Snowshoeing is for people of all ages. You will need snow, snowshoes and a positive attitude. Ski poles are optional.

Step 1:

There are three types of snowshoes pictured and all work well. The original wood and cat gut snowshoes are pictured on the right, then Tubbs snowshoes in the middle, and hard plastic snowshoes on the left. Optional ski poles are pictured in the foreground.
Are you sure you should move your arms with your legs? In the picture he's moving the opposite arm, which is how you move your arms when cross country skiing and when walking normally.<br />
Whoops!&nbsp; I changed it.&nbsp; Thanks for picking up my error.<br /> <br />
Nice job. It would be great to know how much the equipment costs, which type would work best for someone trying for the first time, etc. Also, it would be fun to reach out an collaborate with someone in this community to come up with an instructible for home-made snowshoes.
A super job, Cindy. Clear and easy steps to follow for a wonderful outdoor sport with a cost of snowshoes only! The wonderful woods, trails are free to most, thank goodness!

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