How to softmod your xbox...for FREE

This instructable will show you how you can convert your normal xbox into a super crazy multimedia, avi , mp3 playing GOD...All without a mod chip...This also allows you to still be able play on xbox live. All you needs is a computer, a cd burner and a torx 20 screwdriver: will go into this in a later step.

**NOTE: I am not responsible for any damage that may be caused while attempting anything in this tutorial. If you attempt in doing this, you do so at your own risk. If something gets broken, it's only your own fault and you should not blame anybody. Please notice that according to ANSI standards, hotswapping is not considered safe and is therefore only recommended if you cannot find another way to modify your Xbox.:**

Do everything in this video and much more:

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Step 1: Materials:

Desktop PC with an ATA connection NOT SATA
CD Recorder in your PC
Blank CD-R
ISO Recorder v2(Or any other program to burn ISOs to cds)
WinRAR or the very awesome and free 7-zip
XboxHDM v1.9 (Scrow down to download it)
Kingroach's NDURE 3.0 (Scrow down to download it) or go here NDURE 3.0
Torx 20 Screwdriver for opening the xbox
Whatever is needed to open up your computer case
Some intelligence and patience

Download the necessary files from above. Install ISO Recorder and WinRAR. After WinRAR is installed, use it to extract xboxhdm.
Kynis22 days ago

Hey, thanks! This worked perfectly.

I just have a few questions (if you don't mind):

Do I really have to use the easteregg exploit each and every single time I want to acces unleashX?

and (a bit more complicated one):

My xbox works perfectly, outputs sound/video (trough compostie/scart), runs games, the softmod works etc. but after the console boots to the ms dash the console's power indicator turns orange (solid orange, no flashing) and the fans start to make noise. I also have noticed an electrical noise coming out of it, but when I tried to search the internet about "solid orange original xbox" i literally found nothing. This started to happen immediately after the softmod was complete.

I'll swap the HDD to a bigger one next weekend and I'll see if it's the hard drive but I would appreciate any information about it.

JGridlock5 months ago
Alright, so here is where I am stuck. Someone please post a reply! After all the linux messages I get the following..

"Found HardDrive.
We will now search dev/hda for an xbox partition table...

No xbox-partition table found on /dev/hda


Is this issue caused because the hard drive is still locked?

See my other post for a possible solution.

I'm afraid I can't quite remember the context in which i received your particular error so I'm not exactly sure of the cause.

It's worth noting that of all the steps in this complicated process, the unlocking/hotswapping part was the most trouble-free for me! It seems that once it's hit the dashboard, it's pretty much unlocked, playing a track should ensure it though.

It's just my experience, but I think it's much more likely to be a misconfiguration (not helpful, I know) than the drive being locked.

Hi, thanks for the great guide!

I got it to work but it wasn't exactly smooth sailing so I'll try to be as thorough as I can for the benefit of others with similar problems.

I can, of course, only speak for my particular hardware and BIOS and it may not work on other machines but it may help nevertheless.


My main pitfall was the "Linux CD not found" error when trying to access xbrowser.

As I went through different configurations I even received an error where I was told that I had no disk drive connected!!

I occasionally got the same error as JGridlock aswell ("No xbox-partition table found on /dev/hda") but assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that they stemmed from the same issue.

Other errors I encountered were errors 10 & 20.

My (working) Configuration:

I have a Pentium4 "Acer Power FV" with a single IDE port on the motherboard and a two-port IDE cable; my BIOS is a 2005 American Megatrends (R01-C4).

Note that I used ONLY the IDE connection, no SATA or USB etc...

I used the cable's port nearest to the motherboard for the Xbox harddrive and the end-port for the DVD-drive. I set the jumper on the Xbox-HD to master and the jumper on the DVD-drive to slave.

I set the DVD-drive to boot first in BIOS.

When it came to hotswapping I played a music track for a few seconds (and then paused it) each time and never encountered any apparent problems.

My solution:

As it turns out, it was a BIOS issue, or more specifically an issue with the "ATA/IDE Configuration" (something I was previously unfamiliar with).

I solved it by going into the BIOS and under the heading "Standard CMOS Settings" changing the ATA/IDE Configuration mode from "Compatible" to "Enhanced". There should also be a menu that shows all the IDE devices that are currently connected to the PC.

After a restart the BIOS detected the DVD-drive (and the xbox harddrive, if connected) as Third IDE Slave & Master, respectively (rather than Primary or Secondary, for some peculiar reason).

After this I was able to hotswap as usual and reach the xbrowser window.

I encountered no further problems and was able to install ndure thanks to this fantastic guide and I hope this helps others in their quest to mod this now-ancient console!

cody7771 year ago
What do i do if my primary master for my board is a sata?
andwan01 year ago
Anyone know how to un soft-mod XBOX if done via this method?

ssetnicky3 years ago
I tried to download NDURE 3.0 and Avast! says it's a Decompression Bomb. I'm not touching that file!
I agree with Jas, I have use NDURE many times on multiple systems safely. I'm a paranoid IT Support Volunteer so I try to keep my system locked up tight. You may have just got a bad download, it happens.
i have avast nothing happended so its prob safe i also scanned it with mcaffe and avast
dfalk1 year ago
Nice!, I think I will use this! :) I have 2 Xbox's I don't use.
dude i cant understand the process. could u send the by the numbered instruction here thanks!
Hanjin4 years ago
sweet worked perfectly
dude i cant understand the process. could u send the by the numbered instruction here thanks!
MrAlekos2 years ago
Hey guys i have made all the necessary work (burn cd ,conect xbox) and i when i go to the point to write (xbrowser) i am writing it tells me that i need to put the linux cd... WTF?? (looking for cd.Incert linux cd)
Please help me...
liquidice2 years ago
after suffering for hours trying to unlock my HDD, I figured I would tell everyone what I've learned and what this tutorial doesnt mention. Ive learned that if you swap the IDE cables AFTER your PC has booted up, it wont detect the xbox drive.

1st step: unplug dvd ribbon on xbox.

2nd step: turn on PC, boot to your bios (we're doing this so the pc wont boot all they way yet)

3rd step: turn on xbox and the instant u see the red ring, unplug the IDE for the hard drive (be fast, yet gentle), then plug in ur primary IDE from PC. if it didnt work, u were either too fast or too slow, try again.

4th step: exit bios, let PC boot to CD. Then press 1, type xbrowser. if all goes well, u should see a directory of files on the xbox hard drive.

5th step: finish tutorial, and crack open a beer, you earned it ;)

if this tutorial had mentioned to connect the pc-xbox BEFORE the PC posts, I'd have saved me a few hours and a headache >.<
dfalk2 years ago
Does I need a game to do this?
tekjay2 years ago
hey i got error 07 after doing this, any tips to make this error go away?
saucygamer2 years ago
This worked for me but there were a couple of tips I want to share: first off, be sure the CD/DVD disc you burn is readable by the drive that is installing NDURE. Not thinking, I used a 10yr old drive and it failed on a couple of critical files and I had to rebuild my XBOX hard drive and do other nasty stuff.

Also, for me, generating error 12 was a great method to unlock my hard drive but it can be tricky to get: dont pull out the DVD drive cable until about halfway through the startup animation or you will instead get error 11 and the HDD wont be unlocked.
hey guys, i hope people are still reading these comments.
So i followed the tut to the T the first time and it worked like a charm (minus using a diff method to unlock the drive)
Got myself a 250gb drive, and aout 50 of my Fav games on the drive along with a dedicated FTP stream of movies for the XMBC. its amazing.
So i thought i would get a couple cheap xboxs and do this to them for the rest of the house (lots of kids)
I felt confident i had memorized the entire tut so i proceeded with out it on the 1st xbox. low and behold it didn't work, unlock worked, install of ndure work however when the box restarted, i only got the splash screen then a black screen.
it will play games from the CD still but will NOT boot without a GAME in the drive.
Still able to unlock the drive and access is it from the boot cd with the browser, but when i try to restore from the backup, it errors saying either no disk space OR read only file system. So not able to restore from backup, then with out thinking, i tried it again and it wiped out the backup and created a backup of the broken system.
after racking my brain for weeks i realized that i had totally used the original BOOT CD i had created which I'm guessing was the wrong kernel.
This is Xbox 2. is there ANYWAY to fix this HD?
This brings me to the 3rd xbox, i discovered the problem with the kernels AFTER attempting the same thing on the 3rd box. so kinda in the same delima however this one is still unlockable but ill NOT boot to any game or theHD, just a service 21 error. When i look at the drive with the browser i can see the backup is still intact but will not let me restore it, giving the same disk space error or READ only error. Is there a way to fix this one?? please if ANYONE has some answers that would be great. other wise its a loss of $100 on my part. Expensive mistake I'm trying to fix. i did however get a lot of games and accessories out of that $100 hope to hear from someone.
bbear42 years ago
It worked for me! Thanks for making it vzjrz
b37ho2 years ago
i have a problem whit my xbox classis, how to install software in new hardisk in xbox classic. PLEASE HELP ME, Thank`s
Pinny892 years ago
PLEASE someone help...
i follow the instructions to the letter, my XBox HDD is unlocked etc. i made the boot disk with the ndure script and when i enter XBROWSER i see the ndure script there but when i try to start it, it just says "no such file in directory"

i tried to make the ndure script into .exe, .bat, nothing works, just the same old error... but when i hit F3 i can view the script and i can edit it...

please help, im loosing my mind trying to figure this out :/
pspuser9244 years ago
I couldnt get it running until i read this:
easiest way i found to unlock the drive is to disconnect the ribbon from the dvd player and also its power cable.

use a molex from your pc to power the xbox HDD.

now boot the pc into xboxhdm and turn on the xbox.

once the xbox has booted it will give you the "xbox needs service" screen, when this shows up you need to swap ata cables.

dont do it like the tut suggests as i tried all ways mentioned and it just would not unlock, my way unlocks first time everytime.
This worked awesome, dude! Thanks for the helpful tip. On my way to having an xbox linux server. Bwahahahahaha! in yer face, MS!
Please how can i vonvert my x box so that i can download game to it.... Please help me out
wow. that actually works cant believe it. i tried every other method... and not having an xbox controller with me didnt help either lol. i found this xbox in the dumpster XD
well hello tyler i found you lol. its helti.... im moding my xbox 2. XD
need help?
It's sad how these perfectly operational systems end up in the dump. They make an awesome dvd player.
i find it funny when people think macafe and avast are good avg hasnt said a thing.
Hello..... Please i am tired of buying disc on my x box can you please help me out i really want to know how to convert it and download games on it and the software to down and steps to take please if any suggestion mail me into my mail
Follow the tutorial, don't get frustrated, and try snesorama for the games.
bkhabir2 years ago
Please how can i vonvert my x box so that i can download game to it.... Please help me out
noizetank2 years ago
HI Guys

I have managed to lock my deagate drive, followed all your instructions and half way through hotswap (After Ihad saved C drive) the processed errored and stopped.
Now I get red lights when i turn XB on. How do i sortr this out, and what could have gone wrong?
Thanks in advance
acevell2 years ago
Ok I made a bad I installed it all correctly but I may have deleted my m$ dash file because I can't return to the ms dashboard when I hot swapped I made a back up my question is can I restore the xbox to retail state with the back up?if so can anyone fill me in on how?Thanks a million
hansley2 years ago
my cd didn't boot why? help plzz!thx
Did you follow the guide to make the ISO. What software did you use to burn the ISO?
jsleight2 years ago
I somehow broke my dashboard doing this. Is there anyway to fix this? I got errors when it tried installing ndure onto the xbox and then the next time i turn it on i got an error everytime the dash tried to load. I can't restore the c backup either because i didn't restore before trying the install again and it saved my broken c image as the backup.
So i found out this is just a terrible way to softmod your xbox. MUCH BETTER WAY: Download the files of a previously modded xbox. Check torrentz, they are there. Also download xplorer360(if you windows 7 google for how to get it to work). Hotswap your xbox by unplugging the dvd player power and ata cable, turn on the xbox and as soon as the front light turns red unplug the hard drive ata cable and plug in an ata cable going from your primary ata on your computer. Open up xplorer, select your xbox and delete everything in it's harddrive folders. Then transfer all the files from your torrent download into the applicable drives on your xbox. Uplug it from your computer reconnect everything and your xbox is modded. No boot bs required. Only issue is that xplorer 360 will hang sometimes, so expect to close and restart it often.
(removed by author or community request)
I tried a copy of halo 2 to fix it. Unfortunately everytime it tries to run xbox live I get an error it says it has to restart to access the dashboard and it just restarts halo 2 again. So i just end up in an infinite loop.
Can you FTP your xbox from anouther computer? If so You can rebuild orginal Dash. I have a copy of Last Orginal updated Xbox Dash in a zip file "I ruined mine once". A simple unzip and and copy to Dash Directory. let me know I we can work you upload.
I can't use ftp without modding it first I believe.

I am able to connect to it through xplorer360.
Hey what ever you do do not erase or format hard drive, you are OK!!!! Rebuilt your ndure from begining, the install process does not over write your the hard disk key and more, and this alone saved me my first try!!! I lost video and saw nothing and yet could load a game and play. You are not lost yet, redo ndure setup with the instructions here reduced so you can read them on screen and can see ndure setup at same time. You may have missed a step. My XBOX has worked great but was not easy.
theend7572 years ago
Seem like a lot of people are little confuse with the hot swap. I made a little simple picture. This is when you ready to hot swap.

Where you need to be and xbox and computer must be on when hot swap

Second when you hot swap
jflores122 years ago
I need help. I have tried to use the hotswap method to fix error 21, but no luck.): I do have the EEPROM that I got from an EEPROM Reader. I couldn't backup through FTP because it wouldnt let me.
patun2 years ago
i cant play the video.. :(
psnyder12 years ago
hey guys.. im not 'new' to modding (i softmodded my wii a few months back) but for sum reason when i try to boot off the xboxhdm disk, my pc says boot disk fail, insert and press enter blah blah blah. ive tried to reburn the iso image on 5 different disks using 2 different computers and 3 different burning programs.. i feel kinda dumb cuz i cant figure this out.. but i really would love any pointers. can someone please help?
jvanwyk2 years ago
anybody tried ndure 3.1?
robc_calif2 years ago
OH! If this 62 year old man can do it you can too!
ryguy4254252 years ago
Looks like I'm really unlucky. I got to the xbrowser step, but it gave me an error when I went to run the ndure script. I tried to burn the reburn the cd, but with the new disk I could not get my drive to unlock. I put the xbox back together, and now with everything put back together I get an error 6 when I try to turn on the xbox, which means that the drive can not be unlocked. Is there any way to fix this?
Yes there is, if have a copy of HDDKEY.Bin, if not and you can not hotswap the HD again, then you have a hard disk paperweight. Seagate has a program available to download where you can disable locking but I do not know if this means after removing security you will still have the data left on drive. If after the diableing of security and the data still is accessable you would still need a lockable hard drive to replace it and then use the Seagate program to set "USER" password to match HDDKEY.Bin Code. A program/bin reader is available to read the HDDKEY.Bin and tell you the password to enter to make the hard drive work.
I got it somewhat figured out. I first bought another xbox and soft modded using the gamesave method (In my opinion a lot easier and safer). I threw in a 40 Gig HDD I had sitting around. Then I got bored one day and decided to attempt an EEPROM reader to recover the HDD Key. It took a few tries, but it worked. I then just unlocked the original HDD from the new xbox I bought, and locked it to the broken xbox. Worked perfectly, and it was even pre softmodded! I did end up losing all the data on the original xbox, as it's HDD is now a paperweight, but I do have 2 working xboxes!
For anyone who had the same problem as me:
robc_calif2 years ago
I had read almost all the comments posted before attempting the SoftMod. I can not say my first try worked but thanks to all those who posted their results, and A GIANT THANKs to those who so nicely helped other with their problems and also the same to the Author of this HOW TO. Follow the instructions, BACK UP YOUR C: DRIVE and You can not go wrong. I burned .ISO's and installed atleast 5 times before getting it right, the HOW TO instructions do work.
If you have problems with install do not format or erase files, after a bad install with error messages, do a reboot on your PC and hotswap again. That worked for me, and if does not work or you go back and do the Ndure steps again you might find as I did I missed one step in setup. Anyway, again thank's to all you thoughtfull people that helped others here, you helped me too!!
joukam4 years ago
But what if my PC only has SATA ports?
if ur pc has sata ports... either get a pci card, or get a 360 and flash that. there pritty easy to do
Getting a 360 doesn't help at all.
SonicAce13 years ago
what is the IDE? plz help me

Google is your best friend!
Okay, so everything works fine for me except for when I boot into xboxhdm on my pc it holds on the linux boot screen. This happens every single time I try this. I am using a very new computer WITH usb 3.0 on it. I know the drive is unlocked because when I boot up my pc the bios starts a ide scan and every time I hotswap correctly, the drive is detected, and when I do it incorrectly, the drive isn't connected. So, please, please, can somebody help me help me on this... I have spent ours on edge trying to get this project done....
dalliniler3 years ago
after i hi the *ndure it says no such file or directory. help?
C.D333 years ago
when i try to download the ndure 9kb file, it says its a tmp file. is that right? do i need to rename FKO475WG4JNRF52.tmp (which is what was downloaded) into ndure?
yes just rename it to ndure
I think you getting this because you using google chrome (I think)
Hey guys make sure you hold the power button down for about 2 seconds before opening it to eliminate and electric charge :D
migstan3 years ago
what mine says reach max 100 copys it dont work.
migstan3 years ago
I Dont Have Halo 2 Man I will Try It Anyways.
cody7773 years ago
can i use an external hard drive enclosure with the xbox drive in it
Dhooser3 years ago
hi i am using microsoft 7 downgraded to xp. can i follow the linux proceedure for step three or is it not possible to follow these steps?
ohainou3 years ago
Alright, so I was amongst the group that had errors. I had the Linux can't find your CD, please reinsert. I am running a pretty new Phenom II X6 computer I built. My DVD burner is an External USB drive. I did everything correct to this point and fired up the CD and hit option 1. Just wasn't finding my DVD drive (said checking dev/hda through dev/hdh). I honestly think that it went through all my SATA ports (have 6) and through my PATA port (two devices). USB wasn't included.

So....I went to an old HP Pavillion P4 I had stashed in the corner. Pulled it out and tried it there. I have my CD-ROM drive on PATA on that PC. It worked! So I believe your DVD/CD ROM drive can't be USB.

Also, I did the unplug power from DVD drive method. I will say it does work. You have to be very precise on your timing otherwise the drive re-locks itself. I counted 6 seconds (roughly) from when the green light turns on until it turns red. Pull AS SOON as you see the light hit red. From there connect to your PC as usual. You'll obviously know if the drive is locked (the CD will tell you). Took me two tries.
I had a similar issue with a usb CD/DVD drive, then I tried a sata CD/DVD drive and had the same issue. Works perfectly with old IDE CD drive. Kinda silly but it pays off having an old crap computer to do this with.
Timonator3 years ago
My modding has gone a bit wrong and now I get an error 21 upon booting. The problem is that I don't know my kernel version anymore.
wiibrewer3 years ago
How long should it take for linux to boot? mine hangs for like 5 minutes at "Usb 2.0 enabled". If it matters I also have usb 3.0 ports on my computer if that has anything to do with it.
Jaapio3 years ago
Thanks for the tutorial I find it very useful.

However I am stuck at Step 6, When I run the *ndure script, I choose option 1 and I get the message that it is out of disk space?!

Could it be because I created an f partition?
NathanC3 years ago
I get to the point where I have to give the "xbrowser" command. When I do, it tells me there is no linux CD, put it in and re-try. But, the poweroff command works just fine.

Any ideas? All help is much appreaciated.
waka3 years ago
Wow, thank-you for the very helpful tutorial! I have to say, the hardest part was unlocking the HD. I did this thanks to some users posts (thanks to bradtricker and others).

The very trick is to turn on your PC and press the "pause key" before the PC detects the drives. Now, unplug the xbox's DVD power cable and turn on the XBOX (keep in mind that the XBOX HD is still connected to the XBOX ribbon cable and power supply) you will receive an error, now quickly pull the XBOX ribbon cable smoothly and evenly out of the XBOX HD and connect the ribbon cable from your PC to your XBOX HD (connect it to the end of the ribbon cable so it is the last drive on the cable. Its also helpful not to have anything else connected to the cable)

Now that you have connected your unlocked XBOX HD to your PC ribbon cable, you can press the space bar on your keyboard to abort the pause process you started earlier. Your PC will now detect the XBOX HD and you can then boot from the CDROM you created earlier. If you see any read errors during the CDROM boot process from /dev/hda then your drive is still locked. Try the process over again until its unlocked. Remember that rebooting your PC during any process will re-lock your HD. I also recommend you download ConfigMagic and FTP it into your XBOX HD and run it. It has the option to backup your EEPROM to a file. This is usefull for upgrading your HD later.
death_cult3 years ago
Im new to this (big surprise,) but i seem to be having a problem i havent been able to find in any forum ive gone through (ive seen similar but not quite)

everything went smoothly during the hot-swap (at least once i watched a video of the process and realized the secondary ribbon block was supposed to be the one swapped and the hdd power cord had to be there from the beginning) and then i was able to enter the weird name for the soundtrack and it did the scrolling names thing in the purple bubble and the light was yellow after a few seconds after the scrolling text started
but once it finishes i just get the MS splash logo like it restarted and then goes back to the regular dashboard (where in the above video it would launch unleashed's DB). I tried it a few times getting the same results ( i even tried finding alternate ways of launching the softmod but they didnt work) but this last time i tried doing it, i decided to leave the room for a second (great idea, right?), a few minutes later i come back and the names are still scrolling but the picture is all retarted like im trying to watch scattered porn and as im checking my connections (which were fine) the screen freezes (the static went away when it froze btw). I turned it off and when i turned it back on i now get the red ring of death and then it powers off.
Im pretty sure i bricked my hard drive, im just wondering why it waited till i thought i got it working to crash and burn lol
great idea!
3mm Allen wrench :)
Very nice tutorial! Thanks allot my oc pc is installing ndure atm on my xbox. The hotswap part is a bit confusing though. Search a tut on youtube!
wut is the link to the youtube tutorial
Allowance103 years ago
My computer is to new :( Dont have the right cables my PC uses SATA ;(
You can get SATA to PATA adapters (designed for using old drives in new PCs). Pretty cheap too.
I only have one IDE port. Is there any way I can do this via another source, like a flash drive or something? If someone could point me in the right direction that'd be great. Cheers
Check this site out, should give you what you need:
gladys453 years ago
why did you need to take the HDD out? i soft modded my Xbox without ever opening the case. i have access to the Microsoft Dashboard and the modded dashboard, Fusion in my case. also dont need to burn anything if you use FTP to copy files to the XBOX from PC using a LAN cable.
Just wanted to say thank you and give a little insight for all the noobs, who had just about literally no idea about hotswapping and such things. The only technique I tried that worked -- Xbox setup -- 1. DVD Drive IDE Cable Unplugged PC Setup- 1. PC Hooked Up To Its Own HardDrive At Start Of PC HotSwap -- 1. Turn on xbox and watch the green light around the eject button, have your hand ready to pull out the IDE cable on the harddrive in the xbox, The MOMENT you see the green light turn red, yank it out fast. 2. Turn on pc, right after pressing the power button, grab the IDE cable out of the PC's harddrive, and put it in the xbox's drive. 3. If you set it up right to where it boots from the cd, the rest is in this tutorial. Also, for anyone who had the issue with the CD copy thing, mine didn't work, but i tried the button combo stated below -- RT+LT+Black+Start -- and it loaded up unleashed just fine. Hope this helps anyone else who might have had issues.
purpulhaze3 years ago
Sweet and easy instructable. Now that I got it to work on the original xbox hard drive how do I upgrade the drive to a bigger one? Do I need to image the drive to a bigger one? If so, what's the easiest way to go about doing that?
RCAF TeeDub3 years ago
Hi So I followed things to a tee and had no issues with any of the process until I get to the part about the sound track My system now boots to some ugly _ss red dash board. I can then launch the MS dashboard from there. When I do the sound track process I get the "you can't create a new sound track you have more than 100" error I have seen others post about this but have not seen a solution. Any help available? Thanks
srs0083 years ago
okay one, what is with the 4038 K rejecting 80gb drive, it works on 5838 K (k is kernel), and be careful, i had problems at first, burn the disc at 1X as xboxhd and the ndure script are very temperamental, if told your drive is frozen it means wait for the CD's bootscreen (you know press 1, 2 , 3 or 4) before plugging ide in, you will also have to reboot your xbox as the drive is now locked. any ideas about that drive and the 4038????
Wow after two days I finally got it to work. I knew all the right steps, I just didn't do them together until now. I was using an old Dell Inspiron 3000. I wanted to give a big thanks to everyone here and especially gman (your post was the last I read before I got it working.) I first turned on the Xbox and pulled out the IDE quickly when I saw the Microsoft logo (All pins at once, not half and half.) I then booted up the live cd WITH my pc hard drive as the master/primary drive. When the cd asked "1.... , 2.... , 3.... , 4...." i QUICKLY unplugged my pc hard drive and plugged in the xbox hd. I then hit '1'. Then I closely watched for the "hda: ST1004..." then for the first time no errors. Then typed in 'xbrowser' and the rest was just as the instructions said :). Hope this comment helps someone.
benservs3 years ago
I followed all the directions but when I powered everything down my hdd was not hooked up now I cant get past the xbox logo screen and it will not unlock, please help.

