(also sorry for any spelling mistakes or punctuation as I am only 13 years old)

so you have a blunt or dull knife but you cant find a knife sharpener. Go no further, this is the instructible for you!!!.

All you need is:
-A blunt knife that needs sharpening. 
-A nail clipper. (it wont get broken or blunted)
-A strong steady hand.

Now if you have all of those you are ready to get started!!!


Step 1: What Sharpness???

-Step 1

Now you need to decide what sharpness to make your knife. This can be decided by pressing the front of your clipper down(for a sharper finish that would be for whittling) or leaving it up(for a more blunt finish that would be for chopping wood).
<p>Great instructable mate! Very professional not to mention the brilliant concept it delivers. Awesome! ?</p>
Used a bigger nail clipper and it was really hard to push it forth and back..<br>
Tried it works well got a bit adventures and ran my knife through scisors work good
<p>Holy cow, the concept that I can sharpen a knife using my nail clippers is genius. It's so simple and easy to run a blade through the handle of the clippers where they connect. I have to go try this right now. How in the world did someone ever think to try this? http://www.alnbobs.com/fishing-products/ </p>
<p>Kool idea. thank yo very much</p>
<p>Its very easy and better than wet stone . Thank you very very much!</p>
<p>Razor sharp in minutes! Thank you very much!</p>
This is Instructables at it's best. Taking a common item and using it for less than obvious reasons. Wonderful idea, clear pics, concise wording, absolutely five star(or better). Like I said, the pics are very steady, look pro.
this works well with pocket knives, but is hard on your hands if youre not used to itt.. 4.5*
Good method but it doesn't work on thick spined knives like the S&amp;W ExtremeOps
Does this method scratch the side of the blade as my Leatherman has an engraving on it?
WOW! and to think that I have been carrying around a pair of fingernail clippers on my key chain for the last 20 years without thinking of this. Awesome job.
WOW!!!<br>This is so good that I am speechless!!!
Wow i really didn't think that this would work but i had a ver dull knife lying around so I gave it a go and it has made my knife the sharpest one that i have!!! I can't even get one like this on the wet stone!!! <br><br>My fav sharpening teqniqe!!!
ThanX i am planning on making alot more like it!!!
At first I wouldn't believe this was possible, but I had a rather dull knife sitting in front of me and said, &quot;why not.&quot; Wow, that was easy, not a great edge but much better then it was. Your instructions are vary clear and easy to follow. keep up the good work.
ThanX<br>Check out my page
Finally, a 13years old who can actually take good pictures and make something else than a Knex knife!<br>Good idea, btw:)
ThanX<br><br>My camera is really good and it was also cheap.<br>Also i dont see the point on a knex knife
Great and simple idea, MacGyver would be proud!
Thanx for your comment.<br>I only put this instructble on an hour ago and i have all ready had 33 views 4 ratings and your comment!!!<br><br>:2)

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