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Can't completely remove all your unwanted body hair? This is an instructable that shows you how to take an old pair of tweezers and sharpen them up so they are like new.

(Note: these are instructions for sharpening tweezers that you buy at the drug store to use on your body. Tweezers for model making and detail work often require a different, sharper, more narrow point than this method will provide).

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
To sharpen tweezers you will need:

- dull tweezers
- rough grit sandpaper (150 grit)
- fine sandpaper (400 and/or 800 grit)
- a flat thin piece of metal or glass
- a small amount of water

You know how you can sharpen a knife on the bottom of a mug (or other unglazed ceramic surface)? I noticed that my tweezers weren't as grabby as they once were, so I thought I'd try sharpening them with the mug.

I scraped one side at a time, using a pinching motion, maybe 5 - 10 passes on each side? I tested their sharpness by plucking at a really short arm hair (maybe 1/16"?), and they worked!

I went off to do something else, so I didn't get a chance to fully complete the task, but unless I was imagining it, I think the mug method would work for sharpening tweezers, as well!

Worth a try for anyone who doesn't have sandpaper lying around, since we probably all have at least one mug/plate/bowl that's made of ceramic. You'll know it's working, if you see metal scrapings along the unglazed ring.

PhDerf1 year ago

Excellent instructions! I'd been trying to figure out a method on and off for about a week! This got the job done in < 10 minutes. Thanks much!

You just saved me $$$ which makes you my bestest friend in the whole wide world!
This worked like a CHARM!
McNurdy2 years ago
Thank you so much for these directions. I have two older tweezers, one round-tip and one slant-tip. They were made back when things were supposed to last and of high quality. They were not grabbing hair as they once did and all my old tricks failed to work to fix them. Did as your instructions said and they are as good as new. Again thanks!
samson722 years ago
So my husband drops my la cross premium tweezers on a slate floor.
This totally worked! Am so grateful! Thank you thank you!
yakiqua5 years ago
thanks....already on my way to find some sandpaper
Ninzerbean6 years ago
I did it just like you said - used a metal ruler as my thin piece of metal, works fantastic! Thank you - a good pair of tweezers is easily 30 dollars and if you drop them one time they are shot. I was able to totally sand away the kink from the end of a pair and then just make them a bit shorter. I even used the same principle on two pairs of small scissors - amazing, they are so sharp now they will be a pleasure to use.
mikedoth6 years ago
I found that using my Dremel worked great for doing just this when I did it a couple months back. Just pinch around the sandpaper bit and your done in 5 seconds.
karen6088 years ago
Very useful - thanks! And after over 20 years of tweezing my eyebrows to shape, I don't have as many stray hairs to pull out these days. But still need to sharpen the household tweezers for things like splinters. :D
hethlee8 years ago
I'm definitly doing this! Thanks!
Bubbler8 years ago
I have a few pairs of tweezers that are worth keeping and yet blunt. Now I know how to restore them, thank you.
HamO8 years ago
Well done very useful instructable. A+
jeffreyf8 years ago
Jeesh. It's going to take *forever* to remove all your arm hair with those things.
I'll have to try this, I always wondered how to fix a pair of tweezers after they stopped working right.