I am getting error code 14, disconnecting the dvd drive does not get the error code to unlock the hd, and I cannot coldboot any games.
feveron3 years ago
Thanks so much for the tutorial!!! I finally softmodded my xbox and got it to run smoothly. I went through all the trouble just for one game, Ninja Gaiden Black. My set was NTSC and the game I bought from ebay was PAL. So I had no choice but to softmod again after screwing it up last time converting back to retail msdash. Anyway, for those who experienced error 21 upon powering up, I suggest pressing soft reset on the controller a few times after you power on (press the back, start, white & black buttons simultaneously). It should boot to UnleashX dashboard. If not, hotswap again and use the command xboxhd instead of xbrowser. I used xbrowser in the first place to install the ndure (using both options 1 & 2), but all I get is the error 21. Then I tried using xboxhd to rebuilt the xbox hard drive from scratch. It proceeded to format the drive and partitions, and copied all the contents from the ndure folder into C: partition. I supposed this step is the same as using xbrowser, only that your hard drive will be reformatted. So if you got files you want to backup, do so via FTP first. Then after using xboxhd to install ndure, restore all your backups.
SonicAce13 years ago
Help my top part won't open all the way even though i have all screws screwed out help me plz
nvm i found the hidden warranty screw
srs0083 years ago
hi, i have modded my xbox, download ndure from somewhere else. modding a mates one now, the 80Gb we want to put in locks correctly, using right hdd lock code, but the actual xbox refuses to unlock it, tried relocking it, hopefully tonight i will try changing code and see how it goes in my xbox (does the original launch era xbox) have a hard drive rejection size?, and don't mention the dvd drive as we know. any ideas would be Very helpful
when i try to make that iso it makes the iso 800mbs.... whats up?
momoster693 years ago
what do you do when ur at the last part and when ur copyin the blank soundtrack thing.. wat do i write with the <<
zackthewack4 years ago
For anyone having a problem getting to the Unleashed dashboard after they have done everything involving the soundtrack, here is how you get to the dashboard:

Once the thing about "The Xbox Team" has come up, you can feel free to just press B during that. It should restart your xbox. Than, once the xbox starts up without a game in the tray, press the following buttons:

LT (Left Trigger) + RT (Right Trigger) + BLACK + START

Press all those at the same time and it will take you to the Unleashed dashboard. That way you can switch between both dashboards. By being able to do that, I think you can play Live still. :)
THX A LOT DUDE !! " LT (Left Trigger) + RT (Right Trigger) + BLACK + START " I searched an hour thinking before reading your comment.....
what to you typ into the new soundtrack name im confused?????????
steelviper3 years ago
Awesome, i did this and it worked perfectly. I tried using my workstation for 2 hours and it would not work at all. I switched to an older PC i had laying around and it worked the first time. I disconnected the cd drive to unlock the drive. Thanks so much for this tutorial.
lalin3 years ago
i can't find the ndure linux file to save it at
hunter11253 years ago
to save the script file right click and use save target as then rename it to just ndure
herocreator3 years ago
Everytime I run *ndure I get an error message that says: \ndure: 1: Syntax error newline unexpected. Anyone else have this problem?
the website link in step 3 is broken. you need to download the script attached to the bottom of step 3 and use that instead
unable to access updated ndure script, the file appears to be locked
could anyone post a link to the updated script?
rjbrayalex5 years ago
hey i soft-modded my xbox with this instructable i followed it step by step at first i was getting the error 21 code and with a live game i got the dashboard m$ dash to come back and i went through the steps and put in the <> it still didn't work so i hot-swapped again and used the cd i made to rebuild my c drive and when i reset my xbox it worked and now when i turn on my xbox i have the unleashx dash i can copy games to it and play them but i can't play cd's or dvd's which is what i primarily used my xbox for can someone tell me what i did wrong i tried sending a message to the person that wrote this but got no response i am a newbie to softmodding so please don't get mad if i have posted this in the wrong area i just want my xbox to be the media GOD everyone is talking about can someone help the confused newbie
I got this error too, and now the harddrive is making funny noises.... I'm trying ur method to get it to boot again....
kylecadet23 years ago
i dont know sorry because i havent done this yet im doing it tomorrow
easchel3 years ago
Hey y'all! I've got a strange problem. When I am in xbrowser and I hit the ndure script it tells me always "no such file or directory found" but when I press F3 in the xbrowser I can access/view the ndure script without problem. Someone has an idea what's going wrong? g & thx
Moviekid3 years ago
Worked for me. Remember to UPDATE the file before creating the ISO. I did a lot of internet research and got the Xbox Media Center working, but it works like a pro now. Runs Emulators, networks to computers in the house, etc. Good project. I learned a lot from this. Check out my Youtube video of the softmod / XBMC running.
Tip: make sure there is enough space available on your xbox hdd! I got an error that said: no free space available during step 2 if the ndure installer. I had 3 complete cds on my xbox
I need help with this i get to the part where i need to add the new script and when i add it in it does not ask me to overwrite the old one it just adds another one in there i tried like 10 times can anyone help me out if so im me or something bmeggitt1985@yahoo thanks
you just need to creat a free account then fallow the instructions
Johnny2good3 years ago
lol all done booted up straight away nieszzzz now to figure out how to use it lmao thanx bro..
Johnny2good3 years ago
all done dont no why people dont use firefox just click ndure9 KB save rename and over write no probs here,, burnt cd ;o)
400 MB (419,463,168 bytes)
kebiled3 years ago

Big n00b here.
What did you use to back up your games? is it  just a normal iso file?

 When this many people have all these different problems, it makes me either not want to risk doing this, or look for a different guide. Sheesh.
j2theon4 years ago
whats  that start up intro song called
Anyone remember where the add the bigger harddrive is in this site? been awhile for me.
This instructable is great, but there is a much easier method that doesn't require you to hotswap or open you're xbox. Dosen't require a chip either. All you need is a copy of Splinter Cell. Then get hold of SID. It's gotta be the PAL ver Splinter Cell for PAL and NTSC for NTSC.

That said, unless you're just using you're xbox for media streaming or to play a few emu's, I would seriously suggest a chip like a duox2. They can be found very cheep now ($10 US). There are quite a few benefits of having one. Like easy as pie HardDrive upgrades.
After writing this i noticed the instructable for just what I was talking about.

The Easiest Way To Soft Mod An Original XBOX

Well that's what I get for posting a 6 in the AM.
aktiv84 years ago
rockin.  just did this again today, works like a champ.  best thing is i can pick up an xbox @ the pawn shop for 30 bucks. 

$30 media player for the bedroom!
staalwart4 years ago
Will this work with an EXTERNAL IDE-to-USB cable? I mean, not hotswapping the HDD to the internal PC's IDE Primary bus, but to a USB cable with an IDE connector? Maybe not, since I think the whole hotswapping process is kind of low-level processing with the drives, but one can only guess...
Blimp8214 years ago
i used an alan wrench as well, not sure wat size but it worked perfectly. good luck.
 1/8" works
excellent tut!, followed it exactly without problems! (apart from the hotswap taking about 20 goes!)

if i can do it, anybody can!
bradtricker4 years ago
************HERE IS HOW TO DO IT**************

The key is to hit pause/break upon initial PC start up.

Levi990e4 years ago
 whit that music at the end when i want to copy the soundtrack and it says that i have reached the 100 limit of music
bnapier964 years ago
Will i lose all my xbox saves?
Thetommi4 years ago
Where is the  EvoX???
PHiSiX4 years ago
the linux screen loads up etc. all fine, but when i typ: xboxhd it says the cd is not inserted ? help!
saunders564 years ago
My administrator blocked me from using command :@:@:@:@
Can Someone give me a file list for the linux ISO.
I am going to manually make the iso with PowerISO.

Thank you for all help
yuvinmw4 years ago
Huys can anyone plz help me without my xbox im screwed. here r my problems

1 i did the hotswap succesfly and backed the c drive up like u said

2 Now i got a big problem. the installed installed ndure and on step 2 it wen t for a while but in 5min an error came up saying no space to copy file/harddisk is full
3 so i exited the installer i booted up my xbox and the blue X logo didnt come it was green but instead of going to the original dash it went to and uleash x dash without doing anything.
4 i checked for apps or games and there is nothing there options work. it says 0.00 mb free on C: 

PLZZZZZZ Help me i dont want my xbox Screwed plzzzz my email: plzzz help
whene i wanne hotswap and i boot up and put in #1 than nothing happend ? what is the problem is my xbox software not good ? or ??? 

wich cable you must conect to pc ? the cable from the hdd or the cd drive or the mainboard ???????? it wont work :(
apelsinapa4 years ago
This part was really bitching for me. I was getting error: "linux cd not found" when i did xbrowser. This was really enoying cause i was on it for about an hour.
Tested alot of methods for hotswapping, and everything failed.
I tried all this on my core2duo regular work station and failed all the time.


I switched computer to my http/ftp/vpn private server which runs on a celeron 1ghz processor with a main board from 2001. It worked first try!

Also worth mentioning that i used the method where you disconnect the ide connector for the xbox dvd to get a "error 12" directly when booting the xbox.
yuvinmw4 years ago
Huys can anyone plz help me without my xbox im screwed. here r my problems

1 i did the hotswap succesfly and backed the c drive up like u said

2 Now i got a big problem. the installed installed ndure and on step 2 it wen t for a while but in 5min an error came up saying no space to copy file/harddisk is full
3 so i exited the installer i booted up my xbox and the blue X logo didnt come it was green but instead of going to the original dash it went to and uleash x dash without doing anything.
4 i checked for apps or games and there is nothing there options work. it says 0.00 mb free on C: 

PLZZZZZZ Help me i dont want my xbox Screwed plzzzz my email: plzzz help
i think u should be able to ssh into the xbox with filezilla or something at this point and and just drag and drop the xbmc folder into it.
srry to question u but whats ssh (im a noob) and where\how do i drag and drop the xmbc folder when theres no space on c:/ . i also cant play movies/dvd or audio cds from my dvd drive plzzz help. thx alot in advance
srry to question u but whats ssh (im a noob) and where\how do i drag and drop the xmbc folder when theres no space on c:/ . i also cant play movies/dvd or audio cds from my dvd drive plzzz help. thx alot in advance
ndy1234 years ago
Brilliant guide. Had my XBox modded in about 20 mins.
Razorblade_4 years ago
Actually is not "01", but "07",  "hdd timeout".

Razorblade_4 years ago
Hi guys, I need some help.
After trying hotswapping, something went wrong, and now my xbox gives error "01". Unfortunatelly, I did not unlocked xbox hd.
If now I try to connect xbox hd to my pc ( after post ) and boot xboxhd, after I press "1" it says:

hda IRQ probe failed

And also both "xboxhd" and "xbrowser" command says hda not found.

Does anybody know what "hda IRQ probe failed" means? What is error 01?
Having this error, can I still try to hotswap or now my xbox doesn't send password to the xbox hd anymore?

Thanks in advance.
JonnyBoy184 years ago
Okay I have no idea why but I would get error 11 instead of 12, BUT I did finally get it to work. I left the power cable connected to the Xbox DVD drive but had the IDE cable disconnected from it. I had to used the "Pause/Break" key to pause my compuer during post, then hot swap, and then let it continue through post and to XboxHDM. It is also smart to have your computer powering the Xbox hard drive so that you can turn off your Xbox while the Ndure files are being copied. 
rydog258224 years ago
 Ok this sounds really really lame, but I think the type of disk to burn the ISO that i'm using is wrong, what type of disk do i need to use. My comp keeps saying disk read error. Never did that before, i got all the way to the menu but the ndure file was missing because i had the setup wrong. Fixed that now but it wont read the disk now. Please help lol
Just try a different brand.. I've heard +R works the best, but some brands just won't work. I've heard people say the cheapest brand they found works best, and others say the most expensive works best. Just keep trying different ones..
rydog258224 years ago
Ok i am completely at a loss. I have read every comment and still cannot figure out my problem. I cannot for the life of me get the hotswap done right. I get to the press option 1 part and it tells me no linux CD found. Please help.
Ok. Good news all. I finally got the hotswap to work, if you unplug the cd drive on the xbox the cable and the power then turn it on and wait for the error 12 to come up it WILL work, but you have to pull the cable out of the back of the xbox at the exact time the light turns red, works everytime. My problem now is when i get to setup screen there is no ndure folder lol, so i will reburn the disk and try agian. If you need help with the hotswap let me know, my machine also has Sata and one IDE but i found a way around that. Thanks will keep you updated.
galori4 years ago
 I was having trouble getting xbrowser to find my drive too. The two things that finally helped me:

- booting the PC connecting to a different HD (still booting off the CD, but just having the HD connected while it boots)
- Using the "disconnect XBOX DVD IDE cable" method with the error 12, but the key is to disconnect the XBOX HD as soon as the red light flashes, don't wait. I think the hard drive re-locks if you wait.
Sp3ct8r4 years ago
Thanks for the tut on how to do this. It was cool until it didnt work. U never mentioned that you should have plenty of free space! I had all the halo 2 maps and it could not back it all up. Now when i turn on my xbox I get a black screen. I can still play it but no dash board comes up. I tried to restore C and still not enough room. You screwed me! But u rock any ways cuz I know how to fix it, its not gonna be fun though.
danilo894 years ago
hi i am having a problem when i try to hotswap. i have connected the hdd to the computer and booted the computer from the cd, but when i press "1" the system will load up and it will go to a screen with the linux penguin, then it will load up all the files but once it has done that, its saying "PCI: cache line size of 128 is not supported by device 00:03.3" right at the end.

can anyone pls help.
thank you.
There is a big issuea that the person who wrote this guide did not tell us. I had to read a different guide to find this out. Once you're ready to do the hotswap, you have to remove the IDE cable from your PC Hard Drive and plug THAT into the XBox HD. I tried 10+ times without doing this and couldn't figure out what the issue was. When I did it this way, it worked. Try it if you're having issues with this step.
randallben4 years ago
I got to the part where i type in the <> (accent B) and it goes thru the thanks to all blah blah blah and then the list of names of developers and such. Then when it restarts it goes straight to the xbox dash again instead of the unleash X. Any help would be great
i have exactly the same, anyone care to enlighten us ?
For anyone having a problem getting to the Unleashed dashboard after they have done everything involving the soundtrack, here is how you get to the dashboard:

Once the thing about "The Xbox Team" has come up, you can feel free to just press B during that. It should restart your xbox. Than, once the xbox starts up without a game in the tray, press the following buttons:

LT (Left Trigger) + RT (Right Trigger) + BLACK + START

Press all those at the same time and it will take you to the Unleashed dashboard. That way you can switch between both dashboards. By being able to do that, I think you can play Live still. :)
help please i have the same problem
Change the date to like 6.6.07 then it should boot into unleashx
I had the same problem I changed the date to 6/6/07 and it worked So try changing the date and rebooting idk that worked for me.
Hey, I've got a problem as well thats related and thought maybe you or someone else reading this could maybe have an answer for me. I've got a softmod xbox and i stupidly decided to mess around with the settings as i was trying to figure out all it could do. I came upon the video settings and i switched to a different setting to see what it would do and now the screen keeps jumping or rolling on the screen and i cant see anything to change it back. Anybody have an idea of how to switch it back to the right video settings for a regular tv?
Well maybe if the XBOX still launches into one of the custom dashboards with FTP support, you could try to replace that file you messed up with a backup from your computer.
BobLew4 years ago
Awesome, I followed this and it worked! Thanks so much!
rodrivit4 years ago
Hey I've got a problem, I do everything you said but when I boot up the disk I get different writting and in it it says, "this is not an xbox" and it just stops, any ideas? Thanks a lot.
I just ran into that problem.  Turns out my video card was not suported by the disk.  I had to use a different one for it to work.
xboxbox4 years ago
Thx for the tutorial, It worked like a charm.
Used it on 3 xboxes, 2 (older versions) went perfect, no problem at all, just followed your steps closely, 1 newer version (5713/5960). softmod did install, but didn`t boot first time, after a few tries (also used the tool to recover the disk i made a backup of. 2bad the disk was full from the 3 or 4 installs of unleash. But i just user the backup files from an other xbox whitch was  modded in one try. (i think the d/k versions conflicted with the boot, although i used a post-halo2 xbox live disk to update. It`s becouse of the linux installmap (c, e) in the bootwhitch helped me enormous. 

I did the softmod through hotswap, but it wasn`t  untill i got the 3rd PC i could get started. The first one didn`t boot w/o a hdd connect 2 the ide controler.....(it was a p4 1.3 ghz) it was a compaq p3 666 mhz whitch did the trick, maybe this is of some help 2 u?

Thx for all the usefull links and great tutorial

bendy144 years ago
Im having trouble booting from the cd. Everytime I boot it up and enter 1 or 2 the computer just resarts. What did I do wrong?
xboxbox4 years ago
used a flatback screwdriver, from a standard set, worked great, just apply enought force ae and it will drive right out
ellygeh4 years ago
 I only have one IDE port on my pc, and my CD drive is a SATA... would that make a difference? Because I keep getting the "cannot find linux cd" error when i type "xbrowser". My BIOS is also set up at 64-bit. Does that also matter? Any advice would be welcome =)!
Therre's something strange here, I have Desktop one who has SATA and even ATA cable, however the ATA cable isn't big enough too fit in the Xbox HDD!?! Ho could this be ? anyone who might have the answer. ?

PS this is an ATA cabe no?
That is actually a floppy drive cable... It is NOT an ATA or IDE cable. I'm guessing that your computer is too new to have any ATA slots on the motherboard. It's primary way of interactig with drives is SATA. That picture you showed isn't an ATA

Sorry, that picture you showed actually was an ATA cable, but what you are saying sounds like a floppy slot. If it is a newer computer with SATA, then it likely doesn't have an IDE slot but a floppy slot. The ATA looks similar to a floppy cable but it is not as wide... I would suggest counting the pins on the cable you are trying to use. If it has 20 in one row, then it is an IDE'ata. if it is a floppy, it has more like 17 or 18...

does anyboody know where I can get the endure for windows vista?
click on the link on this page it will work for vista, you might have to set it up as administrative program?
Narmegil5 years ago
Desktop PC with an ATA connection... Um... I know this is kinda a noobish question, but can someone explain to me what that is?
it is a 40 pin plug that connects your HardDrive and Cdrom to your computer!,
If it was a sata drive it would have 9 pins and smaller the a ata, unless you have a 2006 and newer, it is a ata
It's a computer. NOT A Laptop. and ATA connection, well the only way i could tell if it was or not would be to open up your computer. Depending on how new it is it is mostly likely an ATA connection.
Thanks.... XD Didn't need to know the part about it not being a laptop.... Alright... Thx again..
i have noticed that nobody has replied back to some people about the "not enough space on hard drive" and cant get past step 2.  i am having the same problem.  can anyone please help!  Is there a solution out there?  P.S.  it seems that when you create a partiton table it doesnt make the partitions big enough.
 I've had this problem too, the hard drive jsut has too much crap on it. Just wipe the memory and it will work.
 on Atlantic44's video tutorial, he said he got that error on 2 or 3 of the ones he modded and that they still work, he doesn't know what the error is. 
VzjrZ (author) 4 years ago
Sorry guys but it seems instructables is messing up somehow.
VzjrZ (author)  VzjrZ4 years ago
Ok guys I got it working, had to split the page in two.
stonedray4 years ago
the text isnt on here anymore? would be nice to know what to do :)
why isnt there any text on this page??
Trainguyxx4 years ago
i don't know... it just seems to damned complicated. You might want to try the action replay way of doign this. it's not that much money and you can download saves for the xbox afterwards anyway.
bohregard4 years ago
 Thanks dude. got it up and running with no problems sir.
Dgspeedyz4 years ago
when i backup to the E partition the computer keeps giving me "cannot copy C backup to E partition because these files are wright protected"  or the computer stalls at stage  2 of 3.  it keeps giving me this every time i hotswop and backup

I use the error 12 method
I hate to be a spoil sport, but both NDURE and xbhdm use the Micro$oftXDK libraries and are technically illegal to host. I'm amazedinstructables hasn't realized that yet. I'm amazed no one else hasspotted that either. Great instructable, all and all, you can have XDKfiles legally but I would REALLY avoid distribution.

I'd highly suggest removing them, but hey that's just me...
dakine7t94 years ago
Nevermind I just turned the .bat file into a .exe and it worked perfectly!
dakine7t94 years ago
I'm trying to do this from a ubuntu machine.. am I wasting my time? So far I have gotten to the point where I need to run the .bat file however it doesn't work that way in ubuntu.. Is there any way I can make this file run?
i dont get it what do i do when i open my xbox? where do i connect it to the pc or how? im like a noob hehe, what is an ata cable and what does it do? what is hot swap? please answer to
i missed one quest: "-You will use the Xbox power supply to supply the power to the Xbox hard drive.-" so i just connect it normal?
Oh i feel stupid all my quest wherwe answered in step 5 -_-U
atlantic444 years ago
I got to the part were I had to "hotswap" the Xbox, and when I type in "xbrowser" it said "lunex cd not found, please insert cd and try again" there is only 1 IDE slot on my computer's motherboard that has never been used and that's what I'm conneting to my xbox. is there some type of card or something that I can put in my computer to fix the IDE slot, if that's the problem?
atlantic444 years ago
need help anyone?
kowala174 years ago
Well lets start with the Xbox its a v1.6 with k. 5383 and d. 5960 now my rig is a Compaq Pressario with sata going to the hdd and the dvd/cd one ribbon ide I hav been using Ndure and Xboxhdm i have tried hotswapping in error mode, playback and during game i believe its unlocked i dont get any errors when i choose option 1 or 2 on the Xboxhdm menu everything boots ok when i type in xbrowser i get 'cd-rom not found in dev/hda' and so on until hdt i believe then it say 'linux cd not found!' i am rackin my brain on how to solve this problem i have been goin at this for two weeks plz any sugestions or opions are gladly accepted thxs
kornsk8er4 years ago
when i go to ndure thing after option 1 i get download and burn sminstaller to xboxhdm cd any help?
djdreamz4 years ago
is it possible to use XBMC instead of EvoX. And if so, How?
aktiv85 years ago
for those unable to find /dev/hda:

it took me about 3 hours and 40-odd tries to finally get this to take. my problem was that the BIOS didn't find the drive, and neither did linux. every time i ran 'xbrowser' i'd get 'no drive found at /dev/hda'.

my frustrations were compounded by the lack of specifics on timing in any given 'how-to'. here's what worked for me:

1. boot the xbox w/o the dvd IDE cable plugged in
2. wait for the xbox to get a "12" error
3. pull the ide cable out of the xbox and just barely (as to not make a full connection) ease the IDE cable from the PC into the xbox--NOT ALL THE WAY -- YOU DON'T WANT IT TO FIND IT YET.
4. boot the pc
5. here's the part where there is no science -- as the pc is turning on, just BEFORE the POST screens (the first screen, text or otherwise, you see when your pc boots) insert the IDE into the xbox hard drive all the way.

you'll know very quickly if this worked or not, as your bios should NOT detect the drive, but linux should AND linux should NOT throw out a bunch of read errors.

like i said--it took me about 40 tries to find this exact sequence. about 30 tries into it, i replaced the 40pin ide i was using with an 80pin as well -- not sure if this had any affect, however.

