoulders are fine, but the bottom needs two inches on each side pulled into the seam. This will &quot;swallow&quot; the V at the bottom of the vest, which is designed to allow for some give. You may choose to omit it, since your waist is so slim.<br /> This is why it's important to try on your piece during construction, eh?
Thanks so much for the recommendations! Yeah, being the first thing I've sewn, I had almost no clue how it would come together. If I make another for myself, I'll definitely follow your advice!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> In the meantime, my girlfriend wants one, probably requiring different modifications.<br />
&nbsp;Hey dutchypoodle,<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; I just thought I'd reply about your post because I do know of a reason for basting interfacing. &nbsp;Even though it's more common to baste on interfacing when the interfacing is not fusible, it is sometimes used to keep it in place while ironing. &nbsp;Otherwise it is used to flat line garments which simply makes the fabric heavy by basting on another layer underneath the top layer. &nbsp;&nbsp;
&nbsp;actually, I think I found two types of basting: the sewing/pinning kind, and then for the interfacing, it needed to be <em>steam basted. </em>Which is what I describe in that step. Edited to be more clear...
&nbsp;On step 23, you may want to specify that &quot;inside out&quot; means you have the right sides out, but the vest itself is inside out from how you would wear it. I was just confused for a few seconds. haha.
edited it! thanks for the heads up. yeah, it can get really confusing writing about fabric....
What would you think about breaking out the steps that cover welt pockets and making an additional Instructable just using those pictures?<br /> It would be sort of a repeat, but I've been promising a welt pocket demo for a while now and haven't seemed to get around to it just yet. . . <br /> This one would do great double duty!<br />
Sure! I could do that (once I catch up with all the work I didn't do over the weekend!).<br /> <br /> Would you want to help make the text more descriptive / correct? I seriously just looked at some pockets and made a few prototypes out of paper to figure it out, so I'm not sure if everything is really &quot;correct&quot;, per se.<br /> <br /> (do you have to have a pro account to do a collaborative instructable? I don't see how to do it, otherwise I would suggest it...)<br /> <br />
Well, I&nbsp;actually do need to make some welts this week (weird).&nbsp; So I'll look through what you've written and see if there's anything I&nbsp;can add to it.&nbsp; Then we can talk further about a collaboration, if that's necessary! <br />
Sounds good, I'll wait to hear from you and start it on the weekend (figured out how to do a collab, too, so that's doable. Also let me know if the pictures I have are enough &mdash; I think the one part that is a little confusing is sewing the liner onto the welt, I don't have a clear enough picture of that :/<br />
&nbsp;Absolutely gorgeous workmanship! You have my vote! :D

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