How to Silence an EL Transformer


Introduction: How to Silence an EL Transformer

This is how to silence an EL transformer, or at least make it quieter, not completely silence it...

Step 1: Tools/materials You'll Need

-philips screwdriver 
-hot glue gun/epoxy (I used hot glue)

-EL transformer

Step 2: Removing the Cover

First remove the battery cover by sliding it off. Then turn over the transformer to reveal a screw, it should be easy to unscrew, once removed lift the cover off the transformer revealing the electronics.

Step 3: Adding Glue

Now you must add glue to the electronics. It is important that you not go over the edge of the casing so it can close, also do not cover the hole where the screw comes in.

Step 4: Finishing

Replace the cover and tighten the screw.



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    Epoxy didn't really work for me. Instead I bought a project box, densely filled it with foam and put the EL power supply inside - it barely makes any sound now.

    For ease I soldiered a toggle switch to the outside of my box + removed all the battery housing and use a DC adapter instead.

    1 reply

    Oh leave it in its casing when you wrap in foam or your foam will smolder (toxically)

    Huh, I have had this problem, never thought of that. Wonder if epoxy might not be better, just thinking of heat issues as your using hot glue. But, then again its probably not on for long

    I thought this was about silencing high freq leakage >.<

    All good though, cos xformer buzzing can be quite annoying :)

    As a noise is created the noise is carried "in" the air, moving the air back and forth. The glue decreases the amount of air movement making the transformer quieter.