anyway, good luck. don't get discouraged... it DOES work.
aktiv8 aktiv85 years ago
I said that the BIOS should NOT detect the drive -- but i believe that it actually did detect it. It was a DELL optiplex, so every time it didn't find a drive it beeped at me. Another nugget of gold from a friend of mine at work... he said that he got it to work right away by plugging a drive into the spare IDE cable (the one from the PC that eventually gets plugged into the xbox drive). that way, the PC knows there's a HD there, and won't skip it's identification during boot. I haven't tried it, but it's worth a shot.
i dont understand are you saying you have a diffrent drive pluged in to the computers ide used to do the hotswap up intill you do it and it works?
That thing your friend told you is what finally got Linux to see the hard drive!
hm can u help me with the directyions u left cus i dont get them nd i m having the same problem as u were havin?
also i get no xbox-partion table found can u guys help please
I have the same problem. When I type xbrowser, I get back: Found Harddrive. We will now search /dev/hda for an xbox partition table... No xbox-partition table found on /dev/hda I can't figure this out! I tried going into xboxhd and building an xbox drive from scratch, but that keeps failing too. It does the first two steps and then fails and says reboot and try again. I have tried 5+ times now and still nothing. Please help! Thanks in advance. rermove a file extension simply put quotation marks around the file name, like this: "ndure" (hold shift and click the quote-marks to the left of the Return (enter) key on a standard keyboard). Easy. Now if only someone could confirm this line 182 thing....sigh....i've bricked 3 xboxes lol, two boot to blank screens, one gets the "Xbox needs service" error message (got ndure running on that one, then used an XBMC auto-installer disc...don't do that!!! Apparently its best to FTP an XBMC install).
lexfirm4 years ago
Anyone confirm if booting from a usb key will do the same as booting off a CD? My dilemma is I got only 1 IDE port on my board and that's normally used by my DVD drive.
joukam lexfirm4 years ago
I have the same problem! But is it possible to boot from a usb?
macdjake joukam4 years ago
I just tried booting from a USB and it says it's missing the OS.
hi just a help with booting from usb dont no if u tried this or not but i may correct a daft misstake, if ur putting the iso file on ur usb stick and expecting it to work one it wont...... simple reasons iso files are for discs.... u need to get a program called 7-zip its free if u google it unpack the iso directly to the usb and try again
Ok I'll try it. Thanks!
you could solve this by either one getting a pc power pack extension and inserting the extension to the xbox power pack this will there fore allow u to have the hdd inside ur pc tower and if ur ide wire was 2 connectors on it set ur dvd drive to slave and plug ur hdd in like so.
Myristal4 years ago
I did everything right in this. Im at this last step right now. The installer said Done, exitting, blah blah blah. I turned off everything after it exitted. There's no blank soundtrack. What happened?
andwan04 years ago
I have followed this guide. Was tough getting it working but managed the art of hotswapping in the end. So now am using this XboxHDM v1.9 & Kingroach's NDURE 3.0. Is my XBOX possible to connect to XBOX Live? If not, is there another BIOS which can connect to XBOX Live okay (except the original XBOX BIOS).
PureHunger4 years ago
Where can I download some patience? :)
nielsio104 years ago

i have a problem, when the ndure installer is busy with part 2 of 3 it says
cp: Read error: Input/output error how can i fix this??
emcee nielsio104 years ago
Double check the integrity of your CD. In Windows, try copying all the files from the CD to your hard drive. If there are any errors, either there is a problem with your CD, or your CD-ROM. You can determine which trying the same thing in a different drive or computer. If it's the CD, double check the integrity of of your linux.iso file. Open it in a iso reading program like winiso, poweriso, or winrar and try extracting all the files from it. If there are any errors, then there is something wrong with the file. I had the same problem. make-iso-win.bat wouldn't run under x64, so I shared the folder with write permissions, and opened it in a 32bit virtual machine. It seemed to be running fine, and I left the room. When I came back, I thought it had finished, but there must have been a network error, because the iso it produce was only about 128mb, instead of the about 400mb it should have been. Anyway, I didn't know there was anything wrong with it so I burned and used it, and got the same error you are.
its working very well with me thanks alot
Chikara4 years ago
is this for 360? softmodding a wii is much simpler rofl
israel134 years ago
hey every time i enter the ndure script it says. No such file or directory.
israel134 years ago
hey every time I enter the ndure script, it says. No such file or directory.
MrRodrigez4 years ago
Every time I try the Ndure setup, either option 1 or 2, I get the out of space messages, also, the blank soundtrack doesn't show up...anybodyknow what's wrong?
shinespoon4 years ago
Bah...... I can't get my cover back on for some weird reason.
xon34 years ago
and what is something goes haywire ... is there someway to recover the old "settings" .... with the xbox working as usual ? ...
whangchung6 years ago
It appears as though the updated configuration script is incorrect. Line 180: "cp -R /CD/ndure/C/shadowc/filler1.img /xbox/C/shadowc/" should be after line 182, otherwise you will run out of hard drive space before the installation is complete.
soo is the original script right and dont have this prob??
I couldn't tell you, but the "updated script" above has that problem
I am have the disk space problem also. can you elaborate. Is this the ndure file that you overwrite in the modding process. I am currently copying that line of code and pasting after line 182.
In the Ndure installation script above that you download and run in your bash shell, you are modifying files on the xbox hard drive. At the end, you copy a filler file that fills up the rest of the disk space. However, this is supposed to be executed at the end of throwing files onto the hard drive. Right now, the filler is being copied prior to finishing part two of the Ndure installer, so when you try to create the /xbox/C/shadowc/resc folder (line 181), and put some crap in that folder (line 182), you're out of luck because you've already filled your disk space with some other crap (line 180) that should really be flung after lines 181 and 182 have been executed.
do you know how to fix this? i don't want to make any mistakes...
I can barely remember this, but I probably cut out line 180 and pasted it after line 182.
i have a problem i did the steps for getting ndurre on hd but when i turn it on it shows the beginning animation but then a blank (black) screen what do i do
natokills4 years ago
I went thru steps, it now boots to UnleashX properly, but am having difficult time finding eeprom.bin file so that I can upgrade to large harddrive. I cannot find the file on C: or E: in any folder. I loaded EVOX, and used the 'backup' function, but still cannot find this file listed anywhere. I tried plugging the harddrive into PC and run Config Magic, it gave a HDDKEY of all 0's. Any direction would be appreciated.
cldt4 years ago
I followed all instructions in this tutorial and I now have an xbox with an Error 21 message.
Green9293924 years ago
i used a close pair of barber scissors and used it like a screwdriver
Green9293924 years ago
what is the text in place of line 182 Or CAN SOME ONE FIX THE SCRIPT AND MAKE A NEW DOWNLOAD LINK PLEASE
I think i briked my xbox.... its sitting now with the logo and the the word microsoft under it and not doing a thing. its right now unlocked since its saying that but i dont know whats wrong and im unsure of the kernel ... help please
did u dort out ur xbox...?
No actuly i fixed it. The method here requires that i have the original dashboard. When i went off to first do this i screwed it up and removed it (not a good choice) i ended up having to download that entire thing again and hot swap it over to the hd. Now i got ndure to install and it works. i scraped it via ftp and put on xbmc. Im in absolute love with it now and so is the rest of the family. my dvds never will get scratched again.
xmurfax4 years ago
well im getting up to step 5 after i select 1 on the keyboard to enter the VGA console. but i cant Type xbrowser because it wont let my type anything at that point. when i paid closer attention to the crap the linux was spewing, it said something like AT keyboard not detected or something.... and i know 100% that both keyboards i tried are indeed working keyboards...usb and ps/2 neither worked for install ...anyone got any advice? did i do something wrong? i followed the guide completely... =[
i triple checked my work and when i type in xboxhd or xbrowser it says linxs not found please insert and try again, burnt the iso 7 times really slow burn but it keeps doin help please
camelboy6 years ago
Hi All, As with others here i had the 4034 K&D .... well everything worked well expect that i got during the NDURE installation this message (quoting from others here): CP:unable to open '/xbox/c/xodash/x0linedash.xbe':no such file or directory CP:unable to open '/xbox/c/xodash/x20linedash.xbe':no such file or directory CP:unable to open '/xbox/c/xodash/x0nlinedash.xbe':no such file or directory CP:unable to open '/xbox/c/xodash". After finishing installing the NDURE, reconnected the HD, and rebooted the XBOX, XBOX Microsoft logo came up then the screen become blank (black creen). I've tried everyting the HD is alive but when i try xboxhd it says that the Xbox is locked! i can't do anything with the original dash .... any advice? thanks in advance.
Tom_O camelboy4 years ago
I had the exact same problem. My version wasn't 4034 though, but it was still old (4817 K&D). For anyone having the same problem: I restored my C-drive and reinstalled NDURE. This time I didn't use the first option in the NDURE menu, instead i used the second, making the entire C-drive being replaced by the NDURE files. This worked for me, I now have UnleashX dashboard.
I'm getting cp: write error: no space left on device mkdir: cannot create directory "/xbox/c/shadowc/resc" : no space left on device ... This happened at the 3rd step of option 1. I'm at a loss any thoughts.
Now I really have an issue. Looking for big help here. I was told by someone to install option 2 after running xbrowser and running the ndure scripts instead of option 1 due the error's I was seeing: cp: write error: no space left on device mkdir: cannot create directory "/xbox/c/shadowc/resc" : no space left on device ... After installing only option 2. I can't get back into the drive to do a restore on the C partition. I'm really lost here. Could someone lead me out of this mess I've gotten myself in. How can I complete a restore I have can't access the hdd via hotswap?
fireface7115 years ago
I did everything right i think. it said it finished. i reset the xbox, reconnecting the HDD (duh) and the original Xbox Logo appeared. Then nothing. Just a blank TV. What now? This is right after i installed ndure. i haven't successfully started the system since pre-installation of ndure. advice?
I got this problem too; thankfully, you can still boot games after breaking your C:\ drive, and once a game is booted, the hard drive is unlocked so that you can retrace your steps and restore from backup (presuming you made a backup. Hint to anyone following this procedure: make a backup!)
I am having the same problem
ZachPosey4 years ago
ok, i just did this, but halfway into the install i get a screen full of error no space left on device halp???
ok, i plug drive in and get a black screen and my LED is orange???? help!
crap, now xbrowser is telling me no xbox-partition table found on /dev/hda
ok, i think i fried my harddrive.... Help???? Please??????
ok, wierd, i eject the disk drive then it goes back in by itself and the dashboard loads...
djremix714 years ago
For those of you having trouble getting your computer to recognize the xbox hard drive do this: Have the IDE cable you are going to use plugged into a separate hard drive and boot the computer and the xbox. Follow the normal unlocking procedures on the xbox end (aka: copy music file and play it). Unplug the IDE cable from computer's hard drive, and plug it into the xbox hard drive. Then do everything else like normal. I could not get my computer to recognize the hard drive until I did this and I suspect this would fix the problem for you.
Prophessor4 years ago
hey can someone post pictures as to what cables go where im totally lost especially as in how the xbox is connected to the computer and when they say cd/dvd drive which one is he talking about the xbox? or the comp
everything works fine when i press one it goes through a big long list of things its installing then it quits working i got it to show up once but i messed up any help would be appreciated
EnlightMent4 years ago
I softmodded my Xbox last year. I got borad and thought I would go back to the original xbox theme. Now I am unable to view dvd, play games on my hard drive, or access any of the other themes. Will I be able to mod it again without crashing my Hard drive? I have not tried to access it with ftp, but I am assuming it will not work either. Everything works as it did right out of the box, but I miss XBMC. everything is still on the xbox hard drive, but I can't get to any other themes. I have also tried to run the latest version of the modding dvd, but it will not run either. tia for your help
richard1425 years ago
why wont the xbox hd unlock no mater what i do ? can someone please help me to get it unlockso i can mod it please
theres a video on youtube about unlocking Xbox HD`s
zacharum4 years ago
I just did it with a 4034. Had no problems at all. Hard drive unlocked first try and install went smooth. A little glitchy and slower than last install but it worked fine and now I've got another softmoded xbox. THANK YOU FOR THE TUTORIAL!!
zacharum4 years ago
Dont forget to have you hard drive in MASTER SLOT! not slave. I had my cd rom in master without knowing it and as soon as I switched them BAM Like a glove. Okay maybe not but to unlock the hard drive all I did was copy 1 existing song go to the place I copied it and played it for mayb 13 seconds (Got tired of listening to the song) then paused it, unplugged the HD, from the xbox (My computer was already in the screen to choose option number 1), plugged the HD into the computer and pressed 1. it loaded in and WALAH! it went perfect. except the C: drive wouldn't back up to E: drive, so I skipped that step. not sure if it was a bad idea to do that or not. Am currently installing mod and its going GREAT! Thanks for the Tutorial!!!
anyone point me in the direction of a good iso download site? - I use this program, works great for me! It's small, simple and easy to use.
Rossiroller4 years ago
check out my method for making a usb female out of a usb male.
very useful if you want to make a xbox to usb converter because its hard to find a usb female that you can chop
fwjs284 years ago
whoa....creepy timing for this to be featured as its what im trying to do now...although the title is wrong softmodding is modding without taking apart the Xbox...(i.e. action replay style)
do u have to plug the IDE cable to the computer then the xbox is there a other way u can do it and still be xbox live safe
smoger4 years ago
This tutorial was great. To help anyone who comes along in the future, the only bit of trouble I had was getting the drive swapped. The KEY to this that I don't think is stressed enough in the walkthrough,.. is that the swap has to be done at the ndure menu, BEFORE you press option 1.

So,.. just like they said above,.. copy a song to the hard drive. Start playing the song, and boot the pc(with a hard drive attached). When the ndure menu is up, hit pause on the xbox, do the swap, and then press 1.
jishua94 years ago
the xbox logo came up then the screen went black i did everything right but its just not loading please help
I've tried everything mentioned in this guide and tried everything listed in the comments, but to no evail, my computer either doesn't "see" the xbox drive, or it says its still locked and then it puts up the "no parititon found" It won't let me enter xbrowser or even the ndure folder at all. the only image that matches what I've seen is the Xbox Hard drive and recovery tool screen with the four options, if anyone can help me please e-mail me at
parks985 years ago
I tried to switch over to a new dashboard through the application x-switch on my moded original x-box but all it went to was the microsoft dashboard with the words xcutler appering at the bottom of the screen and it just stays on that and I can't download any of my applications or games. I think it was evox dashboard I tried to change it to.
codebuster5 years ago
Hay I'm pretty shore that once you connect ur xbox hd to ur computer the xbox hd will become curupt un till u reinstall the orginal xbox software
nelno6655 years ago
is it normal to see no such file or directory its still doin its thing but it says that under `copying ndure files
Has anybody had an issue with the increased noise of the hard drive with the softmod? It definetely gets louder
Since my PC froze trying to change the BIOS I ended up creating the controller with the USB and saving the exploit on the memory card then ftp'ing the rest using ndure 3.1 and flashftp. It was actually quite easy. It took a while to donwload everything and then the ftp was slow (I used a wireless adapter that was only 11 Mbps, once I used the cable it flew.
pust5 years ago
Fill in this blank <>? Thanks for any help you can give me. No need to give the letter. cause it may not show up. just what key it is in and if its an accent or symbol.
I got to step 4, was changing the BIOS when the computer froze (while in BIOS). The computer will not boot up, no video coming from the computer at all. So my question is.... Since I have no PC now, can I use my laptop, boot from the CD and use a usb hdd enclosure with the xbox hdd attached?
Danmaan5 years ago
I can't seem to get past this step. I can't seem to either a)unlock the drive, or, b) get my pc to recognize the drive. I guess I'm not sure which one is the case (or both). I noticed there is an option on the boot cd to "unlock" the drive - does that work?
the lock unlock function only works if you have your eeprom i believe
Danmaan Danmaan5 years ago
let me rephrase this. It does in fact recognize the drive (it says "found hd..."), but, it cannot locate the xbox partition. Does that mean it is not unlocked? I've tried all of the unlocking techniques mentioned except for removing the dvd power (i tried to get it out, but its stuck in there pretty well and i didn't want to break a wire). Thoughts? Thanks
Ed the Nerd5 years ago
Thanks so much man! Took ages to get it to reconize the drive, but she is running great!
demoloty5 years ago
Can some one help me with this problem, it finds the HD but does not see no xbox-partion table. It also give me alot of error even before that. What am I boing wrong, a little help please!!!!!
demoloty5 years ago
When I go to save the update it does not ask me to overwrite anything. I made sure the file name was ndure, can someone help me with this?
GMAN47375 years ago
great now my xbox is fragging i have had all sorts of problems with this...
can anyone help me with this problem is my xbox now totally screwed?
fragging is when it turns green a few times (its trying to turn on)but then red, no screen comes up either
Did you backup your files as instructed? If you didnt then that may be your first mistake.
i tried i did the first time i have tried this thing many times, it messed up my xbox i fixed the problem, there is another much easier way to mod your xbox for free by opening it up,thats how i ended up doing it, if anyone is interested let me know
you need the same objects, ide cables, a computer, and torx screwdrivers
of coarse the only thing you will have to go out and get is the screw drivers seeing as a computer has the ide cables
Do tell, please. I've got a mod chip sitting here, but I can still return it if I can get this thing softmodded...
ok cool here is the link to the tutorial

and here is what i downloaded to mod it with

This will install avalaunch dashboard, but if you go into file xplorer there is a way to install unleash x (which is what i did, but if you want you can try to install evolution x if you want, or you could just stick with avalaunch) it will take you to a green maybey kind of army green screen. Do your backups, hard drive then eprom. then you install it. You should be succesful, and if your interested i can help you get xbmc on there as an app. (i just figured it out last night) This mod shouldnt be too hard because i am new to all of this, this is the first system i have ever modded. Just be glad you didnt have to try 3 or 4 different mods to find one that worked, it thought i had ruined my xbox so many times, but this mod worked on the first try.

A TIP: sometimes xplorer 360 can become unresponsive, if so, close it and just open it up again. And also, sometimes if a folder cannot be deleted so you have to go into it and delete every file in it, you have to have patience because sometimes it will become unresponsive but it should still delete the individual file.

