What we are going to use is the Netatalk


Step 1: Installation


sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install netatalk

Step 2: Configuration

-Stop the service:

sudo /etc/init.d/netatalk stop

-Open the configuration file:

sudo nano /etc/netatalk/AppleVolumes.default

-You can edit the mount folder if you wish or leave the default value:

~/ "Home Directory"

-Start the service again

sudo /etc/init.d/netatalk start

Step 3: Open the Finder

Open the Finder on your mac and you will be able to see the raspberry pi with a few seconds in the Navigation Pane.

Use the button "Connect As..." at the right top of the Finder.

<p>worked! Thank You!</p>
<p>UPDATE- I got it working. Just needed to use &quot;afp://[Pi IP address]&quot;. Updated my applevolumes.default to include the volume for the external hard drive and voila! I'm in business!</p>
<p>I've followed the steps but the Pi isn't showing up from my macbook. I can get the logon prompt if I use &quot;Connect to Server&quot; and type in the IP of the Pi, but it won't let me connect using the &quot;pi&quot; username and the password I've set.</p><p>Though I've commented out my external hard drive temporarily, while I'm just working to get it sharing properly to my mac, the contents of my applevolumes.default is:</p><p># The line below sets some DEFAULT, starting with Netatalk 2.1.<br>:DEFAULT: options:upriv,usedots,rw</p><p># By default all users have access to their home directories.</p><p>~/ &quot;Home Directory&quot;</p><p>/mnt &quot;Mount&quot;</p><p># /mnt/library &quot;Pi External Hard Drive&quot;</p><p># End of File</p><p>Contents of my /etc/fstab is seen in the attached image.</p><p>Any ideas??</p>
<p>All done, dead easy. It may be obvious but it's worth mentioning that the commands above should be run on the Pi, not the Mac :-)</p>
<p>Thanks for the guide. I gave this a shot and after signing in with `pi:raspberry`. I can see the shares but when I try and access one I get:</p><p>&gt; The operation can't be completed because the original item for &quot;home&quot; can't be found.</p>
<p>Followed instructions, netatalk installed fine and is running. Opened up Finder and see my pi3 but cannot connect. Any ideas how to fix?</p>
<p>Fixed it! Damn firewall :)</p>
<p>Worked fine but how I share the external drive? I use my RPi3 as a media server and when I add another movie I need to shutdown unplug the hard drive and pug in on my mac to move the files.</p>
<p>Perfect !! Installed painlessly and works like a charm. :-)</p>
<p>So useful! Thanks!</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing! Very useful.</p>
<p>Step by step instructions and it's working great!</p>
<p>Step by step instructions and it's working great!</p>

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