Picture of How to silence AND power up a Nerf Maverick
This is my first instructable, so plz don't get upset if it isn't "great". This will show you how to power up your Mav and also silence* it.

* You really can't completely silence a Nerf gun, but this comes pretty close.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
What You Need
1. A Nerf Maverick gun
2. A small Phillips- head screwdriver
3. Wire cutters (a small wrench will work too)
4. 3/8" Felt pads (used for moving furniture, can be found at Walmart or any hardware store)
5. A pair of scissors (not in picture, sorry)
6. 15- 20 minutes for both silencing and powering up the gun

Step 2: Disassembly

Picture of Disassembly
Next, you need to disassemble your gun. Take the three screws out of the cocking mechanism and put this piece off to the side for later. BE SURE TO LEAVE THE OTHER SIDE ATTACHED TO THE GUN! There will be eight screws on the gun itself that you need to take out. Finally, you need to carefully separate the two halves of the gun.

Step 3: Barrel Removal

Picture of Barrel Removal
First we will power up the gun. Pull back on the orange ring as shown in the picture. This will allow you to pull the whole barrel out of the gun without too much trouble. You can release the ring once the barrel has been removed.
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peyton142 years ago
i cant get the revolver part apart!
Derpancakes (author)  peyton142 years ago
Do you mean the barrel?
yes and ive painted it and its cool
book543213 years ago
the air pump brok in mine but I ficsit somhow
meburnfire4 years ago
Umm i need some help, as when i try to pry the gray piece offf the barrel it wont come off. I tried with a screwdriver, hammer, wire cutters, pliers, pencils and all manner of these funny little metal rods i have. WHAT CAN I DO
if its the grey bit on the black end i had the same problem, its screwed on from underneath. rather than take it off i just unscrewed the whole bottom bit and it comes off with the grey bit still attached :)
Derpancakes (author)  meburnfire4 years ago
I just use sheer force and thin wire cutters, like the ones in the pics. I'm not too strong, so it's not that hard if you do it right.
That dosent work. I got my uncle to help me, hes REALLY strong, but he cant open it either with a hammer, wirecutters, pliers, NOTHING WORKS FOR EITHER OF US
Derpancakes (author)  meburnfire4 years ago
OK... If he can't do it then it probably won't come apart. If you have to, you can drill out the barrels to get rid of the prong things
If possible, could you please tell me how you "do it right"
ctavolazzi3 years ago
If you're having trouble getting the orange ring off, try hitting the metal rod out of the back of the barrel with a screwdriver. Flip the barrel over to the black side, not the orange side, and position a small screwdriver or equivalently sized thing on the metal rod inside the other orange ring. Hit it out using a hammer to drive the screwdriver. Mine came out very easily this way.
Derpancakes (author)  ctavolazzi3 years ago
nice!! That's a good way of solving the problem of getting the ring off.
King Julien4 years ago
Does the silencing work? It would seen so. I will try this with my mav.
it hardly sileces it. but now plastic dont hit plastic as much.
aj693 years ago
i undone the un only with a knife.
aj693 years ago
ok thanx now i no wat to do.
aj693 years ago
can somebody please tell me wat the rod thingies r im not much of a moder so could u explain a little bit easier.
Derpancakes (author)  aj693 years ago
the six "prongs" that go inside the dart... pull them out once the barrel is apart
Famoosh3 years ago
I had the same problems as well. Im wondering if new versions have the metal rod glued or melted to the plastic. In any case, just a penny mod still bumps the range up hugely, so I dont need to take the Air Restrictors out yet.
Derpancakes (author)  Famoosh3 years ago
yah... I think my version just had the cross-hatch pattern on the rod that makes the piece tough to get off... penny mods are pretty easy and can usually work well
I actually got it out, after I had my dad over and he kept badgering me that it wasnt going to come out, yadda yadda yadda. Anyway, had to use a vice, but got it out. Maverick now shoots Clip System Darts 60feet, whistlers at 50 and suction at 45, and all I did was penny mod (four of em) and AR removal.
manuel8463 years ago
My maverick lost power when I did it.What should I do?
Derpancakes (author)  manuel8463 years ago
Yeah... I have had problems with my Mav... If you're having problems, i would just recommend putting it back to normal....
taowyman3 years ago
when i took my gun apart i lost all my screws except for one before i read this
taowyman3 years ago
hey that silence thing really works THANKS!
[corosive]4 years ago
very cool power up. does anyone know if there is a way to silence it after powering it up? after the power up, mine just makes a loud bang when firing.
Derpancakes (author)  [corosive]3 years ago
Yeah... I did this sort of powerup on my Recon, and it does the same thing, only it doesn't fire...
Derpancakes (author) 4 years ago
:-( i tried to remove the prongs from mine and now it doesn't work.....
Pat_Maroney4 years ago
I've heard replacing the spring with a stronger one also increases power. anyone know if this is true?
yes very, but if you put one in that is to string, the plastic holding the metal rod in the cocking mech will break
when i removed the prongs from my mav i got a snapping sound... does the "silencing" help with that issue?
Derpancakes (author)  darknessfalls4 years ago
I recently read that when you remove the restrictors, the air pump is not cushioned enough, and you can break the pump if you don't fix the problem....
Derpancakes (author)  darknessfalls4 years ago
What exactly do you mean? The only snapping sound I have heard from my modded gun was when there were no darts.
hmmm well mine did it about half the time there was darts so i reassembled it with the prongs....
Saturn V4 years ago
Does removing the air restrictors really work? I have seen on many sites that this mod doesn't work, and it makes the gun worse.
Derpancakes (author)  Saturn V4 years ago
Yes. It increases the amount of air pushing on the dart, which, in turn, makes the dart go farther and faster.
ubcrazy24 years ago
the silencing works. I went to this guys house and he did this silencing mod and it works.
I recently did a power mod on my Maverick, the only problem was that it made it ridiculously loud. So i'll definitely try the silencing. Great I'ble!
Derpancakes (author)  APunchInTheTeeth4 years ago
Thanks for the comment, L. lol
billybenj4 years ago
good job, the air restrictor removal isnt anything new, but the felt pad thing is kind of interesting..
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