how do i install it ? on my xbox?
Thanks man! I'll give it a shot this weekend.
Danmaan Danmaan5 years ago
Well, I couldn't get it to work. I think the drive is unlocked, but the PC won't seem to reconize it... Oh well. I ordered an "executer 2.3 CE" mod chip for $30 from I'm more comfortable with soldering and hardware stuff - so it will be worth my sanity. (fyi, they have solderless solutions if you're not good at soldering...) Thanks anyway guys.
There are some pc's that don't work with this, but not many.. If the drive isn't recognized then its likely not unlocked.. I find it helps to loosen the ide cable to the point where I have to hold it in place to keep the connection before even powering up the box.. It seems it likes to lock back up if you wiggle too much.. Also, if you have a modchip you can EASILY slap some softmod files on there, and sell the chip to somebody when you're comfortable with it
lol, i like that idea too! Maybe I'll be able to sell my modchip after getting what I want out of it. Thx for the suggestion!
Just remember that softmods will freeze up and not work if used with the chip on.. They require exact memory layouts provided by the stock bioses to run.. Do you use XBL?
Interesting... I'll be sure to make sure it works before ditching the chip - then again, it's only $30, but just keep it in case I need to mod another one someday... Nope, no more Xbox live on this one...
Actually as well, with your chip you will be in a modded state, so you could run 'config magic'.. That app would tell you your hdd password which means you could manually unlock the hdd without hotswapping in the future.. (Honestly though I kinda prefer hotswapping to typing in a 40 character password).. Hotswapping is easy once you get the feel for it, and I've actually 'tried' to kill hdd's doing it (badly on purpose), and never succeeded.. I guarantee I can help you get it running a softmod that should work forever since xbox1 is pretty much obsolete, M$ won't bother playing security games anymore.. (I actually helped Eh develop ndure a few years ago over on xbox-scene before I got banned from the site for saying that M$ and various sponsors had turned it into a corporate troll site).. The exploit I developed myself CHUI will still work on all xboxes regarless of version too.. I don't know if I even have a copy anymore though.. On that note, beware of older exploits (before 2005) they can cause alot of hassle if used with the wrong version of xbox.. Probably not that common anymore, but fair warning to those who take their own path.. I honestly can't vouche for the one in this instructable, but if its ndure, it should be good for all xboxes.. I'm not sure why its a few hundred MB though (and don't wanna d/l it).. My package was only about 6MB..
I think you need to write your own instructable on this :) I believe some of us would appreciate it (especially since you have some good experience)... All I want, it to run XBMC (for now anyway)... Could you give me some pointers as to how you would go about that, with a chip? Should I use EVOX as the dashboard and put XBMC on top of it still? I think I have an older version of EVOX (a friend gave me a disc from several years ago) - should i update it, or will it do the trick for what I need? Thanks for you help (and, sorry to the original poster of this instructable if this is getting a bit off 'your' topic, but I think it is still helpful).
Evox has an ftp server.. Network settings can be set in Evox Settings.. I'm pretty sure both user/pass are 'xbox' by default.. I think most set dhcp as default.. And I don't think evox likes passive ftp mode.. You need to obtain xbmc.. You can find those on torrent sites.. The basics are about 60MB, but some packages include additional skins etc and are over 100MB.. Look for something with a fairly recent build date.. You most likely have an E:\Apps directory.. Programs on xbox work alot like they did on dos.. Some builds of xbmc contain features that work only if the xbmc files are stored in E:\Apps\XBMC.. So log into ftp, make E:\Apps\XBMC, upload the (unrarred) files and directory tree such that you end up with E:\Apps\XBMC\default.xbe.. There are alot of files! Once transferred you could reboot your xbox, and xbmc will automatically have an entry in Evox's Apps menu.. Click that and your in xbmc.. Xbmc can replace evox entirely if you choose.. It has ftp server (and webserver), filemanger, and scripting ability.. My xbox boots right into xbmc.. Read the readme file with xbmc..
Thanks - this will be my project for the weekend. I'll let you know how I make out.
ime sorry did you follow all the instructions? you had to press pause break button when you were booting to stop it then hotswap then press any key to continue
Yea, I tried every which way - I held it above my head, jumped three times, tapped my shoes and still nothing :P I have a feeling it is my pc (or something I am doing wrong with it anyway), but, like I said, I'm better with hardware/soldering. I don't fully understand all this bios stuff. I'd recommend that other people try both of these methods if your uncomfortable with soldering... Thanks again Gman for your efforts - I imagine it was me who failed :P Dan
you wouldnt believe how many times i thought my xbox was finished when i was trying all of these methods, i was very persistance and i finally succeeded. i dont know where you live, and the chances they you would live where i live are pretty slim, but if you did i would help you do it so you wouldnt have to blow 30$
ha, I know what you mean. I've seen all sorts of flashing light combination's the last couple weeks, lol. Thanks for the offer - I do appreciate your kindness! I live near Boston, but, in any case, the chip is in the mail... Thanks again man - I'm sure you've helped others here.
that way when it was booting it would sense it
Um dude. This is the exact similar thing! Different tutorial, a few minor steps but its all the same concept.
lol yea its the same concept of hotswapping. Your not going to find any other "FREE" way. but this hotswap method works better and it is easier and you dont even have to burn a cd. Its the bare minimal. its simple. and much easier than this stuff. this one here on instructables screwed up my xbox numerous times, other one worked first shot.
Actually FRAG is an acronym for Flashing Red And Green.. There are other led code indications like flashing only red for a corrupted eeprom etc..
Just wanted to say that I read the guide trough first then read as I ran, worked out the first time, just want to say Thanx, but was wondering about the playing videos, what types is it suppose to play if i wanted to run some?
leeprice165 years ago
when i ftp the xbox media center on my xbox it goes there just fine but when i start it it just starts up and stays at the t3ch screen any ideas how i can fix my problem im me at
Tanjer15885 years ago
So i couldent get UnleashX to start and i fooled around and kept turning my xbox on and off. When i try to turn it on with the open try it Black Screens and then Gives me an error message. But when it did it the first time and i turned it off and then on again i got UnleashX But after playing a game in there now it starts in the MS Dash again. So How do i Get UnleashX to work? I did the <> and it worked but when i hit the a button after the video starts playing it Takes me back to MS Dash, If i try to go to the sound trak again and do the copy>copy>new soundtrack>done i just get the 100 track ecceded thing. So what do i have to do to get UnleashX to start again?
I Fixed My own Problem, If you turn on your box and are presented with a set time thinggy after you ran your <> Then just set the time and restart it and it should work just fine.
RichardXB5 years ago
I'm trying to softmod. When booting the CD and typing 1, linux seems to load but hangs on a line stating usb.c. Never reach the midnight commander Typing on the keyboard does nothing. need to hard reset to get out. Have tried with and without hdd. BIOS does find the hdd. Any suggestions?
fwjs285 years ago
do all hard drives work with a Xbox?(well all ide hdd of course?)
wolfy02 fwjs285 years ago
not all HDD. it has to be lockable. every xbox hdd has its own hdd password. basically your xbox mobo has one half of the key and your hdd has the other. you pop another hdd into the mobo and you should get an Error 5 or 6. There are some programs out there that you can unlock your hdd, but theres tons of bs you have to go through and are better off just buying a modchip or better yet borrowing one from a friend.
Wrong. Hard Drive has to be lockable, true. Your Xbox has a password that is the password to unlock the Xbox HDD. That makes the hard drive paired to the motherboard, as only that motherboard will unlock that hard drive. When you put a new hard drive in an xbox, you must get the EEPROM from the old hard drive (after modding, use ConfigMagic to get it) yadda yadda you can find more info on it somewhere, but it was really easy for me to put an 80 gb hard drive in my xbox.
how is what i said any different than what you said?
because there is no half key, it's just one string of random letters and numbers. and there is NOT a whole lot of BS for installing a new hard drive. Get the EEPROM from Config Magic. build your new hard drive using XboxHDM. Lock the hard drive using the EEPROM, so the motherboard can unlock the hard drive like it does the stock one. That's not too terribly complicated, and you don't need to go out and buy a modchip, I'm fairly certain this topic exists for the people who -don't- want to hassle with a modchip. or action replays or other forms of fancy equipment or games to buy.
ok so no half key. as far as the other stuff, sounds like a bunch of bs to a person who doesn't mod xboxs all the time. tell a random gamer sometime about their eeprom and you might get some odd looks.
Haha, yeah, I'm used to that by now. I tell ANYONE ANYTHING about something pertaining to electronics and I get odd looks. However, I try to explain things in as much detail as I can. Sorry =)
fwjs28 wolfy025 years ago
If you're looking for a list of compatible xbox hard drives, check the xbox modding wiki.
None of the steps were left out. I just finished modding 3rd Xbox via this method. You just need to follow the directions.
fitzovia5 years ago
I did everything, but when I tried typing "xbrowser" on the boot menu it gives me this error message: "Cannot find Kernel Image: xbrowser". I tried typing 1 to boot the linux but it restarted my PC again. Can someone tell me how to handle such problem?
I had the same problem because i was doing it completely wrong, lol. You aren't supposed to enter xbrowser at the first part. first, enter the number 2 when it asks you to choose options 1-4, or for some versions 1-3. It should do some loading and then it may say hdc: ________ << something to do with failure; twice. and then say that it isnt reacting and it is resetting the harddrive. don't think it froze. it may take like 20+ seconds. then it will do more loading. when it says "link down" THEN enter xbrowser. then go to ndure folder and then the *ndure file and choose option to back up drive c. then wait for that to finish. like 10 minutes required. then go back into the ndure folder, *ndure file, and select option 1. then read the guide... from step 6. they did leave some of the steps out.
Sounds like the image you burned is missing the kernel file...Double check your cd iso generation process
I tried modding an xbox with this method. The hard drive twacked out, xbox went nuts and I totally failed. But, guess what, even if that happens, you CAN recover your xbox. you can still unlock your hard drive, wipe it and start anew, I don't remember how i did it but I pulled the Xbox i messed up out of my closet after like 8 months of it being messed up, formatted the hard drive and installed the mod and it works great now, albeit it is a little bit different than what it should be, the normal Xbox dash is missing so it will boot to an error when you power on with the disc tray open. otherwise it's great . So, if all else fails, and you have the general know-how with electronics, just fiddle with it for a while, you'd be surprised at the blunders you can fix
can someone email me in like super dumb guy mode how to do this? I currently have a mooded xbox. just I would like to change out hard drive so that I can down load stuff games to the drive. thanks
mastha5 years ago
been a fan of xbox since the beginning, had my xbox modchiped since the earlier days, altough yesterday when i was flashing my bios ocurred a powerdown and my aladdin chip with only one memory bank got corrupted, i dont have the programmer for it anymore so i decided to softmod my xbox and try to reflash my chip by turning the modchip on after boothing the softmoded dashboard, but it wont allow me to do so.. thats just too bad since my main goal was to get my chip working again, softmod worked tho, i was only aware of the softmods which needed one individual to own the original exploitable game. Tks
so has anyone gotten it to work on a 1.6 'box?
I think i had a 1.6 box, read my other comment thread
ya, it was 1.6
so it would be a no then?
You can mod a 1.6 xbox using SID 5 (self installer deluxe). It was previously impossible, but with SID, its just as easy as with the older xbox's.
ya, its pretty broken, but i haven't tried to fix it yet, I would recomend doing the bond softmod, but If you can't this will work if you do it right. I'm not sure where i messed this up, so i can't give you hints.
cmykog5 years ago
First of all, I'd like to say thanks for the awesome tutorial. I took a while with the hot swap steps, but it sounds like that's pretty normal ; ) Once I got past that everything worked perfectly. But when I turn on my xbox now I get error code 9, which is related to hdd parameters being inconsistent. I've re-checked all the instructions and I know for sure I did everything correctly. Any suggestions before I use XboxHDM to go back and restore the C: backup? Thanks in advance!
Psychobwuk5 years ago
Awesome. My first few tries were done without connecting to TV. They encountered problems loading xbrowser. I tried again the next day while hooked to the TV and got it working first try. During installation a couple errors popped up about not having enough disk space, but as soon as I rebooted the xbox the new dash was working. I didn't even have to go through the audio file thing. I guess I'll see soon enough if everything is actually working, but so far it seems fine.
dz00044555 years ago
I worked for about 3 hours on this, and now I have a dead xbox, i never could get the hot swap to work. I was trying to swap without a tv attached. I had a version 1.6 box, does that affect anything? I will probably buy a new box, or get one from a friend, to make a media center with.
do you know what error it was giving you when it booted?
i have no idea, it no longer will even power up consistantly. sometimes it will turn on and others it does nothing.
i had that issue once before. not sure what happened, but I had it unplugged for about a week. so i think it might have reset the internal clock on the mobo from the one recorded on the hdd. only issue I had with it then is that the hdd was unlocked without any hope of me locking it again, so i just paid my dues and ordered an XE3.
I didn't know you had to turn the box off with the hdd in it, so I probably screwed it up that way too. o well, someday I'll get me a new one to mod.
oh yea, and good luck on modding the new one when you get it. shoot me a msg on here if you want some help when you get it.
if you followed the directions on here, then you did it right. but mine i had the same issue with so i gave up for a week or so then plugged it in and voila it worked. think of it like your BIOS battery went dead on your comp, so if there's no power going to it then all your settings go back to factory default. Since the xbox doesn't have a battery, it uses the caps as a energy source. It's not alot of voltage, but its enough to keep it alive for a few hours, if not days sometimes.
bassgs30005 years ago
ok i modded mine with an action replay memory card and splinter cell. This instructable is great but if you can find splinter cell and an action replay memory card with the connector there's a great exploit that allows all of this to happen without burning anything or opening the xbox.
Can you give me more info on this??
hd2265 years ago
In place of a Torx 20 screwdriver, u can use a 1/8 hex bit/key... Works just as well, and a good alternative if you haven't got any Torx bits... The soft-mod went like a dream, thanx
msmitchell5 years ago
everything is clear as far as what I have to do, but the one thing that I am lost about is where my own hdd comes into it (400g Seagate) do I just do all that steps and after i back everything up and complete all the steps do I just copy all that to the new hdd and then place it into the xbox? and what do I do if my PC is sata not ide?
I just figured out that my PC does have one ide channel. In the bios is shows two ide channels IDE 1 master (cd/dvdr burner) and IDE 1 slave (not used) I know there is only one IDE chan on my mother board and the ribbon has two female ends so that I could put a secondary drive. My question is do I still need to have a totally separate IDE chan to do the mod? Or could I just use xplorer360 and hook the xbox hdd to the slave IDE ribbon? and one final thing.. what if I just get a sata cd drive and just disconnect the ide drive and just go from there. I just don't want to have to buy a cd drive when I have one. even though its sata. Please someone just email me back and let me know. thanks
jogz5 years ago
awesome, it all worked great. Just a hickup, the PC must be told to boot from CD first. On my Dell GX260, I tried to let it search HD and then boot from CD, but that didn't work (my bios is password protected and I don't have password!). Then, I used another PC and booted off CD, worked perfectly. No issues with hotswap, din't had xbox connected to TV, just waited about 10 seconds, then did the swap (don't know what's the hype about hotswap timing, playing music, etc!?). thanks guys.
Yacuzaboss5 years ago
Small issue I found while trying to use the linux/ndure iso cd. I swapped drives no problem. Told my comp to load the iso cd. Worked great. Selected option 1 (VGA mode) Linux app loaded up just as you said. Perfect. Then I noticed I had no control. The linux app did not recognize my usb keyboard. Tried again and caught the error message in the linux boot. Just something to watch for. Great toot
huns805 years ago
After many tries and two different desktop machines, I finally got this to work. xbrowser would never see the drive (hda). I tried pausing the PC at various points during the BIOS screen (almost instantaneous on an eMachine) and during the xboxhdm boot menu. I finally managed to pause it at the right spot and it recognized the drive. After that, everything else was easy. I can see how the hot swap could be tricky on some computers (like Dell) that want the CS jumper installed on the drive. I think the trick is to pause the PC somewhere between a hard reset and the BIOS drive scan.
josh.php5 years ago
I'm having an issue getting into the program. After i enter the soundtrack name, it shows the movie and then just reboots to the input time and date screen. What must I do to fix this so it boots to the linux?
maxpower495 years ago
every time i save the ndure folder it keeps saving it as html file
the point?
srsys5 years ago
Everything loads fine but I get ** # ./ndure ./ndure: 1: Syntax error: redirection unexpected press any key to continue ** I was sure to replace the ndure file with the one given ...
srsys srsys5 years ago
Solved by removing | cd | on line 5... before | tmpdir="/ndure" |
davros425 years ago
I got a lot from this tut (thanks much to the author!), but without the comments I wouldn't have been able to make this work. Here's what I had to do to have the PC see the unlocked XBOX drive--this information all came from the various comments and my own trial/error. The way that I did this might be overkill, but hey, it worked for me! 1. Power XBOX and PC down. Make sure that the PC's IDE cable STAYS connected to the PC HD despite what it says in the tut 2. Remove the XBOX HD enough so that you can move the jumper from CS (cable select) to Master: facing the front of the XBOX, remove one screw from back left of the plastic HD case to lift the case up. Then remove 4 more from the sides of the case (two per side) to get the HD out of the case enough to reach the jumper on the back. Move it from CS to Master, there should be a little chart on the HD itself that shows you how to do this--it may vary depending on the brand of HD. The HD can be left out for now 3. Power on XBOX 4. Insert audio CD and copy 5 minutes worth of songs 5. Now play those songs that you just copied (from the XBOX HD, not from the audio CD which is still inserted) 6. After 3 minutes of play-time, turn the PC on--keep the songs right on playing. When the menu appears on the PC screen, you have a few minutes to perform the swap, but the swap must be done BEFORE you select option one from the menu! 7. After 5 full minutes of music playing, hit pause and perform the swap. Unplug the IDE cable from the XBOX as soon as the music is paused! Then unplug the PC's IDE cable from the PC HD. Quickly plug the PC's IDE cable onto the XBOX HD 8. Hit 1 on the PC and keep your fingers crossed. If you get a message about display modes not being found, just hit to go on (that's a Linux deal and has nothing to do with the hot swap stuff) 9. From this point on, follow the tut, realizing of course that after you power down both devices as stated in the tut, reassemble your XBOX with the HD back in proper position 10. A final note: I didn't have to copy anything to enter the hacked dash, it came up automatically. Perhaps I did something odd when I made the ISO in the first few steps, I don't know...
drazalon5 years ago
Well i got to everything except for this part.

a. PC is set in BIOS to boot from CD
b. My xbox is close enough to my computer that the primary master cable can reach it.
c. My IDE cable that will be used for hot swapping is connected to the primary IDE channel.
d. My CD/DVD drive is connected to anywhere but the primary IDE connection.
e. My primary master IDE connection is vacant, as this is the one I will hotswap the Xbox drive to.

It isnt quite clear.
a. I got that down
b. Which primary cable? XBOX or computer?
c. The IDE cable that will be used for hotswapping, which one is this? And specifically which primary IDE Channel? XBOX or computer?
d. CD/DVD Drive. Is this the computers CD/DVD Drive thats connecting to anything but primary? Or XBOX?
e. Is it the XBOX or Computer's IDE Channel that is vacant?

Sorry. But its just too vague. Thanks for the tut.
Ok nevermind it was all refering to the PC's IDE and channels. I got it up to the boot screen but how do i boot it? Im stuck at a screen with ending lines.. " BOOT CD FROM: " and i have no idea what to do after that.
ALRIGHT! Great tutorial. I appreciate it. Though you forgot one small detail. When burning the iso image (some drives may not be compatible with the ISO Recorder) make sure you go to Properties, and Change the Recording Speed to ONE. This is apsolutely crucial otherwise youll end up with a half-written and corupted Boot Disk that wont work. I found this out the hard way :/
drazalon5 years ago


GMAN47375 years ago
oh if someone could answer this pretty quick i would appreciate it, how long does creating c drive back up to drive e, its been on step2 forever, and whats the longest you think it will take, i hardly have anything on the xbox sept a few saves and a few music tracks
Jiffypotman6 years ago
I don't know, but for some peeps you may have to disconnect the CDROM IDE cable then start the xbox with the hard disk still plugged in and then perform the hotswap.
you have to have the comp hooked up to its hard drive when it boots, then unplug that part of the ide cable to hotswap to your xbox when your xbox is ready
Bisoninu5 years ago
OK when I type xbrowser it scan for my xbox hd and it says xbox hard drive not found. I did the hotswap and nothing. Can some one help me plz.
dont know if you figured it out yet, but the ide cable from your pc needs to be connected to your pc's hard drive then unplug it from the comps hard drive and hotswap it to your xbox's
GMAN47375 years ago
i actually figured it out, after searching i never really found a solution, but when your hot swapping the computer has to be hooked up hard drive and all!!! then you unplug it an swap it to your xbox i have seen numerous questions like mine but i found the answer!!! now maybey the next time some one has a problem with xbox partition not being sensed, they will be pointed to this page and figure it out.
rickwookie5 years ago
In this last part of the guide it states: "I would advice that you backup basically, everything. First, launch EvoX, go down to System Util, and hit Backup. It will look like it didnt do anything, but rest assured that it did." So my question is: How do I launch EvoX? Following this tutorial I have UnleashX don't I?
VzjrZ (author)  rickwookie5 years ago
Launch the RemoteX app...
What's remoteX
VzjrZ (author)  rickwookie5 years ago
It's an application that should be one your hard drive, look under E:apps/evox
Okay, having searched the xboxhdm_v1.9 folder on my hard drive for evox I found xboxhdm\linux\ndure\E\ndts\files\E\evox.rar. Sure enough on my xbox in E:\ndts\files\E there is evox.rar. I could unrar that to E:\apps\evox, but then I guess that should have happened automatically and I missed something in this guide, but I can't see what.
E:\apps\ was empty. I have looked online and found a package for EvolutionX and copied it to E:\apps\EvolutionX I then launched E:\apps\EvolutionX\evoxdash.xbe from within UnleashX and I could then follow your steps and do the backup. I'm confused as the why I didn't have EvoX following your steps, did I miss something? Did everyone else who used this method get EvoX?
GMAN47375 years ago
Something is wrong here, it sais no xbox partition table is found or partion whatever, but anyways it is not because because it was locked, it even sais its not locked, but i do not know what to do please help me thanks guys
GMAN47375 years ago
hey guys... : ( i would not reccomend this tutorial for anybody. i followed the intructions step by step and now my xbox is inopperable, it just goes to the screen and sais it needs to be reserviced. i should have just left it alone and used it for another system, like many things if it sounds to good to be true it is, i wasted 2 days trying to get this to work, that is 2 days i will never be able to get back, if anyone can help me out i would greatly appreciate it, i wouldnt mind just setting it back to its normal state, thanks in advance
Hey this tutorial is like the BEST! What service number do you get i can help you out. I modded my xbox using this tutorial and it wasnt too good to be true. It was good and TRUE!!!! stop whining too mate. You make it seemed like your mom died or something. You spent two days. ok. Well its not the end of the world.
hey did you get my last message? ime sorry ime just really eager to fix it lol i have been checking this site like crazy

Here that may help you. Theres also a video on youtube. Just search how to fix error 21. I also had it before but i totally forgot how i fixed it. Hope i helped.
hey i got it back to its original state thanks to you!!! i think i will try to do this mod again, first time i did it it just changed my light orange and that was it. oh and it didnt let me put cd tracks on it. i installed over everything and thats where error 21 came in. but during the first time i was getting errors, so i am going to burn a new cd and hope everything pans out alright. Oh btw, does this come with xbox media center, like whats the new dash is it cool looking (like the one in the first vid) thanks again
No its does not come with Xbox Media Centre ( XBMC). It comes with Evolution X but once you modded it you can put on XBMC. you can also put on other stuff as well. and im glad that i helped.
yeah now ime having trouble with hotswapping at the beggining and getting a keyboard error, maybey i should try to do a mod with xplorer 360 lol
i think there is a way with xplorer360 or fatxexplorer i will use. I have a question about this mod, did this not come with like a media center in the first video? could you give me a screen shot of what it should look like when everything is done? dont want to get to ahead of myself lol i still have to fix the error but i was wondering how you go about installing media centers if this mod doesnt come with one, if it does, ime fine lol
you gave me hope :D hopefully ime smart enough to fix it, it still plays games so its just the dashboard deal i screwed up, i think something was wrong with the disk i burned too i dunno, wish me luck
yeah i know i was tired and getting ready to go to bed and in a depressed mood when i wrote it lol sorry, also i do not plan on using this for xbox live (like in case doing something wouldnt allow me to use xbl i wouldnt care)
REALLY!?! do you think you could actually help me fix it?!?! this is great!!! in the top left hand corner it says 21 if that is what you mean i will be looking forward to your reply
thoffman5 years ago
Some tips (which I found the hard way): 1) It's much easier to disconnect the cable from the Xbox hard drive if you remove it first. To do this, use a Torx 15 driver to remove the single screw to the left of the drive. Carefully pull the drive carrier up and flip upside-down to the right. Once you do that, remove the four Torx screws holding the drive to the carrier, and it pops right out. 2) Disconnect all drives except your DVD/CD drive from your PC before starting. 3) If you have a RAID controller, your DVD/CD drive may not be recognized by Linux, giving the "Can't find Linux CD" error that stiffyswe saw. I wound up going to a really old PC with just a couple of standard PATA controllers on it. 4) If you keep getting errors that it can't find an Xbox drive, reboot with the Xbox drive connected to your PC. The drive will be locked, and you can't do anything, but your BIOS should detect it. Make sure it shows up as primary master. If not, this won't work. My Xbox drive was set to cable select, and I was using new 80-pin cables, but for some reason, my BIOS detected it as slave, no matter which connector I used. I changed the jumper to force it to master, started over, and it worked.
Joppy5 years ago
Brilliant tutorial :D This worked fine for me, although I didn't need to do the EggsBox thing. As soon as I turned on the xbox after completing the hotswap, it came up in UnleashX :D
mastapimp225 years ago
i got it all installed but when i type in <> (with the special b) it just plays the video then when its done it just makes me set the time and date then it just gose back to the dashboard
stiffyswe5 years ago
Hey! I (like so many others) can't get past this step. I've managed to unlock the harddrive, but I get the message "Can't find Linux CD!" or something similar. What the hell is going on? I would be so extremely grateful for some help... You can reach me on my e-mail:
luke.p5 years ago
PLEASE HELP!!! I broke my xbox. I followed the tutorial up until i installed ndure. I was at stage 2 when it said my hard drive was full and the installation never completed. I thought it a good idea to restore the HD with ndure (option 5). Now when i try run my xbox i get the "christmas lights" error, with 2 failed attempts at turning on then the third gives me red and green flashing lights and nothing on screen. I think my HD was full cous i got some music on the xbox. Does anybody have any idea what i can do to fix it? I need my xbox working! AHHH
mackthemost5 years ago
ook so i disconnect the ide ribbon from my computer but it should be plugged into the motherboard right? and if it cant detect my xbox am i not doing it fast enough? and after i press 1 and it loads it says "you have passed an undefined mode number" is that affecting the process?
you know what i figured it out and i felt that hotswapping before the ms logo splash worked on the first try for me..thx for the awesome tut
jbucky10925 years ago
HELP PLEASE!!! I followed this to the letter, but after install, it won't boot. I get a "please contact a technician" message. when I try to hotswap to the computer (to restore the backup) it doesn't work, it says "no XBOX partition found" nothing I try will make it boot. help anyone?
punkatsub5 years ago
does this work for pal xboxes?
john2265 years ago
hey buddy where did you get the xbox n64 Roms?
coty5 years ago
thanks a lot !! It took a while but I done it.
It works fine and I also figured out how to upgrade my hard drive, currently from an 8gb to 80gb :) Should work fine if you follow it and the soundtrack step should be unnecessary. When you boot your fan should get a little louder and the light will turn orange. It may go to the normal dashboard to set the clock so set it and reboot.. On the other hand if your xbox didn't forget the time you should just boot straight into unleashed X
mizun0h5 years ago
Thanks alot, all i had to do was change the ndure file. besides that this worked perfectly
pan1115 years ago
I get the same problem as camelboy... """"Hi All, As with others here i had the 4034 K&D .... well everything worked well expect that i got during the NDURE installation this message (quoting from others here): CP:unable to open '/xbox/c/xodash/x0linedash.xbe':no such file or directory CP:unable to open '/xbox/c/xodash/x20linedash.xbe':no such file or directory CP:unable to open '/xbox/c/xodash/x0nlinedash.xbe':no such file or directory CP:unable to open '/xbox/c/xodash". After finishing installing the NDURE, reconnected the HD, and rebooted the XBOX, XBOX Microsoft logo came up then the screen become blank (black creen). I've tried everyting the HD is alive but when i try xboxhd it says that the Xbox is locked! i can't do anything with the original dash .... any advice? thanks in advance."""
ejperez195 years ago
how would i make a modded xbox w. a larger hardrive?
ejperez195 years ago
ok after i swapped my harddrive from the xbox to the computer i press 1 and enter... i get the scrolling text but when it ends i get..." at the command-line type 'xboxhd' to start tool. for copying, deleteing, renaming files and folders use 'xbrowser'..... etc.. what do i do now?
heeey when i want to save that thing that we have to save as it only lets me save it as a link and not a a different file i am also using fire fox soo what do i do?
go into control panel and find "folder options or something and under one of the tabs a bit down it will say something like "hide known file formats" untick or something this and it'll appear with the file name and just delete the format and it'll come up with the generic icon.
woot master5 years ago
I hacked my xbox it is so cool.i used evolution X on mine.
ilikepie235 years ago
my processor isnt compatible with ISO recorder... is there another program i can use to do the same thing?
nero? um, just go to google and search for " free iso burning software" you will find something.
power iso or magic iso work too.
i know one called isoburn its freeware
hi can someone please help? i have used this instructable 3 times have sucesfuly moded few xboxs. im trying to use it again and i can get the pc to unlock the stock drive...and can get in to ndure...once i go to the nuder foldeer it comes up serching for cdrom in a few letters ..comes up like 8 tiimes and just stalls...can someone tell me what i did wrong? please help...thanks...
Same problem as pyro. I've got the cd made with linux as only file, CD/DVD drive connected to secondary, primary channel connected with primary plug free and waiting for the xbox. Boot to BIOS -> boot from the CD/DVD drive but it reads as if nothing is there -> reboot and select appropriate drive or input bootable material into device. I've tried reburning the CD-R, as well as booting from my 2nd CD drive with CD in it but no luck. Have I overlooked something?
emman1015 years ago
For anyone who has successfully modded thier xbox i suggest using this link to help you out with storing games onto your xbox. You have about 4.5 - 6.5 gigs (depending on your hard drive) to store games and stuff on. The link shows you the exact size of games for xbox. So if you do your calculations right you can either back up or download ;) games off the internet then FTP the files into the E/ drive. Doing so depending on what games you would like you can probably store more games then you though you could.

