How to shoot a basketball with the right form.

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                             Why does B.E.E.F have any relation on how to shoot a basketball. Many of you may say that it has nothing to do with it, but it shows your eyes/brain how to shoot a basketball with the right form. This is probably the most easy way to learn to shoot by just following these simple steps.

Supplies: Basketball, Basketball goal, and a pair of hands.
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Step 1: (B)eef

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                                              To have a good basketball shot you must have good balance. Before you do that though you must grab the ball, and face the basketball goal. Then have a slight bend in your knees This will give you a solid base. You don't want to be swaying while you shoot. To have even better balance you need to have your feet shoulder width apart. Make sure you are facing the basket or goal. This is important because it is very diffucult to shoot with almost no stability.

Step 2: B(E)ef

Picture of b(E)ef

                E-stands for eyes you need to always have your eyes on the basket it is very hard to shoot without your eyes on the basket while you are shooting. It can sometimes be very tempting to look at the ball, but remember if you follow those rules you will have great shot form.

Step 3: Be(E)f

Picture of be(E)f

                           The next step to having a great shot is your elbow. You need to have your elbow dirrectly under the ball so you have great control over it. Your non-shooting hand should be on the side supporting it. Not shooting with it. You should be able to lower your hand without the ball falling off of it. If the ball was a clock your hand should be on 6' O Clock. This will give you alot of power to shoot the ball through the rim. that's where the beef is...=^..^=
Very cool. I like the idea of 'grabbing the cookie' during the follow through. I can't wait to try it.....Hmm...I wonder if I could fit a court in my basement..(?)....=^..^=
Zenmaster263 years ago
Now i know how to shoot.
bbjh104 (author)  Zenmaster263 years ago
thank you so much B.E.E.F.