Step 4: Trim your center square

Now, the whole idea of a crazy quilt is that it is off-kilter and nuts. So you don't want to just leave the center square to be, well, a square. Use your ruler and cut some fun angles into it.

I would, however, caution you to actually use that ruler and get super straight lines. The reason that this crazy block is so simple is because it's all straight lines!!

When you get this piece trimmed, place it on the muslin square, face up. Try to keep things, once again, off of center. Also maybe think about how the angles that you cut into it may effect the look of the finished piece once it spirals out.

Pin this in place, and you'll finally be ready for some sewing. :)
<p>Wow! I've been looking for this type of block to try out. The instructions are great, so I'll have a go. </p>
Is there a link to the video instructions for this block?
<p>Thank you for the videos this was real help full. I have only done a few quilts, I'm a self taught sewer, but quilting is a lot different. Now I want to do a baby blanket, with emboridery in the center. Thanks again.</p>
<p>Thank you for the awesome instructions. I can't wait to use up my valuable scraps on something beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.</p>
<p>I have a Crazy Quilt top I would like to have hand-quilted. The crazy quilt top measures 80&quot; X 114&quot;. What bed size will the finished size be with this quilt? I only have a full size bed and I'm thinking this quilt top is way to large for a full size bed. Can this Crazy quilt top be taken apart to make it for a full size bed? </p>
<p>Thank you so much! I wanted to make a pillow with an embroidered focal point, but wanted to do something more interesting than another log cabin block. </p>
Fabulous thank you,as a self taught patch-worker I wondered how to do crazy patchwork on a machine. Great pics easy instructions.WELL DONE!.
Love it! I can't wait to try it. ^_^
You have absolutely MADE my day ! :) Thank you SO much !
Love, love, LOVE how easy this quilt is to make! I have always wanted to compile all of my unruly fabric scraps into a beautiful crazy quilt, but have never had the patience to cut all those perfectly measured and even pieces. Thanks to you, I'm on my way! Here are my first 2 squares:
Gorgeous! I love it! You did a fantastic job! I look forward to making one myself soon....Think I may put a twist on it...I'll show it off when I do....
I'm glad you like it! I look forward to seeing your project!
Thanks for the great instructable. Here is a picture of my quilt top I recently finished. Now I am working on putting the backing and binding on. I used a variety of fabrics in my squares, including ties. Just thought I would share.
That looks fantastic!!! I love it!
Thanks! It's such an easy and fun type of quilt to make.
Soooo excited for my current project (this)!
That's great! You should post a picture when you're done. :)
Absolutely gorgeous. This is the kind of quilt I can fall in love with. :)
Thank you for the great instructable! I have been saving boxes of my kids clothes for years with the idea of making quilts for them, but I wasn't sure how to go about it because I didn't want to just make plain squares. This is so much easier than it looks &amp; I can't wait to try it!
This looks fun! I finally have something to do with all those halloween scraps I cant stop collecting, yaaay.
Excellent! I never knew it was so easy. And I second the request for a follow-up tutorial on assembly. ;)
Neat, I love all the bright fabrics!
Should that be 12 1/2&quot; instead of 12 1/5&quot;?
Yeah, sorry about that!
That looks cool! Nice instructable.
Awesome! I never knew how this was done - it always looked so complicated. Will you teach us how to put them all together now? :D
ha ha... give me a chance to make a few more, and certainly!!

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