Heres the link:

very helpfull!
sexcbubz5 years ago
Hey guys.. These steps are really confusing. Can someone please tell me.. In ORDER what exactly to do after i have opened both my computer and xbox and they are sitting next to one another. I havent yet set my pc to boot from cd, as i am still trying to memorise everything im supposed to do. Also, my pc hd uses a SATA cable, not the older IDE ones.. Do i still unplug my hard drive, and then just use the IDE cable from the xbox? Im concerned because the xbox IDE cable is shared between the dvd drive and the hard drive. Sorry, im just finding the steps a little difficult to understand. Thanks in advance.
Ginfu5 years ago
Yeeeeeah I'm not gonna do this because all I really want to do is browse my Xbox's HD and add songs to it because it does not accept burned CDs...and maybe copy a movie to it sometime ;). But its just too risky too me and I do not want to risk losin' my saved games or end up f'n brickin' my box. Until I find a more detailed and sound tut for soft moddin', I guess my box is just gonna be...a box :|
Sometimes, my XBOX accepts burned CD-RW s. You should try that!
Yeah I saw that before and wondered about it, but I never thought to do it. Thanx for bumpin heads with me.
emman101 Ginfu5 years ago
If you want to im not sure if you would do this however. At EB Games/ Gamestop refurbished xboxs are like $45 with taxes. So buy another xbox and then mod that and do what you want to. It's only a suggestion how ever...
Ginfu emman1015 years ago
Good suggestion and here in VA they are $59.99 unfortunatelly.
Has anyone got: cp: Write Error: No space left on device mkdir: error /xbox/C/shadowc/resc not created cp: /xbox/C/shadowc/resc/default.xbe not copied cp: /xbox/C/shadowc/resc/evox.ini not copied ???? Help! I tried installing again but I just keep on getting the same messages as above. I don't remember putting anything in C: coz this is my first time hotswapping and accessing XBOX HD via XBOXHDM
well, if the xbox had updates then there will be a large update file in C:\ delete that since you don't need it anymore and you will have space for king roachy massive coc
Brother_D5 years ago
I wonder if I could pay a smart person to do this for me...
when i do that it gives me a message that says i have already reached my 100 soundtrack limit, even though its the only soundtrack listed. also is it a capitial accented a? which a is it ? their are 4 accented as
VzjrZ (author)  darklordchris6 years ago
I dont know why but instructables somehow changes the spelling of the word, SEE PICTURE 2...
lw_1183 VzjrZ5 years ago
I'm getting the same error, 'max 100 soundtrack limit reached', so I'm unable to rename the soundtrack. If anyone knows how to solve this problem then please please let me know, thanks.
ok so i checked it out and my xbox seems to be working exactly the way it should. but when i tryed to do the soundtrack <> thing it didn't run the mod. instead it told me i had reach my limmit of 100 soundtracks. however if i turn on the power with the power button unleashx loads just fine.
neonz5 years ago
Hi I tried the mod and I think i got it working (i still need to test it with something) the only thing im having trouble with is step 6. When i try to rename the music file and save it, it tels me ive allready reached my limit of 100 tracks, but there is no songs to delete. (I had music on my xbox by after the mod they were all gone.)
terrormiah5 years ago
Ok so I followed all the instructions then when it rebooted after making the soundtrack it just went to the ms dashboard and does not boot unleash x. Do I have to ftp unleash x to my system or what?
i made the cd but when i start up my computer it says theres no disc or insert disc.i have only my dvd drive plugged in. is there something that i might have forgot like to plug the ide cables from the xbox into the computer as well?
Try inserting a different disk, and see if that works. If it doesn't then make sure you did everything in the BIOS correctly and that your cd/dvd drive is in the right slot (secondary).
cotton5 years ago
so what dose it do let you play any burned game for xbox
emman101 cotton5 years ago
It let's you play burnt games, allows you to back up games, and turn your xbox into a whole MEDIA CENTRE!!! With some apps available you can play music, dvd's, Go on the internet, play retro emulators such as N64, Sega Genesis, Atar i, Gameboy Advanced..etc. You can get a fully functional desktop on your xbox too! You can type and do your homework on your xbox too. ( incase your computer is being used. or something). In general its just frickin awesome! So its like all those things in one. You can also change the settings so that you can play imported games from like Japan, that previously weren't compatible. You can change the light on your xbox, fan speed, and so on.
Cerafem5 years ago
when I type xbrowser, it tells me that the kernel isn't found. Anyone know what to do?
Try moving on in the installation. Also if you haven't already and it didn't work try again. =D Make sure your hotswapping effectively ( cords are in, Xbox Hard-drive in the primary slot...)
ok i have found out i have the error 21 what do i do too fix it if there is a way can u link me too too it like instructions or the installer?
error 21 you say? I think you should still be able to play games. That's just a hardware glitch i believe. Can you still play games?
wickstopher5 years ago
I screwed up my XBOX using the MechAssault/Instant Replay softmod method..I had a bit much to drink and started deleting files when things weren't going right, and borked the whole proceedings. I was wondering if this method would work for me given my situation, if there was a different approach (i.e. some way of wiping the hard drive and installing a fresh image), or if I'm just screwed? I'm looking for a fresh start here, and any advice would be appreciated! Even a point in the direction of an appropriate forum would be great...can't seem to find one. Thanks!
just follow this instructable?
Sounds good, and that was my plan, up until the point where I read in the instructable that the Dashboard needed to be a certain version. I can't even get into my Dashboard at this point. As I said, I totally borked a previous softmod attempt. I'm hesitant to give it a go in case maybe there's something else I should be doing. In other words, are you sure? ;)
Can your xbox still play games? If so then everything is fine private message me and i"ll give you instructions on modding your xbox FROM SCRATCH ( I did the same to mine)
sigmo5 years ago
Just wanted to leave a message of thanks. Yesterday, I got my hands on an old xbox and softmodded it successfully thanks to your guide. I raise my beer to you in honor. Cheers.
slimguy3795 years ago
zz top rocks "she got leeeeegs"
emman1015 years ago

If any one has successfully modded thier xbox, or plans to sometime soon i HIGHLY reccommend visiting this website. Its great for beginers, experts, and anything in the middle. It has pretty much all you would need in one website with links to other websites that will help you.(like xbox -scene) if you need any help with your xbox go to: I promise you it will help alot!! cause it helped me!
k i have kixed my hd now i want to make my dashboard look like yours i have this red unleash thing and it doesn't look all that great soo how do i do it?
You need to know how to FTP into your xbox (transfer files) You need to download some software/program thats in the video. ITs called Xbox Media Centre. If you private message me i can get you a link on where to download it. and maybe i can help you from there but i think if you can get a hold of Triggernum5 then that will be the best thing to do. He probably knows alot more about it then i do. :D MEssage me though.
hey i have got to the point where i installed ndure or w.e and i went through all the parts and after them u told me to turn off my comp and xbox soo i did. When i turned on my xbox it said this customer service thing and the light was blinking green and red what happened and how can i fix it?
slavik196 years ago
hey i got some softmod to work i can ftp into my xbox:) but when i copy an iso game image into games folder it doesn't show? can you please help me?
Get a pc app called Qwix, or another xbox iso extractor.. Then copy the iso contents such that you end up with E:\Games\Game_Folder\default.xbe.. Obviously the rest of the files get copied too.. Then the dash will find the game.. It works the same way for apps.. Basically everything on xbox has a default.xbe, and dashes search for that file in all sub_dirs under the main..
ok thank you for helping me. so i just copy them to my games folder? and i got a 50gb hdd it says i only have like 2 gigs available??
If you got the 50GB working but f:\ only says 2GB, its probably because you cloned your original.. Just reformat f:.. That can be done in unleashx, or evox.. I'm pretty sure most unleashx configs are setup to support formatting.. If not, I'll provide you with one.. Reformatting will kill any data already on f: but afterwards you should have a 42GB f:.. And all games/apps go in their own subfolder in the games/apps folders, then dashes should find all the default.xbe's..
wait up. my games folder is in drive e:/?
E:\Games is searched.. Thats where stock hdd's have the most space.. F:\Games, and G:\Games for huge hdd's are also scanned.. It actually depends on config files, but thats typically default..
so do i have to make a new games folder in g or f? do i have to put them there?
If it doesn't exist on f: then yea make it.. You don't have a G:\, thats just an option beyond 137GB.. Personally I store apps, dashes, and linux on E:, Games, video etc on F: and G:.. Thats typically how things are designed by default, although it will look for E:\Games, F:\Apps in most cases (Its all configable.. Look in config.xml where your unleashx is, or evox.ini).. It doesn't matter if some directories don't exist even if they're in the scan.. Just put your stuff somewhere scannable.. BTW, you can manually launch xbe's from filemanagers..
ok i tried with flashfxp pro and it wont make it can i just put all my games into f:\? and then just use file manager or xploere to run them? and how muxh space does f:\ have? onces again thank you so much.
Yea, you could do that.. You could also edit the dash config to scan whereever the heck you want to put them.. Which directory failed to create? xboxhdm did cause a bug on E: that could be fixed by dumping files, formatting E:\ then transfering the files back before rebooting (important).. I thought they fixed that, and it was only with E:\.. F:\ should be the hdd_size - 8GB.. Remember though that they consider 1000000000bytes a GB though..
please please please help me. i formated my whole drive i think i tried formating it and i think it formated everything:(((( is there a way i could get back into my drive and put my backup back in? i have the MSdashboard c:/ as well as my moded c:/ and e:/please help me or do i have to buy a new hard drive?
What command did you run in which app/dash? And did you follow my advice and transfer your eeprom.bin to your pc? If you did you can guaranteed fix it.. If not then its only a probably fixable without a modchip or electronics skills.. Actually, the error 11-12 dvd cable swap trick could still work even if nothing boots..
sorry but i get error 5 on my original hhd and on mine thaT I upgraded western digitial 80gb i get error 16 please help
Do you have the eeprom.bin on your pc? Error5 is bad for softmods if you don't, since that means the hdd is unlocked.. Error 16 is a software problem coupled with the fact that you likely left it unplugged for a couple hours.. Can you boot any games? In both cases, having your eeprom.bin accessible makes it an easy fix..
ok my original hdd is broken to i formated it and i have thhe eeprom back up how do you fix it? and is there anyway i can fix error 16?
Make an xboxhdm cd that has your eeprom.bin on it, and start over.. Error 16 is just really a software glitch.. With the eeprom.bin in the eeprom folder, there is no need to hotswap.. You can plug the hdd in fully before power-up..
i have the eeprom on both of my hard drives and on one i get the error 16 and the other the error 5.. i found out the problem i think my pc cant lock drives so ill use my friends to lock it.. and how do you get a eeprom if i got a 80gig from the store and put the files on it.. the c and e and i get error 16.. do you know why? thanks for helping me..
If it happens with those files, it will happen on any hdd.. Error16 is a software problem.. Error5 means you need to lock the hdd..
my cant lock hds
Have you tried? Why can't you? If you get error 16 on a new hdd, then I think you can.. In anycase, you need to if you want to upgrade it.. If you can't lock it, you can't upgrade it.. There is no nicer way to put it..
finnly got my xbox fixed again:] ok my hdd is only 8gb srry is there a way i can burn the iso on a dvd and play it off the dvd?
Yes, I'd suggest dvd-rw's for Thomson dvd drives though, cause they don't read much else, and hardly even those.. I'd advise you to burn them in x-iso format, which can be made with an ap called Qwix.. Alot of times games will already be in x-iso format..
so i have to burn the iso not all those files? like afteryou extract the iso?
Thats the better way to do it.. Not all xbox apps read std format discs, and they won't boot.. I know you can copy the files directly when playing off the hdd, but I don't know about dvd play for cache purposes etc.. XIso is the better choice..
so if i burn a xiso it will work.. (wasted lots of dvd disks)
ok i backed up my e and c how do i formate it cant really seem to find it on the xbox i use dvd2xbox file manger and xboxxploere. the file mangerer cant find f;\ but the other cant.
can somebody explain this to me, im a average joe and need easier instructions, pleases help.
Seemingly easier instructions than this only seem easier because they aren't complete, and ten to brick xboxes..
hi i used this and modded a stock xbox ...just have to read it dozen times or so... use the nuder instal..u can unlock the drive simply let it sit in ms dash do the hotswap then start ur pc...then follow the intalls options....
slavik195 years ago
if i make that usb port thing would i be able to play games of my thumb drive? use it like a storage device?
kitaab5 years ago
I had to use the cable out method. At first even that did not work. xbrowser will not find the xbox partition table. Then I did this: - started xbox with dvd cable out - started computer and used pause/break before it detected drive - swapped the ide cable (put computer ide cable into xbox drive) - let the computer continue the boot - ran xbrowser It then recognized the partition table and installation was smooth from that point on.
cjcinci5 years ago
hi...i resently moded a stock xbox hdd...this guide is great...very easy to do..i have read like thousands of post trying to figure this out..this one is the best 1...who ever made it needs masss props...i can now mod a stock hdd and even upgrade to a larger hdd...and even figured out what went wrong the first time...thanks to who ever made this....
coolwhip5 years ago
any help would be nice. lol
coolwhip5 years ago
ok im kinda confused. my two cd roms are connected to the ide port and i dont have a second one, and my hdd is connect with sata so how am isupposed to do this
cjcinci6 years ago new to moding...but i used this tutoral...and soft moded my stock great...thanks very much ...pepole if u fallow the directions closley it doese work i just got done moding my first xbox...only have 1 prob ...when unlocked the drive..and went to the nuder install...with the 4 or so errored out when i hit backupo c drive...i had to install with option 2 cant remember exactly...i think intstall nuder and replace c drive with nuder... now my question it to late to backup? and also canot get msdash...the mod works there a way to upgrade the hdd? all the other sights and forums say u need action replay and halo games and stuff ..this tutorial is awsome....lots of help...please if u can answer my qs id appreciate it...thanks again...
ehc686 years ago
My Xbox is modded and working great. Rather than hotswapping I just wired a usb to my controller and used the memory card method. Thanks for your help though triggernum!!!
deadpool2116 years ago
how risky is this? and what are all the drawbacks of modding your xbox?
I've hotswapped MANY times without problems.. I've even tried to purposely kill hdd's hotswapping and failed in experimentation.. Beyond the hotswap risk, the only worry is software, and that can always be fixed.. If your hdd was to die before you get the eeprom.bin, then you could fix it if you know somebody into intermediate electronics.. (There is an eeprom that would need to be read to program a new hdd)
kitaab6 years ago
I just want to understand a little more before attempting it. If I do the hotswap using the dvd-cable-remove method then do I still need the step 6. Once I install Ndure then what is the purpose of step 6? I just want to use xbmc to play video file and will not use the xbox for any other purpose. So, can't I just copy the xbmc files on e:\ drive and it will be all done?
Yes you would need to do step 6.. The box will behave unmodded until after step 6.. Its a trigger of sorts.. Only reason to use the cable trick is if nothing will boot.. If you can boot a game or msdash then there is no need for the complication, just unplug the ide after bootup..
triggernum56 years ago
Did you try re-burning the cd?
kitaab6 years ago
when I go to system info it does not display the kernel and dashboard version. The copyright message scroll over and over. Is there a trick to get the version to be displayed?
Open it up, unplug the dvd or hdd, try to boot it, and tell me if there is an error# or just foriegn text.. If its only foriegn text then your kernel is 3944.. Is it possible that no dash update has ever been done by any Live enabled game? Is this an old xbox that had those huge controllers?
It should display the numbers at the end of the scroll.. I thought all versions displayed that indo.. I know kernel 3944 doesn't display error numbers on boot, but the version readout is a feature of the dash, not the kernel anyway.. There should be something like K:3944.01 D:5960.01 or something like that.. If you've played any recent games its likely that your dash has ben updated to 5960.. The kernel doesn't change in an unmodded box.. The serial/date sticker can give indication, and if its an old box that came with the giant controllers then its a K:3944.. That version also does not display an error# at boot, just foriegn text.. So if you try to boot some unbootable cd and that happens then its a 3944.. If you have an excalibur video chip then its a 5838, Conexant video chips IIRC were on 1.0-1.4's, then they went to Focus before Excalibur, but its tough to be definitive with those.. In anycase, there are version generic settings that make it unnecessary to know the kernel, but for the package used in this tutorial you do need dash:5960.. Like I said, that can be updated with any new XBL enabled game.. You 'might' need a network cable plugged into the box to trigger the update, but its also likely the update has already happened.. Oh, if your dash has no XBL tab then its ancient.. Plug in a cable, and pop in Halo2 or something..
I put in halo2 and it worked - updated the system. Thanks.
kitaab kitaab6 years ago
It does not display any numbers at all. Just the copyright message scrolls over
Eagle09 kitaab6 years ago
it should say k - 1.00.(####).01 #### will be your numbers same with checking you dashboard D - 1.00.(####).01
ehc686 years ago
I unplugged the dvd drive a few days ago then turned it on and I received a code 12 along with the foreign text so I think I'm probably good with the kernel and dashboard versions (K:5838.01, D: 5960.01).
ehc686 years ago
Kernel: 1.00.5838.01 Dashboard: 1.00.5960.01 So I need to find an exploitable copy of Splinter Cell?
diaman226 years ago
I followed all the steps and everything went fine. Except for step 6. When I copy the soundtrack everything runs just like the video shows, then my xbox restarts. After the restart it loads the regular way it did before the mod and it runs the MS dashboard not allowing me to acces anything. Could you please help?
ehc686 years ago
Sorry about that triggernum. This Xbox was given to me with the softmod already installed so I really know nothing about it...other than the files that are in my game saves. The mod used to work great but after playing one of our games (don't know which one) the Xbox reverted back to it's original (unmodded) state. The error message on my pc occurs during cd rom bootup. The rom light comes on, cd spins, and then the error message starts. This is exactly what it reads... Boot Failure Reboot and select proper boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected boot device Press any key when ready Since I have a rather long list of game saves on my Xbox and since I know NOTHING about the previous mod, these are only the saves that MAY be from the mod so some may be relevent and some not...SID4 Installer, SID4 007 AUF, Auto-Installer Deluxe v3, dvd2xbox, LoadIni (c) gOat3r, MechAssault and MechAssault2, and Splinter Cell. Again...sorry for being so vague.
Ahh, SID4 huh.. Thats what I needed to know.. I'll check out how it installs stuff.. Also, its very possible that one or more of the exploitable saves on there can get you back in if you can find an exploitable copy.. SC is the easiest to guarantee exploitable since all original copies work.. with MA, and 007 they fixed the loophole in newer copies including platinum hits..
ehc686 years ago looks like maybe the old mod used to run XBMC (Xbox Media Center) because I found two game saves that say Xbox Media Center.
Still doesn't say much about what package was used to mod it.. It really doesn't matter, if you wipe your hdd before installing with a cd image I can direct you to it would be assuredly safe.. What kernel and dash do you have in Settimgs > System info? They are #'s at the end of the info?
ehc686 years ago
I've gotten this far but I can't get the ISO to boot fron the CD. I went into bios and selected the CD-ROM drive to boot first, but nothing. I just get an error message saying something like Please select another boot device. Another Xbox had been softmodded before but apparently another game updated the dashboard and screwed it up but you can still see most (if not all) of the files used for the mod. Should I delete these old files before modding?
No offense, but its a real pain when ppl gloss over error messages.. Word for word, and at what point during bootup these kind of things occur is what ppl need to help you.. Also, you're being to vague about your previous softmod.. What package was unstalled on it? Regardless though, deleting saves in msdash accomplishes nothing..
is there any way to format a hard drive to be an xbox drive, in the pc, and then just swap the drives.
Yes it is, but your computer hard drive needs to be compatible and lockable. Click here for a compatability/lockable drive..

