Step 1: Materials:

Picture of Materials:
Desktop PC with an ATA connection NOT SATA
CD Recorder in your PC
Blank CD-R
ISO Recorder v2(Or any other program to burn ISOs to cds)
WinRAR or the very awesome and free 7-zip
XboxHDM v1.9 (Scrow down to download it)
Kingroach's NDURE 3.0 (Scrow down to download it) or go here NDURE 3.0
Torx 20 Screwdriver for opening the xbox
Whatever is needed to open up your computer case
Some intelligence and patience

Download the necessary files from above. Install ISO Recorder and WinRAR. After WinRAR is installed, use it to extract xboxhdm.
jflores124 years ago
I need help. I have tried to use the hotswap method to fix error 21, but no luck.): I do have the EEPROM that I got from an EEPROM Reader. I couldn't backup through FTP because it wouldnt let me.
Therre's something strange here, I have Desktop one who has SATA and even ATA cable, however the ATA cable isn't big enough too fit in the Xbox HDD!?! Ho could this be ? anyone who might have the answer. ?

PS this is an ATA cabe no?

That is actually a floppy drive cable... It is NOT an ATA or IDE cable. I'm guessing that your computer is too new to have any ATA slots on the motherboard. It's primary way of interactig with drives is SATA. That picture you showed isn't an ATA

Sorry, that picture you showed actually was an ATA cable, but what you are saying sounds like a floppy slot. If it is a newer computer with SATA, then it likely doesn't have an IDE slot but a floppy slot. The ATA looks similar to a floppy cable but it is not as wide... I would suggest counting the pins on the cable you are trying to use. If it has 20 in one row, then it is an IDE'ata. if it is a floppy, it has more like 17 or 18...

does anyboody know where I can get the endure for windows vista?
click on the link on this page it will work for vista, you might have to set it up as administrative program?
Narmegil7 years ago
Desktop PC with an ATA connection... Um... I know this is kinda a noobish question, but can someone explain to me what that is?
it is a 40 pin plug that connects your HardDrive and Cdrom to your computer!,
If it was a sata drive it would have 9 pins and smaller the a ata, unless you have a 2006 and newer, it is a ata
PureHunger6 years ago
Where can I download some patience? :)
I think i briked my xbox.... its sitting now with the logo and the the word microsoft under it and not doing a thing. its right now unlocked since its saying that but i dont know whats wrong and im unsure of the kernel ... help please
did u dort out ur xbox...?
No actuly i fixed it. The method here requires that i have the original dashboard. When i went off to first do this i screwed it up and removed it (not a good choice) i ended up having to download that entire thing again and hot swap it over to the hd. Now i got ndure to install and it works. i scraped it via ftp and put on xbmc. Im in absolute love with it now and so is the rest of the family. my dvds never will get scratched again.
richard1426 years ago
why wont the xbox hd unlock no mater what i do ? can someone please help me to get it unlockso i can mod it please
theres a video on youtube about unlocking Xbox HD`s
can someone email me in like super dumb guy mode how to do this? I currently have a mooded xbox. just I would like to change out hard drive so that I can down load stuff games to the drive. imthejuggernaut@ymail.com thanks
hd2266 years ago
In place of a Torx 20 screwdriver, u can use a 1/8 hex bit/key... Works just as well, and a good alternative if you haven't got any Torx bits... The soft-mod went like a dream, thanx
ilikepie237 years ago
my processor isnt compatible with ISO recorder... is there another program i can use to do the same thing?
Jester_boy27 years ago
I noticed that the .rar file is getting converted to html. Simply right click on the link and go Save target as then when it shows html simply change it to a .rar instead of htm this will save it with a winrar extension. Now you should be ok it worked for me.
pri_i_oh7 years ago
When I click on xboxhdmv1.9.rar it just gives me a bunch of letters and numbers (computer lingo) I downloaded and ran both the other programs and it still does it.
catzzzvb7 years ago
For some reason, when I downloaded Ndure, there was no .exe for me to run! What's up there?
I did download the .RAR file, however, after I downloaded and extracted the contents, there was nothing to run (an .EXE). Should there be? Or am I misunderstanding this?
VzjrZ (author)  catzzzvb7 years ago
its a rar file you need Winrar to open it, just scrow down to the pictures and download the exe instead...
bali1017 years ago
xboxhdmv1.9.rar link isnt working...please repost
VzjrZ (author)  bali1017 years ago
it works for me, maybe its something on your end...