Step 3: Sequins With Diagonal Beading

This is a great stitch for edging appliqué pieces or just outlining motifs.

Bring your needle up through the fabric and thread a sequin, then seed beads (the number of beads depends on the size of your sequins).  Go back down through the fabric a short distance diagonally along the line you're outlining.

Come back up next to your first sequin; if you have to place the new sequin first to make sure your spacing is correct, do so.  Repeat until you've got a nice line!

You can also do this backwards (beads first, then sequin to finish); it's a personal preference which way to work.
<p>very nice tutorial. do you know the best way to make a flower type design wit sequins and seed beads to embellish an applique? this is my soon to be daughter in law's wedding dress, the beading needs be redone, how would you do this design? thank you</p>
<p>Great ideas - great tutorial. What kind of needle are you using when working with the seed beads? It doesn't look like a flexi beading needle. Thanks</p>
<p>very helpful</p>
Thanks for the great tutorial- I'm finally tackling my T-shirt sequin project and its coming along nicely thanks to your tute!
<p>I've been wanting to do this for a while. Thanks for the tutorial!</p>
<p>This was exactly what I needed to solve my project problem. Thank you!</p>
Wow, great tutorial!

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