How to Shorten Your Vehicle's Radio Antenna





Introduction: How to Shorten Your Vehicle's Radio Antenna

How to cut off your vehicle antenna.  Some people like the look of a shorter antenna, and also some factory length antennas extend to high and strike the garage door frame.  You can buy a replacement antenna that is shorter, or you can save a few bucks and shorten your existing one.



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    I quote Kylemoe... Antennas lenght depend on the frequency you whant to receive. Might be a lesser problem when reciveing but is a big mistake for TX.
    I just would not advise anyone to do so...

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    I get it. But, any suggestions??

    I simply would not do it.
    It's just a matter of choice between "the look" and the functionality.
    The first is more important to some, I'm in the second group.

    Also known as: how to make your vehicle's antenna less able to get a signal. The antenna is the length it is so that it can " grab" 1/4 of the wavelength of the frequency that the radio is tuned to. This mid may work fine in an urban area, but won't be at all good once you get out of town.

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    I'm not an expert on radio reception, but we haven't noticed a difference in the reception with the 5 or so inches I removed from the antenna. We live in a fairly rural area (have to drive 30 minutes to get to the nearest department store).