and this tutorial shows you how to do it..
I really think its best to direct ppl right to, rather than to particular tutorials.. I didn't look at your link, it might be perfectly correct, but at x-s, there is an immense community of knowledgable folk who can answer questions and police irresponsible tutorials.. But for the record, with pretty much any lockable hdd, you can simply clone from an original SEAGATE via whatever means (Winhex for example).. You'll need to have the original unlocked or hotswapped though, so since xboxhdm v1.9 is the only pc locking app I trust, I find its just as convenient to create the new drive with that.. Note, WD xbox drives don't have any F:\ partition.. For that reason, when you clone it you may not be able to create one by formatting.. with a seagate, you clone the 2GB F:\, then reformat F:\ on the new hdd to increase the space.. This is just a notice, I've never tried to clone a WD, so it might actually work smoothly, but again, xboxhdm 1.9 eliminates that concern.. Once again I stress to ppl TRANSFER YOUR EEPROM.BIN TO YOUR PC! KEEP IT SAFE! IT DOES NO GOOD TO HAVE IT ON THE XBOX HDD BECAUSE WHEN YOU NEED IT, ITS LIKELY TO BE LOCKED UP OR DEAD.. YOU CAN EASILY REPLACE A HDD WITH YOUR EEPROM.BIN.. ITS NOT AT ALL EASY, (IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT ELECTRONICS SKILL) TO REPLACE THE HDD IN A SOFTMOD WITHOUT THE EEPROM.BIN.. Evox can get your eeprom.bin.. Its too bad there isn't a way to get it during a mod with a pc install.. Gamesave exploits usually force you to do that before proceeding.. In anycase, as soon as you boot your softmod successfully you should be on a mission to get your eeprom.bin..
Thanks for the tip. it was rely helpful though i found out that you must get your xboxs eeprom in order to lock a new hard drive so it will work in your xbox.
slavik196 years ago
ok i got this far and i opened my gateway gt5404 and found out it has a sata but no IDE(( it took me forever to set everything up i had this stuff loaded on laptop burned the iso and yea i couldent do anything. but i though if i bought a ide usb cable. (i bought one) and it still doesn't work. i went to the bios and set the usb to boot first but it still didn't do it.:( it said it needs to be on primary master. can you please help me maybe theres some software i can buy that could do it from the pc like when i connect the hdd it installs some drivers and still doesnt show in my computer near all the hard drives. can you please help me i just want anything to work on it even demos. cause its just sitting there :(
Linux expects to address it on /dev/hda.. You're going to need acess to a pc with IDE interface.. Does your motherboard have IDE slots?
ohh man that sucks well maybe it does idk ill check later.
nemesispoi6 years ago
cant you just connect ur xbox to ur cpu via usb ports?
the xbox does not have any usb ports. As you see in the picture he made a usb thumb drive thing, but this would not be neccesary if your xbox had already came with one. On the right side of this page i think it teaches you how yo make a "Better Usb Adapter for XBox" that teaches you how to make it...
Yes the xbox has USB 1.1 ports.. 4 of them.. You plug the controllers into usb ports that just have a proprietary M$ connector.. It is USB plain and simple,.. The guy who made this page has an adapter in the pic.. If you install linux onto your xbox then you can use it like any usb port..
how do you put linux on your xbox
Once its modded there are several methods.. Most methods just work from an image so there is not a need to partition etc.. If you do that, I'd suggest sticking with the DSL build since it runs way nicer than most with only 64MB ram..
USB needs a valid device ID.. Thats why some memory sticks or cameras don't even work
Eagle096 years ago
Yo triggernum5 someone told me that you help them out... and I was wondering if you could help me out soft modding my xbox ....I tried so many times but after I get it installed I get error 13...can you help me out...can anyone help me out?
triggernum56 years ago
Just watched the video for the first time.. Now I'm not saying the experience will differ any with a soft-modded xbox, given what the video showed, but the one in the video is either chiped or tsop flashed.. TSOP flashing is kickass IMO, thats how mine is modded
hidden6 years ago
OK I have a few questions do you need to already have a modded xbox (unleashed x)? if no then can you mod games like halo 2? and do you need to hot swap?and is it xbl safe cuz i have a like 9 months left on my xbl account
You can softmod an xbox using only a blank cd, and a pc you have access to open up, but you need to hotswap.. (Its really pretty easy) Better yet, you can do a gamesave exploit.. (No need to open xbox or pc..) But you need a specific older copy of 007 AUF, MechAssault, or any Splinter Cell 1 copy.. A mem card, or jimmy rigged usb substitute formatted to fatx, and a way to get hacked files onto the mem device.. That means a friend with a modded box, or Action Replay.. Which is an actual memory card with a cheesy kinda nuggy pc interface..
what do you mean "formatted to fatx" is that like a driver can you tell me where to get it please
FATX is the xbox's file system, like how pc's use NTFS or FAT32 etc.. Actually, the memory cards themselves may not be fatx, but they are a proprietary format anyhow.. I actually think the xbox may be able to format it unmodded.. I've never had to tinker with that stuff because I have a regular mem-card that I got cheap in a drug deal.. XBE Exploits forum on xbox-scene will have more knowledgable ppl, but look into Action-Replay software in the mean time..
soif i want to go on xbl and mod games i should just go with the unleashed x?
Xbox-Live can be used with a modded box, but it isn't anything to do with which dash you use
Spamwich6 years ago
I am havign problems getting my harddrive unlocked. Also, is it possible to play music while a game is running? Or is it possible, if I don't like this softmod, remove it? Switch to a different softmod that has what I want/need?
Atleast I think it isn't becoming unlocked, I am getting a message on my pc saying no xbox partition.
no xbox partition found on dev\hda
Put in a game into your xbox (this is the most funnest way lol) then start playing..then you can pause your game (if you'd like , & then hotswap) try to do it..quickly ( i guess under 30 seconds or something) or just do it ..and it should work. It works for me 100% of the time.
Yes, technically as soon as the "Microsoft" text appears below the X-Logo on boot-up, the hdd is unlocked.. The only real advice I can give as ide from thinking ahead and making sure various cables reach various places etc. is to loosen the ide ribbon cable from the xbox hdd before turning the xbox on.. I like it nearly falling out, I hold it firmly against the pins until the box is booted (there is no rush here) then when I release the cable it pops off instantaneously with zero wiggle.. Of course your pc should already be paused right before the IDE autodetection (memory count time is perfect) ready to accept the xbox hdd in its 'primary master' position, which is what your pc hdd was previously plugged into.. If it can't find the partition table then you failed the hotswap, and need to reboot things and try again.. BTW, if you hear funny noises/activity in the xbox hdd when you unplug it, then you probably relocked it in the process.. Wiggling the pins can cause some type of reset, that why I like the cable so loose..
Okay, i've got it all installed and working, now how do I copy cds and play them? How do I copy games and play them?
Well there is an app called dvd2xbox which is the best awy to copy games to your hdd.. If you need to put them on dvd, then you will need to have ftp access to your xbox to copy the dvd to your pc, then use a program called Qwix to create the dvd image burnable by any burning app.. There are other programs, but Qwix is simple/easy.. Note, when you load burned games on a softmod you can't literally boot the burned game, you should launch the dvd from a booted xbox.. I highly advise ppl to look into hdd upgrades.. Its the best part of a modded xbox.. Be advised though that softmods need lockable hdds.. There are lockability lists/databases stickied in the xbox1 Gen H/W Tech Chat forum on xbox-scene.. Most hdds are lockable, but the ones that aren't CANNOT work with a softmod PERIOD (Hmm, when you finish a sentence with 'PERIOD' are you suposed to add a "."??)
And that doesn't even address the fact that alot of xbox dvd drives are PICKY about burned discs.. Thomsons SUCK, Phillips/Hitatchi are ok, Samsungs are best (especially the sdg-605B model).. Apparently Thomsons usually only read certain dvd-rw's..
How do I get the apps to my xbox and where do I put them on the HD? How do I get emulators and whatnot also?
Oh, about where to put apps.. Dashboards will be set to scan E:\Apps\.. All apps have an executable called default.xbe.. This is what gets scanned for.. Example: I download dvd2xbox (a ripping app).. Extract it, and upload it via ftp such that I end up with E:\Apps\DVD2XBOX\default.xbe, and the autoscan will make am entry to it in your dashboard.. It wouldn't find E:\Apps\default.xbe, nor would it find E:\Apps\Dir1\Dir2\default.xbe.. For games it works similarly, it typically hunts E:\Apps E\Games F:\Games F:\Apps G:\Games yada yada, (these are just typical default settings btw, it doesn't matter if these places don't exist..) If you absolutely have no way to network your box you could get them on via cd/dvd, but that would be a real bummer.. A modded xbox deserves to be networked!
OOH ok so to put the Game ripping software onto your xbox you must ftp to your xbox. oh so ti ftp (what will work best for me) i can either ftp to the xbox over a router, or get a usb thumb drive thing thats in the picture above... ok i get it.
Ftp is the most convenient.. You could include an apps folder on the xboxhdm cd, burn cd/dvd to transfer files, or use a usb.. And actually I think unleashx (the dashboard) has a game ripping feature, but I don't know how good it is.. Actually, you can just use the filemanager to copy the files from D:\ to a partition, but dvd2xbox has features that remove any hassles a game may include for protection.. I'm really not the most experienced game ripper though.. I basically only use my xbox for xbmc, and linux fileserver these days.. (If I was too into games I wouldn't know how to do all this stuff:)
Oh so lets say i hav a CD-RW, i could just burn the applications onto the CD and then transfer it to the xbox? So lets say i downloaded DVD2XBOX . what would i have to do? will i have to burn it a certain way? I would like ftp but my router wont be back until like august so im guessing i will buy a CD-RW from a dollar store..and just use that. but how?
Yes.. xbmc can read standard cd/dvd formatted discs. So with that, you could access any file on the xbox you've already burned.. Other xbox apps that are filemanagers may need the disc to be burned as an xbox image.. That Qwix program creates those iso's, its the same format burned games need to be in.. Perhaps more apps than xbmc can read std discs, I really haven't dealt much with my xbox dvd drive aside from making boot discs (which need to be xbox format to boot) XBMC is the ap in the pictures above.. Its remarkable, (all around SourceForge winner IIRC) so there is no reason not to have it.. I actually use xbmc as my dashboard, as do alot of ppl these days..
There is an irc channel on efnet called #xbins.. On xbox-scene this source is referred to as "the usual places".. If you go there you can get validated for the xbins ftp esrver that has basically all xbox homebrew software etc.. Beyond that, various things are all over the net.. There are newsgroups, torrents etc.. If you were to get an installer cd like Slayer's etc. (meant for modchip installs, not softmods!) then you can extract various xbox aps from that.. As far as emulators go, there is a package floating around called BAED BigAss Emulator Disc, that has a ton, but you can get them individually too.. I can point you in the right direction, but I can't really hold your hand through emulator aquistion, linux installation etc.. Its a Pandora's box.. There is a TON you can do, go to for tutorials/tips/ideas..
Okay, seems I have a fairly small HD which files can I delete and which must remain to keep everythign functional? Also 100 soundtrack limit and the only soundtrack I have is the blank one which takes up 60,000 blocks.
xbox hdd is as follows:
C: = 500MB
This is the boot drive, msdash files are stored here.. Msdash files can be eliminated on a modded box, BUT XBOXDASH.XBE, AND FONTS (*.XTF) ARE CRITCAL TO THE SOFTMOD! This is the true c:\ I speak of.. Not the shadowc virtual drive most modern softmods use to protect the files on this vital partition.. (Usually shadowc.img is stored on the true c:\ thus the xbox will report less than 500MB total..
E: = ~5GB
This is where your gamesaves and soundtracks are stored.. Sadly this is the major partition on std xbox hdds.. You can usually store 2-3 games here at a time, plus the apps you install.. Dashboards and NKPatcher or Bios folders are vital to the softmod's bootup..
X:, Y:, Z: = 750MB each
These are cache drives.. Games have the right to format/delete anything here, so if you do choose to store anything here, know what your games/apps do with the various drives..
F: = 2GB
Seagate owners are lucky.. This does not exist on WD hdds.. Xbox's are designed for 8GB total.. Seagate gives them 10GB drives, WD gives them 8GB.. After your xbox is modded you can format the F: and a 2GB drive comes to life..
Games are typically 2-3GB, but vary in size drastically.. So whatever you can get on E: and F: is pretty much it without a hdd upgrade.. (When you upgrade the hdd, F: is larger, and you can also add a G: beyond 137GB if you want..
One thing I have seen though, is that when E: is too full.. (REALLY FULL) The xbox will fail to boot pretty much ANYTHING.. When I saw this, the E: had 0 Bytes free, I don't know the limit.. So fair warning.. If this happens you'll need to fix it with xboxhdm and a bit of linux knowhow.. But hotswaping is tough when nothing boots.. Ahh, but only fools would need to hotswap since the smart ones would have transferred their eeprom.bin to their pc, and created an xboxhdm cd that included the eeprom.bin, so that they could just plug the drive into the pc like a normal sane person, and use functions in xboxhdm to unlock it..
Okay, better question, I have a 30 GB drive, which files do I transfer over and what partitions do I create in order to plug in the 30 GB drive?
xboxhdm 1.9 can prepare the drive for you entirely.. You set up the file structure you want, add your eeprom.bin, create the iso, then xboxhdm partitions it and copies whatever files and locks the drive correctly.. So you first need to mod the original hdd in order to obtain the eeprom.bin.. This ndure installer is a specialized case that does the same thing without partitioning/formatting and locking.. But it needs to be lockable to be compatible.. Go to
to see if its lockable..
If you can read a 24c02 I2C serial eeprom you can skip modding the original drive, but thats more work for 99.99% of ppl out there
Okay, how do I get me eeprom.bin?
Soundtrack mods can be tricky, there are alot of variations, and things that make it crash.. The 100 limit error is common, I'm really drawing a blank on suggestions except you're going to need to start over.. The thing with this ndure installer is it does not format the E: and if any incompatibilities exist they will live on.. xboxhdm cd's can be made to wipe the drives first, but you lose gamesaves unless you find a way to copy them to your pc temporarily (or a cache drive I guess) this requires a smidge of linux commandline work in xboxhdm.. Do you know your kernel version? I've made an xboxhdm iso that wipes everything and installs a simple minimal mod that can be upgraded via ftp.. Its a surefire way to quick success.. BTW, actually make sure you haven't altered major settings like language (make it english), parental stuff etc in msdash.. This screws the memory layout the softmod is trying to hack..
the best part is while the software is installing onto your xbox's HDD you can still play your game, so the wait wont seem as long/boring.
Was finally able to get it unlocked by unplugging while deleting a gamesave, now is in the midle of part install so I'm writing to let you know so far it is successful/
Spamwich6 years ago
I got an error when I ran out of room, forgot to delete all my old junk. So, now how do I delete that blank soundtrack that is taking up 60,000+ blocks?
emman1016 years ago
When i did the part where you install the Ndure files i did that..then it said some thing like " (FileName) cannot be written or something because it is a read only file" (is that supposed to happen???) so then it went through all 3 parts going like that..and then when i started my xbox WITHout a disk it said "21 blah blah NEeeds service. " so then um..since i had saved my hard drive onto the duisk (THANK GOD") i restored now when i go to music it shows the blank music thing.. So when i want to rename it to " <> with Accent "B" it says the xbox cannot read this disc please insert a new one or something" so i just restart my xbox... what should i do??! i really want this modification.. i fixed the other problem but now i really need some guidance.. l who knew easter sunday could get so stressfull? lol Thanks, Emman & happy easter xD
What kernel is your xbox? If I recall correctly, EasterEgg should work on all, but there were some bunk packages released.. BTW, you can't use the Easter Egg Exploit with a purely stock hdd layout.. You need pre-installed files (again, sorry if I misunderstand your situation, I haven't read your msg history) Private message me if you want walk through help..
well never mind. I found out the black track was just a song i had.. ok so i think what will work is going to make the CD again but then im going to change the properties in the linux folder and remove the check from "Read only Files" maybe that will work...
Hmm, remaking the cd might be the fix.. Also, do you know how much space you left on your E: in the xbox? (SoundTracks etc use that space up) also, there 'might' be insufficient space on C: for the shadowc.. See the xbox filesystem can't support a read only flag, so I'm thinking disk space problem?? NDure actually purposely plugs up space on C: so that there is not enough space for M$ to alter the files.. It does make for a more complicated setup.. NDURE is only an advantage over UDE/UDE2/UXE if you use xboxlive.. The others may be fall back options if NDURE is too pesky.. Once you get ANY mod working its much easier to upgrade to the newest via ftp etc.. Also, basically I can guarantee that anybody with an error screen with any numbers except #5, #6, #7, #9, #11, or #12 can fix their xbox with guidance/patienence.. Error 21 is merely a software glitch.. You can unlock/hotswap again by booting into any retail game then hotswapping.. (Games should still boot even if your dash yields error 21)
ok i so UDE will work?? suh weet, on my xbox i have no soundtracks and only liek 3 game saveswhich should be fine.
UXE is basically the same as UDE, but works on all versions so you don't need to know your kernel version.. UDE was for older boxes, UDE2 mainly used when UDE wouldn't work, but in general yea.. I'll look to see what xboxhdm iso's I have.. I used to have alot of various simpler setup cd's than ndure.. Do you know your kernel version? If not, what is the date on the sticker.. You might try dropping the shadowc for the initial install too, since that file is only there to take up space, and give the illusion of an unmodded box to games.. Its a great feature, but perhaps there are remnants on C: that interfere with its copying.. Its actually been a while since I was big into this..'s "xbe exploits" forum will have fresher minds.. I used to be pretty big on that site (forum moderator, ~10000 posts), but then I got banned for criticizing the mod chip company that pays them the most money.. :) Also, did it actually give a filename that had the error, or did you just forget what it was?
My kernel version is 5838 and my Dashboard is 5960. When i tried to install Ndure on part 2 it gave me a WHOLE list saying stuff like "cannot open <filename> because it is a read - only file. When i tried installing UDE it only gave me two errors. One was""cannot open <filename> because it is a Directory. The year on my xbox i think is 2005. I really want to mod my xbox but im stuck..if you could help a fellow brother out that would be amazing. =)

damn it.. i tried the UDEA thing or w.e its named..and that didnt work.It said something like could not open <> because it is a directory.. and could not open <> because it is a read only file.
Uranio236 years ago
So we can say that what you have done is to connect the Xbox HDD to the PC (booting from the "linux CD") and let the "Linux CD" do the job; i mean in resume.

PD: How exactly i get skins for this because i founded lots of skins for different programs( like this page
EDIT Have just founded the skin that its on the tutorial and seems to be named NMS Multimedia 1.3.
VzjrZ (author)  Uranio236 years ago
The program running on the video is just that a program not a skin. It's called XBMC look it up...
Yes, definately look up xbmc.. 99% of my xbox usage is xbmc these days.. Its beyond amazing! VzjrZ were you an xbox-scene guy? I don't recognize your name from there..
Uranio23 VzjrZ6 years ago
Ok thnx jaja, i see; so the program running on the xbox is UnleashX at least thats what i can see on the video in the last seconds. Again thnx a lot and Very Good Instructable
emman1016 years ago
For those who may not have this screw driver..If you have a set of "Allan Keys" they should work, thats what i used. Use the back of one (im not sure what size) but it will work fine.
emman1016 years ago
I have trouble, when i want to install the files it says "cannot open because it is read-only. " but when it says copying files to Shadow C that works...what should i do? im really bumbed out cus i was so close to finishing.
sotrac6 years ago
I have an XBOX that does the FRAG when turn on - No display no sound on TV. I thought the HD got corrupted so I tried to rebuild the HDD. After 3days of search I found the only way to get EEPROM out of a "DEAD" xbox was to build a reader.. so i did and got the EEPROM.bin file. I follow this guide (from lamar site) and rebuild.. but I cant tell what the existing dash version and kernell version is... I decide to go a head anyway. Wat i did? I unlock the drive using the EEPROM file i got (had to put it on the floppy disk - cos it didnt like on the LINUX CD i made).. any how - i unlocked the drive. Then after much browsing.. i found a program call xplorer360.. I boot up winXP and use that to make backup of the stock HDD. Then i follow the NDURE step and rebuild using the NDURE procedure listed here. Sigh!.. Still the FRAG when it come to boot it. I tried a variety of other UDE2, UDE hard disk rebuild - basically, I got them from #xbins and use xplorer360 to replace content of C: drive and copy files from E: to E: All Failed - then i discover the Stock HDD cause my PC to becomes very slow (at boot obly) - BIOS detection still see the drive - but when trying to unlock/lock - it said the drive not there. F**K!!!!!! So as a last resource - I test all the above with my good 40Gb Seagate Baracuda drive -- All those different setup - but still FRAG and more FRAG. I dont know much about the POST (power on seft test) of the XBOX and BOOT up stages-- but one would assume that if the box has a HDD/DVDROM failure - you would at least see the something on the screen because the system would first load it boot instruction from a ROM and then decrypt/check/load the OS from the HDD...correct me if i am wrong. So I bet redo the HDD will not fix FRAG issue. My box has never had mod done - soft or chip-- just became FRAG one day. And yes I lockhd the disk before testing it in the Xbox. I hope this save people times if they got FRAG and think that redo their drive will help them. This is my experience and if some one can see other method i can do please point me in the right direction. All that said - I found that it quite ezy to build an EEPROM reader to get the EEPROM so you dont have to HOTSWAP HDD.. Oh.. and if you do need to HOTSWAP.. dont use the power supply from your xbox.. use the Y-spliter from your PC - because your xbox has a high chance of turn off when it not doing anything (shut down once on me when i tried the HOTSWAP - which didnt work for me cos I had no visual indication to cue for timing).
FRAG = Flashing Red And Green.. Is yours flashing only red? No A/V makes me think thatThat is a corrupted eeprom chip, and is fixable, but complex, and you need to actually borrow a mod chip to fix it or manually switch/rewrite the chip.. (Switching it is actually easy soldering)..
Actually, its aparent that if this is your issue, you have the electronics skills to fix it.. I can walk you through, and help you repair your corrupted eeprom if you were able to unlock your hdd with it.. EEPROMS come in 3 versions.. 1.0, 1.1-1.5, and 1.6.. The right version can probably be deduced from your serial# etc if needed..
Thanks for taking time to reply triggernum5 - I got the real FRAG... not only red. I tried to fix it with a mod chip and it didnt go.. then bought another xbox and fit that mod chip to it.. it works fine.. so I doubt fixing the eeprom (bios) chip would fix it as the mod is a alternative bypass and still didnt work. The 8legs eeprom that house the Harddisk code is ok i think because i got the data out of it to unlock the Hdd. so I assume you talked of the Tsop bios flashing? I did thought of that until i fit a modchip and found same issue.. Therefore I must have a problem elsewhere... I have given up and bought a second hand xbox and now I got heaps of classic games from nintendo..etc..and XBMC.. great stuff.. I now use EVOX setup and found no problem.. I was gona carry on but too much time wasted already and i have kids to look after.. :) Thanks for reply though.. and i hope this help new people who venture down this same path..
Thats unfortunate.. A FRAG with no A/V could be a fixable problem to an ebay guy.. Busted xbox is worth 30-60$ for the dvd (thompson sucks, phillips/hitatchi are ok, and Sonys are sought after especially if they are the 605B model), and maybe another 20-30$ for the case/mobo.. Perhaps its just a tsop issue of sorts, but it could also be a dead A/V output.. Heck if this was last year I'd be more in tune with the diagnosis.. Xbox work has dwindled..:(
mzayied6 years ago
Sorry also you mentioned you updated a step 7 in regards to naming the blank track exploit to <> as people were getting that they had reached their limit of 100 soundtracks. Please can you post the detailed fix for this
VzjrZ (author)  mzayied6 years ago
On step 7, see the second picture for the correct spelling of the soundtrack.
pyrose VzjrZ6 years ago
hi i know this is really old but i really need some help i've followed your steps to modding an xbox and after i did everything i got a message saying i didnt have enough space and when i rebooted it i got a service message can u please tell me what i did wrong and maybe tell me a way to fix it?
emman1016 years ago
that "Modified xbox controller to usb thumb drive" that you made, you use that to transfer files to your xbox right??? If so, if i went to a store that sold the " Xbox to USB cable" would that work too?

