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Im a female.  Which means that by most social standards I am supposed to be a size "6" with long flowy, feminine, Jhirmack "bounce back beautiful" hair, and should enjoy things like fields of daises, puppies, and unicorns, all whilst riding my pale pink beach cruiser on the boardwalk with a basket full of cupcakes.  What would a girl like me know about shaving the back of my head?  Nothing.  Which is why I have enlisted the help of my male counterpart!  Apparently, before we met, he was able to do things for himself like cook, clean, and do laundry.  And every once in a while, I give him the opportunity to prove that he doesn't "need" me.  So today's lesson is how he managed to shave an even line in the nape of his neck without the use of my assistance, extra hands, or a mirror. 

Who needs a barber when all you need is a baseball cap and some decent clippers.

Step 1: Trim your hair

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Take a second.  Is your dome shaggy?  Yeeeeeeaaah.   Now is a good time to take clippers to that mess and clean it up.  If your like this here male model, run the clippers right through!  This "do" is not for everyone.  If you seek something more tres chic you might wanna enlist the help of a trained professional. 

Walt190201 month ago
Good idea, BUT...you can still cut a crooked line if the baseball hat moves, or the clippers slide under the brim. Check out our new DIY solution
Great idea! Love your humor too: D

I have been shaving my head by myself for 24 years.......thank you for this

OMG thank you for this. My fiance keeps asking me to do this and I'm afraid I will mess it all up and make it crooked. Now he can do it his dang self ;)

supereric2 years ago
DaveS0022 years ago
Works great!

Want to clean up the loose hair on your back or shirt when done? Use the compressed air can that you dust your keyboard or cell phone with. Makes quick work of it.
Just wanted to add my .02 and thanks as well. I just started cutting my own hair about a year ago and couldn't quite figure out what to use as a template for the back. Simple, straightforward, and ingenious - what more could one ask for in an Instructable? Well done.
thanks i wanted to know this. favorites and 5 stars
notwally4 years ago
OMG! I did 20 years in the military and no one else thought of this!?!? I've been cutting my own hair forever and I still keep my hair in a short buzz cut and am going to try this tomorrow. Many thanks and my wife will thank you too! I usually wait until she's available because I'm double mirror challenged.
angelabchua (author)  notwally4 years ago
How did the hat trick work? I'd imagine it takes a bit of practice still to do it with ease
I've only done this once so far. I ended up with a minor slant on the hairline, but it was totally my fault and not a problem with the technique. I blame the 65 watt equivalent (14 watt) CFL bulbs in the bathroom and my eyesight. It still beats the heck of just cutting blind. Thanks again!
I use to use an extension cord for this, but I believe this is a much better idea. Tried it and it works wonderful.
angelabchua (author)  SpicySaffron4 years ago
An extension cord? I'm trying to envision. Would you use that as a guide to create a straight line?
exactly. It was a thin extension cord, so it worked. but I couldn't get the tapered edge that the hat makes, so your solution is definitely better.
I have cut my own hair for a long time now and tend to work mostly by feel, but this idea is an excellent thought.
chrstn4 years ago
Gracias, Gracias... GRACIAS!!!!!!! (Thanks o sea)
reddxx4 years ago
Wow! Awesome, ten years of contorsionism solved here :-) thanks!
wyrless20024 years ago
Bravo! Great job! Thanks for sharing. Ditto on everyone else's comments. This is one of those AH HA! moments, an epiphany; I grok this.
XenoMorphPT4 years ago
Absolutely fabulous (very logic) idea... the logic ones are always the best!

I cut my hair for more than 10 years now, and finally thanks to you, no more mirrors!!!!
Brilliant use of common items to enhance your life. And yes, Virginia (jk) men can help/fend for themselves. Tho, I must admit, having a better half keeping us straight is brilliant also.
angelabchua (author)  kikkoman73474 years ago
whats the vow? for better or worse, through sickness and in health, through hair trimmings and male grooming? something like that right? ;)
Do you, Virginia, accept this, ugh, MAN, to have and to hold, even after a sweaty workout; for better or for worse; in sickness and in health; through back trimmings and body grooming, with and without body funk; to be your lawfully wedded dead weight; to become his better half and show him how to become a domesticated man and father?

WOW! Would that scare you at the altar?

My Wife was surprised she didn't have to train me as much. Maybe that is why all my previous GFs always wanted to marry me. Or, maybe they were too lazy to train a guy on their own. My Wife, she had to train me in a different culture. Now I can kowtow in Engrish (bad joke) and Korean. She regrets me learning Korean...heh heh...but now we have a secret language when we want to chat about F'ed up Americans.

