Step 3: Dress your book up

Picture of Dress your book up
Now it's time to label your book. The label generally goes inside the front cover, where it's likely to be noticed, but unlikely to be ripped out. You can buy labels on BookCrossing.com, print your own, or even write a few lines in by hand. An example of a suitable text:

Hello Kind Reader,

Just a quick note that I've registered this book at BookCrossing.com, so that I can keep up on where it goes, who reads it, and what they thought of it. Please visit www.BookCrossing.com/xxx-xxxxxxxx to make a quick journal entry, then pass the book along to someone else who will appreciate it. We can all track this book's journey and the lives it touches forever more!

Thank You!

Note the x-es. That's where the BCID goes. If you are using a label, make sure the BCID is written or printed on that, too.

The outside of the book needs some attention as well: it should always be clear to finders that the book was not lost, but left on purpose and that yes, they can take it home. So I always put some kind of sticker or label on the front cover and ideally on the spine as well. You'll find some simple free, downloadable examples here, but the BC Supply Store offers them too.
You can also use brightly coloured sticky notes and write a few words on them.

In addition, I like to write the BCID on the bottom edge of the book: it's almost impossible to remove, yet it doesn't interfere with reading. Sharpies are great for this.
Add the website address to that, by writing it down or using a stamp, and you can be pretty sure your book will never lose its tracking number.