How to Safely Snap a Knex Rod Into an Entire Row of Connectors.





Introduction: How to Safely Snap a Knex Rod Into an Entire Row of Connectors.


I've seen a lot of noobs complain about this problem, leading them to take uneccessary shortcuts or downgrading the gun.  So I made this video.  I found that any other method can lead to the risk of damaging knex, while this method leaves knex perfectly safe.

Yes, I'm modding my TR a bit.

*EDIT* If you are trying to pound a gray rod in with this method, use a black rod to push the gray rod in its slots.



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    Yay this is super useful for me!

    I was already doing a variation of this (as in always using a carbon rod on top instead of a red/etc one unless I absolutely needed to use a smaller one), but this should be really helpful for those who need it.

    Usually I just stare at it. Or I just push it in and struggle like a fish playing chess.

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    L /-----------------\
    O===== \
    L | \
    |_____________ ]
    I I

    That got messed up..... Use your imagination :P

    is snapping rods in really worth a whole instructable?

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    Are your thoughts really worth a whole comment and a whole 5 seconds of my time?

    yes apperantly they are...

    you have wierd thumbs ewwww

    You jelly not gonna lie. Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel!

    Oh and for next time you want to complain about something I post:


     hey are your thumbs double jointed? they bend SO far back!

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    he has hitchhiker's thumbs, it's a common trait