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Introduction: How to Shoot Classic Fashion Style Pictures

Fashion has limitless possibilities, Fashion Photography actually has no rules, but if you want to imitate classical art style, here are few suggestions may suitable for you.

Step 1: 1. Looking for Inspiration

   The first step is to look for inspiration. When you are making fashion photos, photos should focus on the clothing or accessories on the model that you want to emphasize. you must have a well understanding on the subject which you want to emphasize, then you can use it as your inspiration of composition. When you have the ideal of how to composite this picture, then find some classic art works that you want to re-render. Re-render the classic art works is not means you have to be exactly the same. You can choose some main elements use in your photos.

Step 2: 2. Preparation Before Shooting

  Make a list of what you will use in your shooting like, props, background, clothing, accessories and so on. Don’t forget your model! Have a list can help you a lot.

Step 3: 3. Light Is Very Important.

Observe the work that you have chosen, think about what kinds of light would you use in your shooting. Different classic art pictures show different atmosphere. You can choose a relatively deep painting or a bright painting. Light is very important in your composition, it will influence your atmosphere in the picture. You are more likely want to test whether you have enough light before formally shooting.

Step 4: 4. Shooting

It is the most interesting step! It is time to start shooting your fashion photo! Ask your model to imitate the classic picture that you have chosen. Remember that the purpose of this shooting is to present   classic art by fashion clothing.

Step 5: 5. Use Your Creativity

Remember these tips are just help you to make your fashion photography can have a sense of classic. Use your creative, think about other ways to express classical art in your photos, like trying different photo effects. Use your freedom for art to create classic fashion photos can make photos match up with fashion magazine cover!



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