How to Sneak Into the Carpool Lane (life Hack for Highway Commuters)





Introduction: How to Sneak Into the Carpool Lane (life Hack for Highway Commuters)

Do you frequently travel or commute on the highway, but the traffic slows down to 5 mph while the HOV lane traffic still zooms by at 80? You must have a problem and wanna sneak into there. You can do so now with a few cheap things.

Step 1: What Should You Do? Mannequin?

The first thought that comes to mind would probably be "put a realistic mannequin in the passenger seat." That would fool cops, but it would be pretty darn expensive to buy one... So let's look at some cheaper alternatives.

Step 2: Seat Cover?

Another idea is to use a seat cover with an image of a person printed onto it. But however, it's also pretty expensive.

Step 3: So It All Comes Down to This.

you should definitely go on the cheap! So you'll need to make a headrest cover with the picture of a person's face and part of their neck on it. You just need 2 pieces of fabric, sewing skill, and t-shirt transfers that are the right size. If it ende up not being a perfect fit, buy some foam pad from Walmart. Be sure to make it pretty big and natural size; that means if it's not able to fit your headrest, don't make it a perfect fit. Next, go buy a cheap t-shirt, short or long sleeve, pullover hoodie, or sweatshirt, somewhere between $5 and $20, and it must have side seams if there are armrest(s). DON'T USE OLD ONES! Some places I have confirmed to sell cheap shirts are Walmart, Aeropostale, and Old Navy. Now it needs to correspond with the face you printed onto the headrest cover, so if you used a woman's face, buy a ladies tee/hoodie/sweatshirt. Then you'll need a pool noodle or some sort of cylindrical foam that would fit into the sleeves or your garment. If you use a short sleeve tee, you should paint it the color of the face's skin.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Now it's time to put it all together!!

Step 5: Headrest Cover

Sew together the headrest cover to fit the face. Make sure that the color of fabric you chose is the color of your headrest. Also, please take note that your fabric has to be cotton to work with the transfers. Next, make the transfer how the instructions say. Make the face about the size of the sheet. Next, iron it on following instructions.

Step 6: Other Stuff

Put the headrest cover on. If there is, cut some foam padding, glue it together to the thickness of the headrest and use it to fill up the void. Next, put the garment over the seat like a seat cover. The garment should be big enough to fit on the seat. For the armrest seats, make sure your garment has side seams, and then take a stitch riper to rip a hole in there to fit it around the armrest. For the short sleeves, paint the noodle the color of the face's skin, and then put it into the sleeve and pin it on. It would require some cutting for women's sleeves though. It should just hang down loosely. Cops don't care because they would just get a quick glance. For long sleeves, put the noodle, in any state, into the sleeve. It should be snug in there. For hoodies, do the same with the long sleeve, or if you prefer, do not put anything in the sleeve and just stuff them into the pocket. Tie them together as a knot in the pocket for good measure. And oh yeah, if you're doing a woman, you should put 2 small round pillows under the garment where the chest would be as, you know what I'm talking about. They also make nice little pillows to lean on when someone sits there.

Step 7: Enjoy HOV

What more can I say?



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    You could mention the costs involved in getting caught.

    Hilarious idea! Very creative!