Step 2: Wash, dry and iron

Wash and dry your fabric and terrycloth or chenille. Iron your decorative fabric.
Just wanted to say thanks for such an easy and awesome tutorial I was able to make these burp clothes for a friends baby shower tomorrow I think she will be very happy! Thanks again :D
This is a really easy to follow instructable. Have you thought about adding a list of suggested fabrics in step 1?<br />
Is that bad that it's easy to follow?<br /> <br /> For the decorative fabric, any 100% cotton quilting fabric will work just fine. <br /> Terrycloth, chenille or a cloth diaper can be used for the absorbent side.<br />
Trust me, I didn't mean that in a bad way! <br />
Hehe, I wasn't paying attention when I scanned the lists - I thought this was <em>How to Burp Clothes</em>...<br /> <br /> <small>(We used to use a couple of old &quot;terry&quot; (cloth) nappies to catch the few possets our boys brought up.)</small><br />

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