In this Instructable I will show you how to shutdown your windows vista computer using a cool desktop icon.

Step 1: Right Click and Go To: New > Shortcut

Right click on your desktop select NEW > SHORTCUT

Step 2: Location

All that you need to type in the location for windows vista is: shutdown.exe \p

Click Next

Step 3: Name of Shutdown Command

You can really name the shortcut anything you want. the default is shutdown. I made mine:WARNING Do NOT click on this. It will shutdown 100's of circuts in your computer HAHAHAHAHAHA. But you can name yours anything you want.

Click Finish

Step 4: Instructable Complete!!!!!

You are now done!!! You Should see a new icon on your desktop that when you double click on, will shutdown your computer.
heyy.how to work this on windows7
Can you do this with restart? That would be great!
Yes, you can. <br>Type in notepad: <br> <br>shutdown -r <br> <br>That's all =D. <br>
Cool trick. 3/5 stars.
if you wanted to play a trick on one of your friends, you could delete the internet icon and replace it with the shutdown trick!!!
lol I do that to the computers at my school. Its so funny! (except when you click on them lol) You can do it in XP too just cut and paste this: %windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -S -T 0 You can restart it too by this: %windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -R -T 0
it works in vista too
i did that to my friends firefox. he thought it was a virus, so he had to re-install it. LOL
This is pretty cool. I like it. :-)
The icon didn't auto-appear for me as the shut-off button, but I could easily change it. Thanks!

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