Or -  "how to cut-down a Flexi Super 10 spar from a 3 piece X 1mtr into a 6 piece X 500mm - ish". This is in order to make it small enough to fit into typical luggage.

This kite marked the beginning of power kiting in the 1970's.  This is a seriously fantastic wing which in a big wind is hugely fast and powerful and capable of ripping your arms out their sockets and if that fails it will find another way to ruin your life.
The only downside to this kite is the 10ft spar incorporated into the leading edge.  It comprises a center piece of carbon fiber and two outer, tapered ones made from glass fiber.  The three sections are joined, prior to flying, with two brass ferrules. It is my intention to cut each section in half and follow the original concept in re-joining them with three additional ferrules. 

Fortunately, this kite is still in production and so too are replacement spars - this fact made cutting the sections in half a tad less stressful. 

Step 1: Spar ferrules.

I bought the ferrules before cutting the pieces in half - unusual for me to be patient but I needed to be certain of the theory, particularly in respect of the tapered parts.

The ferrules I bought are of a well engineered, high(?) quality brass alloy and of a similar (ish) spec to the existing original ones.  I needed one 8mm X 80mm for the center, carbon fiber section and two 6mm X 60mm for the outer fiberglass ones. 

As mentioned, the two outer sections of the spar are tapered linearly along their meter length. I expected this to be an issue as the ferrules are straight sockets. Retaining the mechanical integrity of the shaft whilst not restricting it's flexibility needed in flight, required a degree of calculation - the ferrule needs to push-fit onto the thin end of the thicker half of the tapered section, coming to rest with a snug fit at the halfway point of it's socketable length and for that to coincide with the measurements of the shaft when cut exactly in half. The ferrule is then permanently fixed to the other, thicker end of the thinner half of the shaft leaving half of it's socketable length vacant for the thinner end of the thicker half :-) 

This may come back to bite you if homeland security sees this, they could drop some sort of terrorist charge on you. Be careful
Good point. Well put. I was foolishly relying on everyone seeing the funny side ;-)
Smuggling knifes in a airport is very bad : (
Have you flown it since the mod? Has the handling been affected much? <br> <br>I have the two smaller versions of this kite, the eight and six footers, and they are a blast to fly, but I'm less than 70kg, so I wouldn't dare take a Super 10 out in anything more than a breeze!
I might have a window tomorrow and a favourable breeze is forecast. I once hung from the full set, 10-8-6, stacked, in a howler at 68kg. I didn't have the balls or strength to fly below 70 degrees :-)
That sounds like a bad idea sorry your going to ruin your kite
You could well be correct, You213. I'll post an update. Worst case scenario - I buy a new spar.

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