Cute dogs BTW. Even the one with the mustache. jk heh heh

I think I'll show my Daughters your ibles on how to wear makeup.
angelabchua (author)  kikkoman73474 years ago
Haha! Yeah, even though he can trim himself, I still offer a helping hand every once in a while. :)

I still think using the brim of your hat for a dye/template is brilliant!
notsosilver4 years ago
what a brilliant instructable!! i've been cutting my own hair for years and the nape has always been a nightmare. i've used rope, duct tape, my hand, and just plain luck to get it done, but you have provided the key! thank you for your contribution!
angelabchua (author)  notsosilver4 years ago
your welcome!
myssi_pooh4 years ago
OMG you just saved my husband and I from divorce!! thanks!! xoxo
angelabchua (author)  myssi_pooh4 years ago
hahha! Glad I could help!
jsil4 years ago
Very good solution ! And around the ear ? Any idea ?
angelabchua (author)  jsil4 years ago
I asked the master himself....And he shrugged. I wonder if you could cut like a paper cup down the center and use the arc of the lip... would have to be some narrow trimmers though to get all that in there....
thirdt4 years ago
That's a good idea! I use my bandanna for that... fold it into a triangle, tie it across my face, and use the trimmer.
angelabchua (author)  thirdt4 years ago
Oh! thats another great idea! A total hands free method!
cocacola9874 years ago
will this work to clean up my neck hair if i am shaving my head, but not all the way bald?
angelabchua (author)  cocacola9874 years ago
Yup! Craig usually grows his hair longer in the winter to keep his head warm, and will use the hat trick to just clean up the neck. Saves him the time and money going to a barber!
I've been shaving my head for years now, and have recently managed to master trimming the back using two mirrors and a steady hand.

Screw that crap, this idea is awesome!
cingham4 years ago
I only started shaving my head because my neck hair would grow so fast...wish I thought of this when I still had hair to care about.
* * * * *
hammer98764 years ago
That's one of the best ideas!
Great idea! Thanks.
canida4 years ago
Simple and awesome. How did I not know about this before?!?
emptymag4 years ago
Thanks for the best yet simplest "ible" yet!
dewexdewex4 years ago
Star stuff!
htmlinc4 years ago
Very cool! Thanks!
Brishen4 years ago
This is something I very much needed
EggHead1014 years ago
Wonderfull! I have always wanted a way to do this without help or the 3 mirror thing.
bpfh4 years ago
Brilliant tip! I never thought of that - and clearing up the back of my neck was always a major PITA! Thank you!
Hubiewan4 years ago
I have, successfully, used a flowbee for about fifteen years or more. Now I don't have to ask someone else to trim my neck. Thanks!
vonKaos4 years ago
I tried and it works. Very nicefull!
cecilomar4 years ago
Now, this is why I love this website. This is a simple yet very useful instructable.
elic4 years ago
Very nice. So simple, I have to try it.
challahc4 years ago
I'm a little disappointed in myself for not thinking of this. Awesome idea!
sleeepy24 years ago
I will be doing this!

Here's hoping I hold the hat straight...
The most useful instructible, ever!
danny3xd4 years ago
"Apparently, before we met, he was able to do things for himself like cook, clean, and do laundry." LOL! and please don't tell my GF we can do those sort of things.

Just for the first time cut my own hair and really messed up the neck thing. Thanks! (We had to wait a week for it to grow in b4 she could fix it. Sad part was no beer was involved and I had no excuse.

Thanks for sharing this!
drk1t4 years ago
This is why I read things, I just learned something useful that I can use. I was wondering why people wear those things backwards unless they are wielding or riding a motorcycle. .
ourari4 years ago
Wow! Genius in its simplicity. Thanks man!
pdub774 years ago
I'm growing out my hair and don't really want to go to a shop just to get the back shaped up. This Is perfect! Thanks so much.
Browncoat4 years ago
So simple & brilliant!!
Thank you for posting this. I always either used two mirrors in my bathroom (tricky!) or gave up and asked someone to do it for me.
l8nite4 years ago
thats the scariest "ible" Ive ever read !
moi sm.jpg
dfwmonkie4 years ago
nice !
chinchymork4 years ago
This is awesome. I cut my hair all the time and this is the one piece I am never able to get done solo.
alain804 years ago
I will love you forever.....
JCoffey4 years ago
THANK YOU! Ive been cutting my hair for a few years now, but the back hairline has always been tricky and has caused me to make some humorous mistakes. I was planning on cutting my hair tonight, and will be using this trick!
Perfect! I cut my hair with a trimmer, but have to practice yoga to get the back of my neck (not that there's anything wrong with yoga!) -- but NO MORE!!
Thanks for the great tactic!
CrLz4 years ago
As I'm getting older, my hair seems to be migrating downward... I can only see this as more and more useful.
angelabchua (author)  CrLz4 years ago
hahah. that pesky neck hair!
troyml4 years ago
So simple, yet it had never occurred to me. I cut my own hair, but usually have to recruit some help to clean up the rear neckline. Now, we'll see if I can do so myself.
angelabchua (author)  troyml4 years ago
Yes, it totally makes sense! Im sure it's pretty awkward at first, "is the hat straight? why are my arms tired already? is the bill flush against my neck?"

wrksnfx4 years ago
Thanks for the Instructable, now I consider myself to be a fairly smart guy but, I DIDN'T EVEN think of this so hats off to you sir (No pun intended).
angelabchua (author)  wrksnfx4 years ago
haha! Isn't it a great idea? Sometimes the most simplest ideas are the ones most often overlooked!
scoochmaroo4 years ago
So clever!
pandyaketan4 years ago
Nice work.