Copy this link into your browser and youll see what im talking about.. would it work though ?
Don't buy that, its too easy to do yourself.. (xbox controllers ARE usb, so all you need to do is twist together equally colored wires).. Again you might hit a device compatibility barrier, but that is definately worth a shot.. If you can use that to transfer files, then find one of those games I mentioned you'd have everything needed to mod any xbox in 5 minutes..
VzjrZ (author)  emman1016 years ago
If you want to transfer files to your xbox you could simply FTP them or just stream them from your computer with xbmc. But i guess your device would also work...
emman1016 years ago
I've tried this and I got through everything but when I get to the part where you type in "xboxhd" or "xbrowser" it will not find the drive. I have tried everything. Switching cables, changing ports, changing disc drives, EVERYTHING. I really need some help. Please email me at ( i am having the same trouble as Maggot7.) Thanks, Emman
I'd say you didn't hotswap successfully, and the drive relocked.. I like to really loosen the ide cable from the xbox hdd, and simply hold the connection in place prior to booting the xbox.. That way there is no cable wiggling etc to remove it.. Its rare, but it could also be a hardware incompatibility.. Its most common with Compaq's I think.. I do vouche for this method and softmod package.. (Heck I actually collaborated with KingRoach to develop it).. If you have access to a memory card, and an early copy of MechAssault, 007 AUF, or Splinter Cell then there is a way better free way to softmod that doesn't even require opening the box unless you choose to upgrade the hdd (which is WAAY worth it!).. Bummer is, unlike this method you need to get a few things, like one of those games, a memory card, and a friend with a modded box who can copy some stuff to your mem card so you can mod your box.. Actually, the friend can be eliminated with an AR memory card that interfaces with a PC.. I used to hotswap, but got the stuff needed to soft-mod with Splinter Cell since I started doing hundreds a few years ago.. For the record though, I have never damaged an xbox hdd by hotswapping, and I've actually 'tried' to kill old hdd's by hotswapping as stupidly as possible.. I have a bittorrent client for xbmc/python.. I should make that an instructable even though it doesn't work as well as bittorrent on a pc with 64MB, and an interpreted client..
jkmit6 years ago
emman1016 years ago
Ok never mind..and soft modding does allow u to play games without the disk? so if i borrowed/rented a game i could upload the game itself onto my xbox?
mexkan6 years ago
i tried this and ran into a problem. if you could help me that would be great. thanks
maggot76 years ago
I've tried this and I got through everything but when I get to the part where you type in "xboxhd" or "xbrowser" it will not find the drive. I have tried everything. Switching cables, changing ports, changing disc drives, EVERYTHING. I really need some help. Please email me at Thanks, Mike
k0zu6 years ago
OK yea I have a problem... when I did this i backed up the C: drive and then installed the softmod.. on every step it came up with the same error.. i don't remember which one something about could not create directory or file doesn't exist. then it said completed.. so i turn every thing off and hook my xbox back up. and it doesn't boot to Ms dash.. it goes straight to the unleashx dash.. and when i tried to load up the MS dash it said C:/xboxdash.xbe does not exist and there was nothing on my C: drive so about 2 or 3 weeks later i went into the ndure tool set menu and restored C from E:backup.. and it booted my ms dash... but now I'm unable to boot the modded dash :( i tried renaming the blank soundtract to <> with the weird B and it goes as if its loading something and then comes up with the scratched disc error or w/e and i have tried hotswapping again but im unable to do that. i have tried every way possible to hotswap and its not working... so im stuck with a unmodded xbox with a mod installed :(
k0zu k0zu6 years ago
ok yea so no1 has any clue... what i should do?
Wickedweed k0zu6 years ago
i've modded 4 machines now using this method and the strange thing is, i didn't have to do the part on renaming the soundtrack to <>. when i turned on the xbox after installing ndure, it went straight into unleashx and everything worked well. the scratch-disc error appears when u are trying to access the file on the DVD-drive. did you try renaming the wrong file?
k0zu Wickedweed6 years ago
No its the right one.. theres only 1 there.. the blank one.. and i cant rename it to anything other than <> if i try it says unable to create soundtrack. you have reached the maximum number of soundtracks and when i rename it to <> it does the same thing as if ur sitting at the dashboard and put a game in it.. it displays a black screen with the M$/xbox logo.. then it comes up with the scratched dvd error.. So what im going to do it get Splinter Cell and action replay.. with that i will have 2 options. install another softmod or ftp and delete the contents of the C:/ drive.. but im not sure if i will be able to softmod an already softmodded xbox Or if delete the C:/ drive wont make me boot into an Error :(.. So yea.. it sucks becuz i had it softmodded like 2 weeks b4 i restored the C:/ drive
Jester_boy26 years ago
I noticed that the .rar file is getting converted to html. Simply right click on the link and go Save target as then when it shows html simply change it to a .rar instead of htm this will save it with a winrar extension. Now you should be ok it worked for me.
faco2256 years ago
yeah i need help doing this if anyone can help me that would be great
madmarauder6 years ago
Great job, very detailed for us doofuses.... I went through all the steps with no error but when I boot up the xbox I don't see any blank file to rename?!? Any ideas or should I go through the mod again?
Hey Is there a way to do it with a laptop ( can't boot in primary ) I only have a usb hdd case ... ?
TheClap6 years ago
I actually tried this today, and something happened to my SATA drives when attempting this. the CD loaded linux, but then it froze and nothing happened. The SATA Drives, my main hd and the cd drive that was running the cd, are now not able to be booted from. The CD appears to have done something on a more basic level. My xbox was not modded, and my computer can no longer see my drives. I've already checked in the BIOS. I also have reset the bios. Nothing helped. Is this possible? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
TheClap TheClap6 years ago
I did more investigating. I ran a DSLinux live cd and found that the boot flag for the SATA hard drive had been toggled. The NTLoader was also erased. Upon further inspection, I found that my IDE controller had been blown. Nothing can correctly load from the IDE, and my SATA drive was all messed up. The only thing that is permanently damaged is the IDE controller on the MOBO, but that is the risk one takes. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SATA HARD DRIVES PLUGGED IN DURING THIS PROCESS. THE SOFTWARE COULD TOGGLE YOUR BOOT FLAG AND ERASE THE LOADER.
please help me I'm not exactly a noob I've modded my 360, ps2 and psp can't mod my stupid xbox though...I keep getting an error when the cd boot's it loads the menu but at the top it says seriously broken bio's (I've tried downloading the files again and the same thing happens)and if I type xbrowser I just get an error saying something about the kernel not found: xbrowser, I thought it might be my config but it seems all good.
andrewp10316 years ago
worked great. did it a while back. happy I found this Instructable because for the longest time I had my xbox sitting around not used for anything. Now I have an 80gb hd with tons of content on it. Great!
Jodo6 years ago
VzjrZ: Thanks for your continued support of this! I have a couple of questions/problems: I've backed up my drive and when I go to install nDure I get this: Part 1 of 3: C drive backup found Part 2 of 3: Checking for xbox dash version Copying ndure files... cp: /CD/ndure/C/media/* no such file or directory cp: /CD/ndure/C/bios/* no such file or directory Part 3 of 3: Done: now exiting. Any idea what's happening please? I can get the backup to go back on so that isn't a problem. Thanks.
Jodo Jodo6 years ago
Just checked the cd, those folders (media and bios) aren't in the C diectory. I've tried rebuilding the .iso but they still aren't there! Any idea where I'm going wrong? Thanks for your help.
Jodo Jodo6 years ago
Sorted....see above.
derners6 years ago
It was all going well, until it came to the bat file... I didnt get one created, or am i doing something wrong? Any comments and suggestions? Cheers.
i'd just finished creating the CD. you have to double-click on the 'make-iso-win' file and a window on MS Dos will appear. Once you reach 100%, the linux ISO File (about 400+MB) will appear in the same folder...
Jodo Wickedweed6 years ago
It should be 400+ mb? Mine is only 69.2mb when it's done. :(
Jodo Jodo6 years ago
Okay, sussed it! Basically when I downloaded the ndure 3.0 I got it from the link at the bottom, but it was fubar with lots missing - still created the .iso but a lot missing in it!. Re-downloaded from the other link and it's full size....onwards and upwards!
mzayied6 years ago
If your a novoice, don't ever try this softmod. You can easily wreak your xbox. For me the xbox needs to load with a game now then gets into the dashboard , when i eject the game, so not too bad in comparison to what could have happened. I guees the instructions @ step 5 are really bad. Also Making the right installer for your xbox is critical. I think the mistake I did was when removing the IDE cable from the xbox HDD, i didn't shutdown the PC first. SO MAKE SURE YOU SHUTDOWN THE PC first as its in control of your XBOX HDD and if you don't and just disconnect the HDD you'll most likely have a corrupt write to your XBOX HDD
I followed the instructions on here but when it came to the ndure flashing, I rebooted my xbox but it gave me the error "your xbox needs servicing". could you possibly tell me what went wrong and could i bring it back?
pri_i_oh6 years ago
When I click on xboxhdmv1.9.rar it just gives me a bunch of letters and numbers (computer lingo) I downloaded and ran both the other programs and it still does it.
SuMMoN-86 years ago
i finally got through step 5 but i cant see the blank cd??????
SuMMoN-86 years ago
also now it say found hardrive we will now search /dev/hda for an xbox partition table no xbox-partition table found on /dev/hda whats my problem ??
SuMMoN-86 years ago
hey im havings problems too... when exactly should i do the hotswap ... cause i do it hwne u say it doesnt work... does my computer have to be open to hot swap if yes do i have too h/swap before i get the first menu where i choose 1 blah blah VGA blah b;lah etc... or do i h/swap right before typi xbrowser??
Ianic6 years ago
is there a software or possible way to make it so you can play 360 games or is it only limited to normal xbox games.
catzzzvb6 years ago
For some reason, when I downloaded Ndure, there was no .exe for me to run! What's up there?
I did download the .RAR file, however, after I downloaded and extracted the contents, there was nothing to run (an .EXE). Should there be? Or am I misunderstanding this?
VzjrZ (author)  catzzzvb6 years ago
its a rar file you need Winrar to open it, just scrow down to the pictures and download the exe instead...
jaza6 years ago
can u still do this if u have a modded xbox before doing this? if i can i will just buy another xbox lol they r $75 in australia
bali1016 years ago
xboxhdmv1.9.rar link isnt working...please repost
VzjrZ (author)  bali1016 years ago
it works for me, maybe its something on your end...
bali1016 years ago
xboxhdmv1.9.rar link isnt working...can someone please repost it
is there a way to do this on an intel mac?
thank you so much for this walkthrough. the only part I had trouble with was the Hotswap, but I found that disconnecting the DVD drive then booting the Xbox worked for me. thanks again!
amani6 years ago
Yea me to i cant do the bat thing
nerfer1926 years ago
wow thats sick!!!!!!!!!!!!! gotta doto mine!
nerfer1926 years ago
my xbox buzzez any suggestions?
Is it a: -Bzz Buzz (electronic) -Hummmmmm Buzz (Fan) Beep Buzz (Speaker - warning) ?
probaby the fan, but thig isnt blowing up,so its oa.
okay so when i got my drive unlocked but stupid me hit number 2 to replace C with ndure instead of number 1 Copy nudure to C: so now my hdd wont even boot in my xbox and i cant unlock it again what can i do ?
Faustjk6 years ago
when i get to the hdm prompt and xbrowser it says linux disc not found, insert and try agian, ive recreated to iso a few times but still is not working
killmore2316 years ago
heh i did pretty much the same thing with the usb, but on the 4th slot inside i just soldered the wires right to the inside of the port then brought the wire to a hole cut in the side, acutally works really nice, and looks alot better too
Could you poasbly use this to install windows or Ubuntu onto your x-box and use it like a pc that hooks up to a tv and use a usb mouse and keyboard for your input
VzjrZ (author)  juggalo_assassin1836 years ago
yeah that is possible, check out this website:
thanks my friend has a old x-box with a dead cd drive that i can gget of him for free and i want a quick cheap comp i can test stuff out on befor i use it on my laptop or desktop
double_g6 years ago
I have an interesting problem i have gotten my xbox drive to unlock, however when i press enter on *ndure (or any other file for that matter)it says no such file or directory found. This however cannot be true because when you press f3 for view it shows the script. I have tried two different computers and even recompiling the iso. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Double_g
jamgdurrett7 years ago
I've done everything on here but when I type xbrowser it is saying "no disk drive found on /dev/hdb please connect drive and try again" any suggestions?
I replaced UDMA ide cable in my pc with an older ide cable as in the xbox and finally got past this point.
VzjrZ (author)  jamgdurrett7 years ago
this usually means that the drive is not unlock yet...try - put an audio cd in the xbox - copy one track to the hd - play the track from the HD, let play for a few seconds - pause the song - you HDD is now ready for hotswap! but let the song play for like 4 minutes or maybe longer THEN pause it and do everything else
i have this same problem. however your fix idnt work for me. can you reccomend anyhing else?
VzjrZ (author)  APOCALYPTiC ONi6 years ago
benisnt6 years ago
ok i got the usb all in and it see it but every time i try to open it will erase the sid please help
vovakovtun6 years ago
dude you are my god. i was think of getting a modchip untill i heard about softmoding. it took me awhile to to get the "HotSwapping" part. but everything worked out fine. well except of my TV and my sound card on my PC. the TV broke, while i was working on the xbox softmoding. the thing was, that i hooked the TV cables from xbox to the tv. and since the xbox was not grounded. somehow the shock vent into my tv. that what i think, what happened. the tv still works but i cant hook up my xbox to the same input again. the other input works fine. and i still dont know why my sound card died. i have put NFS Carbon on. and it works fine. its even faster (the load time). now i just want to upgrade to a bigger HD so i can put more games on it. thank you again, dude.
this is not soft moding. soft moding is moding it without having to open it up, which would be hardmoding (HARDware?)
hey VzjrZ, ive been modding xbox's for the past couple years, hard mods and soft mods and id like to inform you that this instructable is not a soft mod. its more like a hard mod and soft mod rolled into one. see a hard mod is opening your xbox and installing a mod chip and soft mod is where you insall a save exploit onto your hard drive with action replay or you can make your own action replay cable for free and without opening your xbox and voiding your warranty, thats the hole point of a soft mod and the thing is a regular soft mod like what im talking about can be done in 45min and never have to open your xbox its so easy to put on and take off. These are all the thing you would need a computer,xbox or xbox 360,splinter cell or 007:agent under fire or mechassualt (Original Versions Only No Gtreatest Hits) xbox game disc, action replay $5 on ebay or you can make your own for free, and 45min of spare time. Youll have all the same features yours has like copy games to hdd,Emulators for old sega,nintendo,n64,saturn games,ftp to your hard drive,change dashboard skins and much more and still go on xbox live. Anyways i just wanted to inform you and anyone else that there are much easyier ways to soft mod and virtually no risk of screwing up your xbox or computer. Ill be posting an instuctable soon. or you visit this guys instructable its pretty good. thanx killtacularmodz
how can i add a bigger hard drive to my xbox. what do i need to mod. it and how?
Kayjay6 years ago
does anyone know where i can find the main files needed to run an Xbox as i have one with a mod chip but the person who put the chip in messed up the main files and now you cant do anything on it except go through the menu's
How Do I soft mod if i keep getting the "DVD read error" I haven't been able to run a game in a while so is there another way to do this besides hot swapping, which i'm nervous to try?
why not go to a used/new game store like gamestop and buy mechassault or splinter cell for $1 and softmod it using linux programs. i did it that way and it took like 10 minutes
RayRay24806 years ago
all I'm getting after I press 1 is "This machine is no xbox"
lanetb26 years ago
I would like to use this method on my xbox. I purchased a hd that is 160 gb to use in my xbox, I checked other websites to make sure it will work. The original xbox hd that is in the xbox now has not been modded or anything. If I wanted to start with my new hd and mod it, what steps do I need to take before I start following your procedure? Do I need to lock my new Hd first, or do I need to start with my original hd and mod it first then copy everything to the new one?
Suitman6 years ago
i also wanted to add, that i have tried nearly every option givin to you when you type "xboxhd" instead of "xbrowser"
Suitman6 years ago
i sucessfully hotswapped the hdd, i backed-up my c drive, then when i started the install, i had no room left on my hdd. i decided not to wait for the install to finish, so i just sut off my computer. when i started up the xbox, it booted to the screen, i deleted some of my save files, then i noticed that the blank soundtrack was there. i tried to delete it but my xbox would not let me. so i shut off my xbox, unlocked the hdd, restored my c: drive, tried the install again, it sucessfully completed, but whenever i turn on my xbox, it shows the xbox and microsoft screen, but after that the entire screen goes black. im at a dead-end!
VzjrZ maybe you or anyone else may have some recomendations? p.s does softmoding make game graphics crappy?
hey I modded my xbox sucessfully but half way through the mod It said my hard drive was full. I ended up having unleash x on my xbox and even found a page: that told me how to configure my xbox for ftp. I tried it and was even able to copy games that way it was awesome. I
can't run movies through unleash x but I can run them through M$ dashboard. There was a blank soundtrack in the M$ dashboard but when I named it <<EggsBox>> and tried copying it it didn't work. but when I went and tried playing it. It turned out to be all of my songs that were on my xbox before all combined into one. I recomend that if anyone trys doing this mod that they remove all soundtracks from xbox first. then if you want you can try puting them back after but as cool as this all is there isn't much difference between M$ and evox dashboards exept the ability to copy and play copied games. so I'm going to try using slayers v2.6 to restore my xbox hdd to retail because I'd rather have it that way. Isn't there normally a C:, E:, and D: partition on the xbox. well if thats the case why has my f: disappeared and there are now also 3 MORE named X:, Y:, and Z:. and they are only 749 mb large. is this normal for a softmod? will slayer 2.6 also restore xbox to normal partitions?
maybe the hard drive in my xbox is still locked and I need to try the one where you play and pause music then swap. any ideas. I'm not going to do anymore until I know whats wrong.
It really doesn't make sense because I did everything in the steps. does it have to do with my computer hard drive being a SATA hard drive. I don't know what I did wrong please help.
I disconnected my SATA hard drive from my computer and plugged in an IDE cable. Then I booted to the cd that I made and that worked. Then I unplugged the dvd drives power cable in xbox and turned on the xbox. I got the error 12 and then I unplugged the IDE cable from my xbox hard drive and plugged in the IDE cable from my computer but then the red light on the front of my computer turned solid red and I typed 1 on the options menu and hit enter but it got stuck and wouldn't do anything. I tried a couple of times. I also tried selecting 1 first but and then doing it but it still got stuck until the xbox drive was unplugged from computer. Any ideas or help.
I get stuck at step 5. When I do "Xbrowser" the response is: "Found harddrive No Xbox-partition table found on /dev/hda" When I do "Xboxhd" the response is: "The following drive was found on your primary master: ST310014A Could not acces the drive on primary master. Your Xbox drive is locked!" I already tried unlocking by the copy audiotrack to xbox's HD, and the play-pause option. So what is wrong and how can I make it work?!
try unplugging te DVD drive and swapping when the led FRAGs
I tried the "play a game" option to hotswap. During the game I switched the IDE cable to connect it to my pc. And then booted the pc again, but it got stuck in the bios. Then I closed everything, and now my Xbox does not do anything anymore. A primitive Dashboard does only come up when I start the Xbox without it's HD drive connected to it. With it connected the screen stays blank although the front light is lighting up like normal. How can I fix this? I feel really terrible now!
When I right click on the HERE link above it doesn't give me a save as option. It only gives a save link as & it saves it as a firefox link. Also can't get the new ISO file to show up in the xboxhdm folder. Please help.
it's not <<EggsÃox>>, it's <<Eggsßox>> the instructions contradict itself. In the instructions, it tells you <<EggsÃox>>, but in the pictures and stuff
(look closely at the picture under the CDs, right above the top of the comment section) it says <<Eggsßox>>. Plus, <<Eggsßox>> worked for me the first time, no Soundtrack error or w/e
Eh... jeez the Accented A is actually that wierd B looking symbol
les_SD_33866 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
VzjrZ (author)  les_SD_33866 years ago
Sorry but I think you have this softmod confused with another one. This instructable has you open your xbox while this one: PopSci is completely different. About your other question, in order for your xbox to be able to boot off CD-Rs you have to mod it first. You cant mod an xbox with a copy of Mechassault because the unmodded xbox will not be able to read it. It's like some kind of paradox...
(removed by author or community request)
VzjrZ (author)  les_SD_33866 years ago
When i say a "copy" of Mechassault I ment like a backup iso. Life is kind of complicated...
mobile746 years ago
OK I was not able to change the interface over to run the XBMC, but I messed up the whole sytem, so I ran the mod again, now it will no go to the MSDB nor will it play any movie(DVD,AVI) anything. If I put a dvd movie in the sys it will see it but will not launch it, and if I put an .avi that is on a cd it tells me that the tray is empty. Also can someone tell me the password for the format menu?
Hopefully you have a back up of your C. You can just re-install this softmod or find a way to restore your C if you backed it up. All you have to do to install XBMC is download the latest SVN build in XBINS, unzip, delete all the files in E/dash and replace it with the files in XBMC. You might want to re-arrange some of the files
Textbook6 years ago
This seems familiar ... Oh, that's because I wrote most of it, that's right. Hey man, if you're going to take half of my tutorial and paste it on instructables, you could at least link to the original tutorial. Would help people troubleshoot since there is already an FAQ and plenty of troubleshooting posts.
VzjrZ (author)  Textbook6 years ago
What are you talking about, I have never said anything about this being mine. If you go to step 6 you can clearly read "Here are some pages i used (copied stole) from:" and have a whole bunch of links...
VzjrZ (author)  VzjrZ6 years ago
I'm just trying to reach a different audience...
Textbook VzjrZ6 years ago
My bad, I didn't see the Ndure link in there. All is cool then, sorry about that.
Yeah, i get to a certain point, then it tells me " This is no Xbox"
Does anyone know why this happens and/or how to fix it?

Help is much appreciated =)
~ODST Falchion
VzjrZ, You seem like the person to ask, do you know what my problem is?
Guys, you can disregard my last two statements. I got the install to recognise my Xbox ( i guess i swapped at the wrong time) Silentshadow, you might try unplugging the DVDrom IDE ribbon, and swapping when the LED FIRST FRAGS ( F)lashing (R)ed(A)nd(G)reen
Hmm this dosent seem to work for me because my computer keeps telling me that my xbox is not an xbox.
mobile746 years ago
Also when I try to update the current version of unleash it tells me that there is a new update but then says can not find server
topdawg1166 years ago
I'm assuming when I put my new hard drive in my pc I connect both the primary master cable from my pc HDD AND the power molex connector?
Ok I went ahead with both connected, turned out good except when I go to lock my hard drive I type "lockhd -a" and it says my drive is frozen and to disable auto detection on my primary IDE channel in my BIOS. The only thing is that when I boot into my BIOS I can't see any option to do that!!!?! (I have an HP Pavilion/Windows XP SP2)
The closest thing is Local Bus IDE Adapter - (Primary, Secondary, Disable, Both). If I choose secondary it loads the CD and doesn't detect the HDD. If I choose Primary it doesn't load the CD. If I choose both or disable it doesn't load the CD either...
lol ok I got it. I couldn't find that option in my BIOS but what I did was booted my pc without the power connector to the hard drive but with the master cable. Then after the first linux screen appeared i plugged the power back in to my hdd i'm upgrading, ran option 3, and it locked my hard drive. Now it booted my regular MS dashboard! I don't know how to locate my softmod on(there is no blank soundtrack.
Ok I just ended up re-installing the softmod using my original cd that I used to burn my 6GB drive. Everything looks good!
djgucci6 years ago
I went step by step in this tutorial. Right at the end the ndure program
gave me an error of some kind about shadowc. It looked like it completed step 1, step 2(this was going to take 15min but for me it took like 2min (?), came to step 3 and gave me an error about shadowc. Then it said everything is completed etc. restarted the xbox and UnleashX booted. I did'nt have to do anything with ***STEP 6 NOW WHAT?*** Is the installation complete?

2-Do you have to be connected to the internet to transfer files from PC to Xbox?

3-how to get larger harddrive. Step 2 in this tutorial. Where is eeprom? Is configMagic a program on the xbox?

