Picture of How to share your project on Instructables
Before making your own project, explore the site a bit to understand how the projects work - take a look at a few projects (but don't feel intimidated, even simple projects are worthwhile!).

What can you show in your project? How to make something, how to do something, how to fix something, something you started but want help with.

Commercial posts: As long as your project focuses on instruction, assembly, use, repair or hacking of your product you are welcome to post (the full Terms of Service still apply).
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Step 1: Upload images

Picture of Upload images
There are a number of ways to do almost every step of the documentation process. This project shows you one way of documenting your own project to share it with others.

First upload some images.

Once uploaded, your images will appear in your image library (shown on the upload page). Upload all the images required for your project.

While your files are uploading, you can open Instructables in another browser and keep working. Edit the text of your project, manage the images that are already uploaded, or check out other people's projects.

Step 2: Choose good images

Upload high quality images that clearly show your project. We keep the highest quality image, and make several resolutions available for download.

Try for well lit pictures with clear backgrounds. Use the "Macro" mode of your camera when taking a close-up photo, otherwise your photo will be blurry.

Step 3: Project title, description, and main images

Picture of Project title, description, and main images
1. Start a new project if you haven't already.
2. Enter a project name and summary for your project.
3. Drag images from your image library into the "Main Images:" bar.
4. If you drag the wrong image, click the (x) button to remove it, which only removes the image and does not delete it from your library.
5. Drag the (order) button to change the order images show up in the step.
SparkySolar9 months ago

I like your Instructable

Thank you so much for sharing


SparkySolar9 months ago

I like your Instructable

Thank you so much for sharing


kcls5 years ago
So, this is what instructables looked like when it was started? Cool... I like that version better. (Orange is my favorite color :D)
DJ Radio6 years ago
cool, i never though instructables would look so cool back in 05! It actually looks better than this version........in my opinion
n8man DJ Radio6 years ago
nah, that version had way too much orange.
xACIDITYx7 years ago
We need a way to access the old Instructables. I'd be really psyched to be able to access the Old 'ibles. Before my time.
I3uckwheat7 years ago
can you help me find my instructable
ry259207 years ago
Is that what Instructables used to look like?
ewilhelm (author)  ry259207 years ago
Yes. This tutorial is a little old and needs to be updated.
it wont let me upload any images if i click upload it just says error 400 (no file)
ewilhelm (author)  mylittleaura8 years ago
Make sure you are using Firefox.
ewilhelm (author) 8 years ago
Hi everyone, Sorry that this Instructable is so far out of date. Once we quit changing the UI on a daily basis, I'll make a new one.
Why not make it a Collaboration?
ewilhelm (author)  zachninme8 years ago
I've got a new one in the works that I will make a collaboration.
lukeRAMBO8 years ago
hey how do you add pics in to the project ? Can any one help?? because i have alot of cool ideas thanks
it wont let me upload any images if i clck upload it just dosent do anything??? help?
wperry19 years ago
Is it possible to create most of a project and save it to finish entering later?
does anybody know the songs to the videos on teh GRL website?
ewilhelm (author)  wperry19 years ago
Yes. Once you hit the "Enter Next Step", "Update Step", or "add step" buttons, your project is saved. Your project will remain saved but unpublished until you hit the "Are you ready to publish this?" link.
I was wondering the same thing. You guys might want to note that next to the button or something so people know about it. Great site!
Tamim8 years ago
I don't really have a project but would like to know if any body has experience with making a wooden bike for kids....sort of similar to the famous Like-a-bike model. It seems very simple, I was just wandering about the dimensions for a 2 yr. old? can someone help......
Aeshir8 years ago
I think it's time to update this thing.....good job though guys. Oh yeah and what does the "Typed" thing do in the text field?
zachninme8 years ago
Also, what is the system here for using links and formating?
dan zachninme8 years ago
some wiki-format tags are supported. now there are buttons above the editor to help too!
Ditto Alibre-Rob's comment. How can you unpublish an Instructable that went on-line before you understood the result?
yes! if you go to your instructable and click 'edit', then in the left side there is a link to unpublish.
Thinkman8 years ago
Just a note of thanks should be in order for all of those who has created and who has kept this web site going! I love it, my kids love it, and all those that I have turned on to this site loves it, and their friends and families love it.............. Well you get what I mean! Anyway, Thanks for a great job!
jamesh9 years ago
What size images are recommended? Does instructables resize things on the fly? What formats are supported?
mang9 years ago
How do I make lists in the step description? Like the same thing that is accomplished by
  • in html.
  • Hai! everybody, I'mm the new kid of the block. Will be joining in the bandwagon. Hear from me soon.
    alibre_rob9 years ago
    Can a 'Published' Instructable - be 'Un-Published' due to correcting an accidental (= jumped the gun) publishing??
    alibre_rob9 years ago
    how do I set up more than one project - without publishing them at first - so that I can publish them all - later on the same time?
    LostMachine9 years ago
    Can the project be edited after it is published? LM
    ewilhelm (author)  LostMachine9 years ago
    Yes. The easiest way is to click on your username in the upper right to see a list of your projects. Click on the project you want to edit and then click on the yellow "Edit" link on the left.