How to shoot Levitation Photos

Picture of How to shoot Levitation Photos
Levitation photography is a advanced photography trick. With the new levitagram app everyone can creat levitation photo easily with an iPhone.
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Step 1: Start Levitagram On iPhone

Picture of Start Levitagram On iPhone
13, 10:17 AM.jpg
If you don't have levitagram, it's in iPhone AppStore.

Step 2: Take 1st Photo

Picture of Take 1st Photo
Stand on something and make pose like you are levitation on the sky and take first photo.

Step 3: Take 2nd Photo

Picture of Take 2nd Photo
Remove the people and supporting and take an empty background.

Step 4: Use Levitagram To Remove

Picture of Use Levitagram To Remove
13, 10:17 AM.jpg
Remove the supporting object with levitagram app. Turn on auto alignment if you didn't use a tripod to take those photos.

Step 5: Done And Share!

Picture of Done And Share!
Share it and impress your friends!
webmanoffesto10 months ago
In GIMP you use the Layer Mask
See my Instructable here
This instructable is better called a first draft, but I'm learning as I do it. I hope to improve it later.

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