Thanks for all help I get! :D
VzjrZ (author)  djgucci6 years ago
Seems to me that the installation is complete.
You only need a crossover cable to connect the xbox if you dont have a router. Read this (also its a way to play fake xbox live for free):
But if your cheap, you could just get a regular ethernet cable and rewire the cables to make it a crossover. How?
How to backup the eeprom:
Under UnleashedX, in the file explorer, in the E drive, look for a folder named NDTS and then run the default.xbe file. Another program should run, then go to the backup section and backup your eeprom. Shut down your xbox. FTP to it and save the eeprom file which is in the E:\apps\evox\backup\ to your pc.
djgucci djgucci6 years ago
Forgot to ask another question. Does this modding flash the xbox in any way? How can I uninstall this mod? Do you recomend uninstalling and re-install. Maybe try from another PC and see if this shadowc error comes up again.?
VzjrZ (author)  djgucci6 years ago
No, this does not flash your xbox this is a softmod. Since you backed up your C drive before installing the softmod, you can "reload" the backup and go back to a retail state. To do this, launch Ndure Toolset and choose Restore From HD Backup. Like the saying goes if it aint broken dont fix it.
topdawg1166 years ago
I've read your mini tutorial below and I want to upgrade my hdd, but what is this that I hear about locking the hdd to a wrong password?
VzjrZ (author)  topdawg1166 years ago
The 4 inches is for the whole packaging. If your zoom in the picture you can see that on the front cover, the 4th line down clearly states "3.5 inch drive", so yes this should fit on your xbox.
VzjrZ (author)  topdawg1166 years ago
Your xbox hard drive has a "password" on it that identifies it to your xbox. If you switch it for a bigger hard drive and don't switch the password then your xbox will not recognize it and will not boot from it. Read this for a full tutorial:
noobox887 years ago
Thx for your tut VzjrZ. I braved it and almost done - trying to run the softmod by renaming the blank file but i get this error "Unable to create new soundtrack. You have reached the maximum 100 soundtracks" I looked at the soundtracks on the box and it only has 2 - the one i copied over and the blank one. Any suggestions? Thx in advance.
VzjrZ (author)  noobox887 years ago
i think this means your done, just play that copied soundtrack and see what happens...
noobox88 VzjrZ7 years ago
i played the track and its the track i copied over in order to do the hotswap. Strange how the track has no name and when played, has no timer too. I've done something wrong down the line, not sure if u can help further. Thx anyway.
VzjrZ (author)  noobox887 years ago
Sorry for being crazy, When you rename the blank song to <> your xbox should like reboot and show you that its softmodded.
noobox88 VzjrZ7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
TO VzjrZ. Cheers, i got it sorted. what i had to do was type in the date then reset depressing the buttons...then UNLEASHX came up. Thx a lot. I can confirm this method works. Now time to upgrade the hdd...
sorry, when you when date. You needed to set the system date. Also depressing the buttons ???? Thing is I had the exact initial issue you had with making a copy of the track. Can you reply with a step by step as to what you did from there to the stage you got the softmod running.
Hi mz...once you have added the date, use the joypad controller and press all the buttons together in order to reset the machine. You should get the unleashx dash. Hope it works.
Ok, so you never actually renamed the blank track or renamed it. At the moment I can't rename it and also when i play it , the song i originally copied to the hard drive plays, the xbox doesn't reboot . I'm thinking now I should remove the track all together, and start over . Can you tell me if you know, how I can now remove that blank track stored on the disc as I now get the error that I've maxed my limit of 100 soundtracks and i only have 1 there
mz, i did get to rename the track and like the video it reset. (make sure you type the eggsbox bit correctly) After it reset, it loaded up the standard MS dash then i had to then insert the date, then manually do a reset with the joypad pressing all the buttons. Then the unleashz dash appeared.
VzjrZ (author)  noobox887 years ago
QUICK TUTORIAL FOR UPGRADING HARD-DRIVE AFTER ALREADY SOFTMODDING STOCK DRIVE VIA NDURE 1) Get xboxhdm and extract it. 2) Use ConfigMagic to extract your eeprom. FTP this to your pc, rename it to eeprom.bin, and put it into the /eeprom folder of xboxhdm. 3) Go into File Manager on your xbox, navigate to e:/ndts and run the default.xbe in there. This will load an altered version of unleashx with full access to C and E. 4) FTP your C and E drives onto your pc and put them in the respective folders in xboxhdm. 5) Run make-iso-win in xboxhdm and burn the iso with alcohol 120% or any other alternative image burning software. 6) Place the xboxhdm CD in your cd drive and then shutdown your PC. Disconnect your hard-drive. Connect your new hard-drive to the primary master and then boot up your computer. 7) When xboxhdm loads up choose option 1, then when it's loaded type xboxhd. Choose option 1 again to prepare xbox hard-drive from scratch. Answer Yes to all the questions and when it is finished hit reboot. 8) Now when xboxhdm comes up choose option 3, and then once this is loaded type 'lockhd -a'. This will find your eeprom.bin and lock the hard-drive. 9) Your new hard-drive is now ready to put into your xbox and will be an exact mirror of your existing xbox drive but obviously with a lot more free space.
noobox88 VzjrZ7 years ago
VzjrZ: Thx so much for ALL your support. Got my 250Gb in and working sweet. Only thing is i cant see G drive when i ftp to it. (i have enabled it in dash and also checked the nkp.67 option during iso creation) Any ideas for my final step?
Sorted after a little looking around. A BIG cheers to VzjrZ to has not only taught me to mod but helped me learn a great deal about the box. Thx mate :-)
VzjrZ (author)  VzjrZ7 years ago
cyre6 years ago
Its a lot easier to use the Splinter Cell exploit, it literally takes all of 5 minutes and you don't have to open the xbox. The only downside is that you can no longer use Xbox Live anymore.
mobile746 years ago
How do I get the interface that you have shown in then begining video? Also if I eject a game, I have to power off the sys and then power it back on. And what is the password for the format menu? But it plays everything and was super easy.... You are the man!!!!!!!!!!!
The dashboard in the video above is called "XBMC" (Xbox Media Center). I did some searching, downloaded it deleted all my files in E:/dash/ and replaced it with the files from the download and it booted up perfectly fine with XBMC.
topdawg1166 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
What skin is that in the first video? And I had an error where it said no space left for device but It finished and I still continued and i loaded unleash x, but am I suppposed to have applications, and when i download skins it doesn't come up in the list of skins to choose from??
(error 117 when trying to copy games)
Ok nevermind, I replaced my interface from UnleashX to XBMC which is so much better and that pretty much answers all my questions. I can now back up my games to my hard drive with XBMC without any errors. Thanks for the tutorial.
topdawg1166 years ago
Sorry for all the questions, but some things aren't very clear and I'm not very experienced with this: Where EXACTLY is the video molex connecter. (Why would it be disconnected?) Am I connecting the IDE cable from the PC TO the Hard Drive in the Xbox?(Is my PC Hard Drive supposed to be disconnected?) What kind of safety risks are there removing and adding wires with both my Xbox and PC both open and running. (Xbox WARNING: "Visible and invisible laser radiation when open. Do not stare into the beam or view directly with optical instruments")
VzjrZ (author)  topdawg1166 years ago
Where EXACTLY is the video molex connector. (Why would it be disconnected?) It is the cable that connects to the back of your xbox which then connects to your TV, it's the cable that carries the video to your TV. If this cable is not connected to your xbox then your xbox will not turn on it will instead get an error. Am I connecting the IDE cable from the PC TO the Hard Drive in the Xbox?(Is my PC Hard Drive supposed to be disconnected?) Yes you are connecting the IDE cable from your pc to the xbox's hard drive. This means that your primary IDE cable that usually belongs to your hard drive is supposed to be disconnected. What kind of safety risks are there removing and adding wires with both my Xbox and PC both open and running. (Xbox WARNING: "Visible and invisible laser radiation when open. Do not stare into the beam or view directly with optical instruments") The only real danger is frying your xbox with static electricity or a miss ground. About the radiation, that is for the DVD drive laser. In the worst case scenario your xbox's hard drive gets broken from all the physical trauma or your xbox's motherboard somehow gets fried.
kjholoday6 years ago
wat happens if i didnt do the iso right wat do i do then???
VzjrZ (author)  kjholoday6 years ago
Just try to compile the iso again and see if it works. Start from the beginning.
kjholoday6 years ago
=can i do this on a windows 98 computer???? im soo lost
VzjrZ (author)  kjholoday6 years ago
Yeah sure as long as you have a cd burner.
kjholoday6 years ago
i think so but does the disc drive need to be dvd or does the disc need to be dvd?????
VzjrZ (author)  kjholoday6 years ago
No you do not need either a dvd drive or a dvd. You can use a cd burner to burn the iso to a cd. But I would consider buying a dvd burner to "backup" your games once you get the softmod installed.
jackfr0st6 years ago
is this also the mod to be able to do mods on games? like halo 2?
VzjrZ (author)  jackfr0st6 years ago
Yeah you can do a lot of things with a modded xbox...
jackfr0st VzjrZ6 years ago
my friend has a softmodded xbox, and he has some cool map and weapon mods for halo 2. just wondering if i could do that with this
VzjrZ (author)  jackfr0st6 years ago
Yeah, of course your can use cool maps and weapon mods with this sofmod. When you finish softmodding your xbox just go here and learn about this map pack:
aRbitrisT6 years ago
i get to the "EggsBox" part, it goes to credits, boots, but it dousnt boot with unleash X, it just boots normally
i have the same prob... whats wrong?
VzjrZ (author)  aRbitrisT6 years ago
It's telling you that the clock needs to be set, set the clock correctly, then press the A button (green) so the settings will save then do "In Game Reset" or power cycle.
aRbitrisT VzjrZ6 years ago
i set the time then i reset it still boots up noraml
i set the time then i reset it still boots up noraml
DaMeloOne6 years ago
During the process of NDURE's installation, I got the following message: CP:unable to open '/xbox/c/xodash/x0linedash.xbe':no such file or directory CP:unable to open '/xbox/c/xodash/x20linedash.xbe':no such file or directory CP:unable to open '/xbox/c/xodash/x0nlinedash.xbe':no such file or directory CP:unable to open '/xbox/c/xodash". After finishing installing the NDURE, reconnected the HD, and rebooted the XBOX, im able to see the xecuter mainpage, but i cannot play audio cds, or go into the xboxdashboard. How do i fix this?
VzjrZ (author)  DaMeloOne6 years ago
on the unleashed x dashboard there should be a link to the ms dashboard...
DaMeloOne VzjrZ6 years ago
i click on the ms dashboard then it gives me an error file not found
VzjrZ (author)  DaMeloOne6 years ago
When you created the boot disk, did you check the "Retail Files" on the ndure set up screen?
DaMeloOne VzjrZ6 years ago
VzjrZ (author)  DaMeloOne6 years ago
do you really need the MS dashboard? Just install XBMC to play your cd, trust me it's much better...
DaMeloOne VzjrZ6 years ago
wat if i wanna play halo2 on live?
VzjrZ (author)  DaMeloOne6 years ago
Your right, without the MS dash you cant manage your xbox accounts. See if you can use this method: JUST do step 2...
rob22026 years ago
i have problems once again...i loaded the dos skin, and now it freezes on boot, i was messing with it today and it booted with the default skin, on boot it said "the skin you have selected has caused BLANK to freeze, please change the skin, or ignore this message and reboot" (blank is were i forgot what it said, well i changed the skin and saved it, when i rebooted, it used the dos skin again, and still freezes, i dont know what i did to make it work, got any ideas?
VzjrZ (author)  rob22026 years ago
Can you play games, does the xbox boot from games?
rob2202 VzjrZ6 years ago
1 yes, 2 dunno what you mean by boot from games
VzjrZ (author)  rob22026 years ago
create a dashboard boot cd-rw and just boot off that to enable FTP, then erase the dos skin.
rob2202 VzjrZ6 years ago
how do i make a dashboard boot cd-rw
VzjrZ (author)  rob22026 years ago
I got to step 5, but it doesn't find my hdd. It did once, but then it didn't find the xbox partition table. I really can't figure out what to do. I have a hunch I didn't unlock it, but I've tried many procedures... HELP!!! PS My xbox is a version 1.5.
VzjrZ (author)  techienetwork6 years ago
try google to find more ways to unlock your harddrive. I CANT HELP PEOPLE with basic stuff...sorry mate...
I got to step 5, but it doesn't find my hdd. It did once, but then it didn't find the xbox partition table. I really can't figure out what to do. I have a hunch I didn't unlock it, but I've tried many procedures... HELP!!!
rob22026 years ago
how do i unlock the hardrive once its modded, btw do you know how to build a new hdd from scratch and mod that?
VzjrZ (author)  rob22026 years ago
What do you mean by "unlock"? If you want to replace the drive with a bigger drive: QUICK TUTORIAL FOR UPGRADING HARD-DRIVE AFTER ALREADY SOFTMODDING STOCK DRIVE VIA NDURE 1) Get xboxhdm and extract it. 2) Use ConfigMagic to extract your eeprom. FTP this to your pc, rename it to eeprom.bin, and put it into the /eeprom folder of xboxhdm. 3) Go into File Manager on your xbox, navigate to e:/ndts and run the default.xbe in there. This will load an altered version of unleashx with full access to C and E. 4) FTP your C and E drives onto your pc and put them in the respective folders in xboxhdm. 5) Run make-iso-win in xboxhdm and burn the iso with alcohol 120% or any other alternative image burning software. 6) Place the xboxhdm CD in your cd drive and then shutdown your PC. Disconnect your hard-drive. Connect your new hard-drive to the primary master and then boot up your computer. 7) When xboxhdm loads up choose option 1, then when it's loaded type xboxhd. Choose option 1 again to prepare xbox hard-drive from scratch. Answer Yes to all the questions and when it is finished hit reboot. 8) Now when xboxhdm comes up choose option 3, and then once this is loaded type 'lockhd -a'. This will find your eeprom.bin and lock the hard-drive. 9) Your new hard-drive is now ready to put into your xbox and will be an exact mirror of your existing xbox drive but obviously with a lot more free space.
rob2202 VzjrZ6 years ago
i mean unlock so it can communicate with my computer
VzjrZ (author)  rob22026 years ago
Just turn it on to evox, then set up a FTP connection.
rob2202 VzjrZ6 years ago
k thanks
Does this allow you to run burned XBOx games...?
VzjrZ (author)  SuperHumanly6 years ago
This lets you run burned games, right...?
rob22026 years ago
i get to the "EggsBox" part, it goes to credits, boots, but it dousnt boot with unleash X, it just boots normally
rob2202 rob22026 years ago
nvm got it
rob22026 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
VzjrZ (author)  rob22026 years ago
Your misspelling it, its supposed to be a B with the accent. SEE SECOND PICTURE, dont delete anything just follow instructions
rob2202 VzjrZ6 years ago
thanks alot, im kinda a newbie, my dads helping me alot with this (he's an IT guy with a computer business and lots of training and experience), but anyway i got it to work after that but now it dousn't look the same and i don't know how to set up an FTP to the xbox, if you could help id be really thankfull.
VzjrZ (author)  rob22026 years ago
rob22026 years ago
I get to the point were we have to type in <> (I know that the "A" has an accent on it) it says "Unable to create new soundtrack, You have reached the maximum amount of 100 soundtracks.
shypunker26 years ago
that was a b***h to do. works great though. lots of trial and error...thanks!
rebirthsoul6 years ago
I got to the hot swap part. I keep getting errors and then at then end of it it reads that theres USB 8 or USB Port 8. Sometimes I see the partion error described by beagressive. Do you know how I can fix this? I tried letting the song play for 3~5 minz before. I also tried to do it by swapping right before the fade in of M$. I checked the hot swap faq you included in the tutorial but it doesn't seem to work. Got any more tips on how I can make it work? Thankx
goznya6 years ago
I did my first xbox just fine but i tried another one and did everything just the same but ndure would not install xbox logo comes on but just get a black screen. please help cant get a cd to work to unlock the hard drive please help.
VzjrZ (author)  goznya6 years ago
what do you mean? when you say you get a blackscreen? Does the cd not boot right? Does the xbox seem to be broken? or can you just not get the ndure to install? Explain...
goznya VzjrZ6 years ago
I got it to unlock but when i go to install ndure it says could not find latest dash board might have problem with dual boot.
VzjrZ (author)  goznya6 years ago
Note: It is recommended to update your dashboard to MS Dash version 5960. While this may not be necessary for everybody, this tutorial will not work for people who have the 4034 dash. To avoid any and all problems, upgrading the dash to 5960 is highly recommended because nobody should have problems if they are running that dashboard. This softmod works perfectly with the 5960 dashboard version. To update your dashboard, you can use any newer (post-Halo 2) retail Xbox LIVE game. You don't have to have Xbox LIVE, you don't have to have an internet connection, and you don't even have to have a network cable plugged into the Xbox. Just load up Halo 2 or any game made after that, select Xbox LIVE, and it will proceed to upgrade your Xbox dashboard.
goznya VzjrZ6 years ago
OH and another thing I didnt have a blank song and I didnt have to put in the code <<EggsBox>> and it still works till this day. I dont know why but I know it works.Thanks for all your help...o(_)o
goznya VzjrZ6 years ago
Well i got it to work. When i booted up the xbox and it went to the black screen I put in the audio cd and waited a few sec, then i pushed left on the d pad then hit A, that worked on unlocking my hard drive, even though i had no visual. So I made another ndure boot cd, this time I checked all the kernal #s plus the generic and made the iso. Then i swapped the hdd to my PC and installed ndur, it still said i might have a problem with dual booting but I tried it anyways. So I waited till it was done then plugged my xbox back into the t.v. and TA DA it worked.
randomguy VzjrZ6 years ago
I am having exact same problem. I upgraded with nDure successfully, it took less than 5 minutes (you did say it would be at least 15) and it said it had done. So i pressed a key and it went back to xbrowser. Then i turned off pc and xbox. Replaced xbox IDE cable on drive and rebooted. It showed the normal loading screen but then just gives a black screen and the hard drive ticks repettitively. The circle on the eject button is glowing light orange. I have been into xboxhd to try and restore the backup. I get messages telling me that the the 'hd is unlocked' but 'No xbox partition table found on /dev/hda' I can play games if i boot the xbox with the game in the drive but cannot get to the dashboard. Could you let me know how to proceed with either restoring the backup or getting out of this mess!!! Thanks in advance
VzjrZ (author)  randomguy6 years ago
put in the game cd, play game pop open the dvd drive, and it should revert back to the ORIGINAL xbox dash, fix clock. power it off, reboot, and then unleashx dashboard should be back...maybe
zack_nio6 years ago
ok so ive softmodded h xbox and it works awesome but is there anyway to trasfer my files via cd itnstead of FTP.. i dont have a crossover cord is there anything else i can do?
VzjrZ (author)  zack_nio6 years ago
You only need a crossover cable is you dont have a router. Read this (also its a way to play fake xbox live for free):
But if your cheap, you could just get a regular ethernet cable and rewire the cables to make it a crossover. How?
tgranger6 years ago
I have the same problem as beagressive where it searches for an xbox partition table but can't find one and then says done. I believe I have the updated dashboard because when I hit xbox live in halo 2 it says I cant connect, or do I need a game after halo 2? Also, if someone could post pictures of how they connect the xbox to their computer, because when I tried I had the CD drive in my computer connected to the secondary slot, and then the second slot empty of anything including the wire. Then, I put a CD in the xbox, copied a song, played it, paused it, then removed the cord from the back of the xbox hard drive and plugged a cord into it and then into the main slot on the computer after turning on the computer and having it load to the main screen. When I hit 1, it has all of the script with the penguin on top, but in the first couple of lines I can read something to the effect of "This is not an XBOX". So, should I have my PC hard drive connected to anything, and is there a specific time I should plug the xbox into the PC? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have been trying to do this for a long time.
VzjrZ (author)  tgranger6 years ago
you should play the track for about 3-5 min, this gives your xbox enough time to unlock the drive. Then just disconnect the ata cable NOT the power cable from the back of the xbox drive and connect it to your computer.see if that works...
randomguy6 years ago
I upgraded with nDure successfully, it took less than 5 minutes (you did say it would be at least 15) and it said it had done. So i pressed a key and it went back to xbrowser. Then i turned off pc and xbox. Replaced xbox IDE cable on drive and rebooted. It showed the normal loading screen but then just gives a black screen and the hard drive ticks repettitively. The circle on the eject button is glowing light orange. I have been into xboxhd to try and restore the backup. I get messages telling me that the the 'hd is unlocked' but 'No xbox partition table found on /dev/hda' I can play games if i boot the xbox with the game in the drive but cannot get to the dashboard. Could you let me know how to proceed with either restoring the backup or getting out of this mess!!! Thanks in advance
VzjrZ (author)  randomguy6 years ago
put in the game cd, and restart. pop open the dvd drive, and it should revert back to the ORIGINAL xbox dash, fix clock. power it off, reboot, and then unleashx dashboard should be back...maybe
tgranger6 years ago
after I right click on the link and hit save target as, it comes up with the screen and I delete the extention and period, but when I go into the file the extension is still on it. Then, I rename the file and delete the extension, but it says that I can't because there is already a file with that name. I deleted the old one and then renamed the new file by deleting the extension, and there was no complaint. Will this still work?
VzjrZ (author)  tgranger6 years ago
sounds about right
tgranger6 years ago
For some reason, I suck at unlocking the hard drive. I tried copying the song and playing it for a few seconds and a few minutes. I tried unplugging the DVD drive on the XBOX but that didnt work. Is it easier with the EEPROM file thing, but I have no idea how to use that. PLEASE HELP ME I AM GOING CRAZY!!!! email me at
Thizzlano7 years ago
quick question when i save the above file it's doesn't say "save as" it says "Save Target As" and it still saves it as an "html" and i can't figure out the problem....any solutions
what i ended up doing was, once it gave me tyhe "save as" window, i went through the file tree and clicked on the original file, and it worked fine for me. i had the same problem at first though.
VzjrZ (author)  Thizzlano7 years ago
if it adds an html extension simply delete it read this:
How To Delete Extension
mindstate6 years ago
this is a nice tut, plan on going out and coppin a xbox just to do this, thanks Vz
i cannot get to that screen you have when you type xbrowser it looks for a cd rom and then it says found hard rive then it says we will now search /dev/hda for an xbox partition table... then No xbox partition table found on /dev/hda then done then is says root@xbox-hdm:/2 very confused could you please help me?? thanks so much
VzjrZ (author)  beaggressive7 years ago
this means that your xbox hard drive is not unlocked: For a hotswap to be successful the Xbox hard drive needs to be unlocked. This can be done by simply doing this: - put an audio cd in the xbox - copy one track to the hd - play the track from the HD, let play for a few seconds - pause the song - you HDD is now ready for hotswap!
(removed by author or community request)
it just reboots and goes to the normal screen as if nothing had ever been done
VzjrZ (author)  beaggressive7 years ago
try turning on your xbox using the eject button... maybe that will work
Ok i got the eggbox code to work<> with the weird b accent reboots and im stll on the normall xbox dasH?? what next
do you think somthing went wrong when reboots the song is still blank and it plays one of the songs i had on my hd b4 i did all this soft modding stuff PLease help me out
IT says 100song limit reached i only see one song listed and audio cd.. plese help...
hey got the software installed and it installed fine but now when i go to copy it doesnt cause i have reached the 100 song limit? plese help
goznya7 years ago
Very nice work on the tutoral. it worked great buti wll only copy certian games and how do i get the roms for other systems and how do i copy games to dvd.
VzjrZ (author)  goznya7 years ago
How to get roms for other systems:
1)Find right emulator at
2)Use regular roms downloaded from the usual places...

How do i copy games to dvd:
1)Copy game to xbox using unleashed
2)FTP the game folder to your computer(takes about hours)
3)Use this to burn the folder to an xbox DVD:
First and foremost, thanks for the worked great and it was very easy. However, when I turn my XB on after step 5, it booted to an "Unleashed" logo...and another dashboard... I can play burned games (woohoo)but I cant run any data disks(cd/dvd) or watch any dvd movies... My dashboard doent look anything like the one that u demostrated on the first page...did I screw up?HELP
VzjrZ (author)  aaronjahan747 years ago
The default dashboard is launched from E:/Dash/. To change to a new dashboard like XBMC or Avalaunch, FTP in, delete everything in E:/Dash/ and upload the new dash files. Double check to make sure there is a default.xbe in E:/Dash/ after transferring. If there is, you should be fine.
VzjrZ (author)  aaronjahan747 years ago
You have to install XBMC (xbox media center) get the files from the irc and then ftp them to your e drive on the xbox.
Read all of this:
FTP the entire XBMC in folder to \E\Apps\ and then you can invoke XBMC from the EvoX dashboard under the applications menu.
ok maybe u can help me again, I have successfully modded my xbox...however I dont know how to make xbmc my default dashboard...and when I load the emulators and the roms off of the AID V4 (auto installer) they dont load up right, I cant play any emulator games, if that sounds right
VzjrZ (author)  aaronjahan747 years ago
I have to idea about the emulator, try using a different one if you can find one, sorry if i cant help...
Bigmatt37 years ago
I some how didint have enough space to load Ndure so it didint make it past step 2 Since i backed up, caint i go back to original state so i can clear some room and try again? Please help me
onetime7 years ago
ok got the iso built...but when i got o hot swop ......the comp screen just pauses ...and nothing else????.......anything ....did i make the iso wrong? i have to use the track you say or can i just use on thats on my unit already?
VzjrZ (author)  onetime7 years ago
Make sure your computer boots off the cd. The track gets created during the softmod, so no you cant just copy any track.
kxt7 years ago
Has this worked for anyone successfully yet? also is there a pre-manufacture date that this will not work on? Thanks
VzjrZ (author)  kxt7 years ago
this should work with all first generation xboxes
hey all i have softmoded my xbox and all the stuff that is said about cutting cables and opening ur box is not right its super easy to soft mod anyone that wants to know how i can walk u thrue ut step by step on aim pro i can even get u started modding halo 2 my aim name is isoftmod4fun all u need to soft mod is a xbox action replay original version of splinter cell and a good computer fith a downloaded copy of flash fxp it takes all of 10 mins to do the inital mod(it will install evox or unleash x dashboard) then it takes about 4 hours to install xbox meida center and all the other goodies (like a snes and games a awsome dvd player browser pretty much what ever u want ) i also have some awsone funmodded halo2 maps that i can send using aim pro
werdna217 years ago
wut r da kernal and dashboard version #'s for
VzjrZ (author)  werdna217 years ago
They are so that your boot cd has the specific files for your specific xbox...reduces incompatibility problems
Freeland7 years ago
Hello VzjrZ. During the process of NDURE's installation, I got the following message: CP:unable to open '/xbox/c/xodash/x0linedash.xbe':no such file or directory CP:unable to open '/xbox/c/xodash/x20linedash.xbe':no such file or directory CP:unable to open '/xbox/c/xodash/x0nlinedash.xbe':no such file or directory CP:unable to open '/xbox/c/xodash". After finishing installing the NDURE, reconnected the HD, and rebooted the XBOX, XBOX Microsoft logo came up then the screen become blank (black creen). During creating the bootable CD, for the NKPatcher Options I selected NKP 67 and NKP Progressive. Could this causes the problem. Please advise.
VzjrZ (author)  Freeland7 years ago
The error messages sound like you didnt create the iso correctly. And i wouldnt really use the NKP option. Just try to compile the iso again and start from scratch.
Freeland7 years ago
Hi. I am getting confuse by looking at the information. What is the exact name for the new sound track should be?
VzjrZ (author)  Freeland7 years ago
I dont know what happened but somehow the name keeps "changing"?!? the name is EggsBox with the "B" really being a beta accent character...maybe that helps maybe not...
VzjrZ (author)  VzjrZ7 years ago
it should be typed exactly like this: <>
VzjrZ (author) 7 years ago
All you people have been bashing my instructable since i first posted guys keep talking about a "safer" "better" way. I know, I know all about the softmod with mechassault, 007, and Splinter Cell. I was even thinking about doing that when i first searched out a way to mod my Xbox. But then i hit road blocks like the necessity of actually owning one of this old games. Then you have to go out and buy the action replay which is like 20 dollars. Even if i did have 20 dollars i could never find the stupid usb connection one. So i did the hot swap technique and it worked great. People, i said, should know about this, they could make it work. And together as a community move forward. Maybe people want a better, safer way...This is that way...
tazeo7 years ago
Could you use a USB to IDE connector to do the hot Swap?
do not do a hot swap its retarded it can ruin ur xbox and is totaly a old out dated way to mod takes more time and u have to open yr xbox dont do it. do my method its easy and takes no skill at all please feel free to contact me at my aim listel below and if u cant get me there email me at
VzjrZ (author)  tazeo7 years ago
i dont think that would work since the linux cd doesnt have any usb drivers??...but go ahead and try if you want
here is my problem i have done the controler mod so i can connect it to my pc via usb but now i have know idea how im sposed to get files off my comp onto my mem card to trransfer to my xbox can anyone help i downloaded the action replay program but it does not detct the mem card on my controller and wont let me drag and past
swabedor7 years ago
Check out they've got a tutorial on how to softmod it without hot swapping.

I have done this one and is much safer.

Have fun! :)
VzjrZ (author)  swabedor7 years ago
ofcourse there are boundless of possible alternatives to hot swapping, but have you ever considered the possibility that someone doest/cant find an action replay memory card?
lol project nightmare! cool instructable, can this type of stuff be done to other systems? like a psp, a computer, ps2, etc.? if this was a stupid question, it is because im just catching on to theese types of complex/illegal instructables.
VzjrZ (author)  chuck norris7 years ago
yeah this can be done to a psp:
no way! my psp will eventually kick some serious... buttox! (hey, consider the kids! lol.) thank you for posting it, Vzjrz!
wow, your great if you keep your word. You said, "I am responsible for any damage that may be caused while attempting anything in this tutorial". "I am" is different from "I am not"
VzjrZ (author)  Project_Nightmare7 years ago
didnt see that, thanks for mentioning it...
Duuude!!! you fucked my imaginary xBox!! I'll sue you if you don't send in a new one RIGHT NOW :PP
VzjrZ (author) 7 years ago
this softmod is only necessary if you dont own a copy of 007 or Mechassault or a memory card: SOFTMOD

cammel87 years ago
That video is not of a softmodded xbox. It is a hardware modded xbox. You cannot store that many games on a softmodded xbox without repalceing the hard drive. The flubber screen said xecuter2 wich means it has a chip in it, and xecuter2 to be exact. And all of the things done in the video cannot be done unless you install xbmc, however you didnt show how to do that. Also you forgot to mention that hotswapping is very dangerous for not only the xbox but for the computer as well. That is why this is a very outdated way of doing the softmod. Your best bet for doing the softmod is to use some kind of exploit instead of the hot swap. Not to mention this had to take at least a half hour to do. A person that has never done a softmod in their life can soft mod an xbox in less than ten minutes and they never have to open the box. By opening their box it voids the warrenty, however if you just softmod it you can roll it back and it never whos it was modded. The reason it is called a soft mod is because you modify the box with software, you shouldnt even need any tools. The last softmod I did took me five minutes and I never broke the case open. The first person that responded to this instructable said "project nightmare" but they really arent. If more people knew just how easy it is to softmod an xbox, more people would so it. I fear by you showing the hotswap meathod you really scred some people away from doing it. and that would be a shame, the xbox s one of the best consoles ever devised and we need to get more people to understand the full potential of an xbox. my xbox and xbox 360 can do almost all of the same things but my xbox can do so much more cause its hacked. Sorry about the rant but I really hope and pray that people that read this look into it further and see that there are other easier ways of doing the softmod and dont get scared off.
so, u say that it would be better to got with a chip installation
Well, I never said that. However, alot of people believe that xbox will eventually start banning soft mods as well as hard mods by scanning the drives. As it is right now, for softmods, only bungie bans the users name from matchmaking however you can still go on xbox live. Where a chip, if you are caught you will have your xbox banned for life from and that ban comes from live itself and cant use it on liive at all. however as long as you shut the chip off beforehand there is no way for them to recognise that the box is moded. right now if you cold boot a softmoded xbox you can go on live but that could change.

As far as what I think is better, I dont care. Both work almost the exact same way. Only diffeerences between my softmodded xbox and my hard modded xbox is that in the hard mod I can change the flubber screen where in the softmod, you cannot change it becaause the softmod kicks in after the flubber screen has already came and went, and the hard drive is stock in my softmod where it is a 200 gig in the hard mod. But that is only becuase I havent changed the hard drive, not because I cant.

the way the hard mod works is it bypasses the bios with its own version, where the softmod waits till the bios loads and then exploits it to add its own code afterward using either an audio or font exploit.

The hard mod cost me like 30 for the chip and like 200 for the hard drive, but that was shen 200 gig hdd were almost a buck a gig, you can get them cheaper now. The soft mod cost me 5 bucks for the splinter cell game, and I bought a mempry card for 8 bucks off ebay.

Had I not had a hacked xbox i would have been forced to hook my memory card to the computer by either a action replay or by an adapter to the usb. the action replay cost about 30 bucks but you can make an adapter out of an old usb cord to work with your xbox controler.

So all said it cost nothing to softmod the xbox because everything I got I can reuse again and again, it is not permanently stuck in the xbox like the chip is in the other one.

To hard mod an xbox you have to open the case and take out the hard drive the dvdrom drive the power supply and unhook the motherboard from the box and take it out so you can solder it. Then put it all back together, and run a program that will unlok the hard drive, then its easiest to unhook it again and hook it to your computer and do the rest of the install from a computer. that is as long as the computer is faster than a 733mhz computer which is what the xbox is. then take the hard drive back out of the computer and put it back in the xbox. To take it apart you have to poke a hole in one of the stickers and they know then that you took it apart and it voids the warenty, and to put it back to stock you have to take it all apert and reverse everything you did. **NOTE: IT IS ACTUALLY EASY TO DO< IT JUST LOOKS COMPICATED BUT IN ACTUALITY IT IS EASY** The whole job takes about an hour.

To softmod an xbox you copy som game saves onto the hard drive, boot up specific game, open the gamesave, back up your eprom, copy the files you need, reboot, alow it to do the virtual c and e and you are done. The whole job takes about 5 minutes.

Tools needed for a hard mod is screwdrivers torxbits a computer some a cdrom and a way to burn stuff to it, soldering iron and suplies, soldering skills, patience.

Tools needed for a softmod is some way of getting the gamesaves to the memory card (IE:action replay or adpter or a friend with a modded xbox.) A specific game (I used splinter cell)

Both mods gave me a great deal of satisfaction when I completed them. the hard mod gave me a great deal of satisfaction because i actually soldered it together and made it work. it was my first hardware mode ever on anything. (I had a modchip in my playstation when they first came out but I didnt install it myself) the softmod gave me great satisfaction because it was so easy and i was able to do it in five minutes.

So in answer to your question : "so, u say that it would be better to got with a chip installation", it does not matter wich way you do it because in the end you have the same thing. There is no difference between what I can do with the chipped one and what I can do with the softmodded one.

I have a friend that swears he hates softmods becuase thye will get banned one day but his chipped box cant be banned. (there are programs that stop him from going on live while the modchip is on.) I have another that swears he hates chips becuase yo cant use live at all, which sucks. The main attraction to some of these games, like Halo, is its online game play. and there is a growing number of modders out there that enjoy the modding of these games for fun. Im not talking cheaters, im talking people that completely redesign the boards so they have a completely custom game. or people that reskin the whole board. i seen one once where the guy redesined a board so it looked lust like his school then he made the priciples office have boobs all over the place. it was awesome. How can he share that with millions of other people unless he can get on live while mdding, which you cant do on a chipped box. (unless he uses kia and has fr