Step 3: Create boot disk 2

Hit next and it will ask you where you want to save your NDURE folder. Save it to /xboxhdm/linux/ , which is wherever you extracted your Xboxhdm ZIP archive you downloaded earlier. Hit Install and wait for it to finish. When it is finished, the last line will say Completed and you can hit Next, then Finish to close out of Ndure.

First, you must download the updated script (at the bottom of this step). When you save the file it will ask you where you want to save the file and what do you want to name it. It may add a .txt or .htm or .tmp file extension to it, so you will have to delete the file extension so it is just ndure. *Make sure your have explorer set to show extensions.*

Save this updated ndure script file to the /xboxhdm/linux/ndure/ folder. Since there is the old script already in there, it should ask if you want to overwrite. Say yes. If it doesn't ask you if you want to overwrite, please check the /xboxhdm/linux/ndure/ folder and make sure you named it just ndure and not ndure.htm.

Go back to the main xboxhdm folder and you will see a bat file titled make-iso-win. Run this, and wait for it to finish making the ISO. You should now have a new ISO file in the xboxhdm folder titled linux.

All you need to do is insert a blank CD into your CD Recorder and right-click the linux ISO File and hit Copy Image to CD. Just hit Next on the burning screens and wait for the recording to finish.
ndure9 KB
dalliniler4 years ago
after i hi the *ndure it says no such file or directory. help?
C.D334 years ago
when i try to download the ndure 9kb file, it says its a tmp file. is that right? do i need to rename FKO475WG4JNRF52.tmp (which is what was downloaded) into ndure?
when i try to make that iso it makes the iso 800mbs.... whats up?
lalin5 years ago
i can't find the ndure linux file to save it at
hunter11255 years ago
to save the script file right click and use save target as then rename it to just ndure
unable to access updated ndure script, the file appears to be locked
could anyone post a link to the updated script?
easchel5 years ago
Hey y'all! I've got a strange problem. When I am in xbrowser and I hit the ndure script it tells me always "no such file or directory found" but when I press F3 in the xbrowser I can access/view the ndure script without problem. Someone has an idea what's going wrong? g & thx
Johnny2good5 years ago
all done dont no why people dont use firefox just click ndure9 KB save rename and over write no probs here,, burnt cd ;o)
400 MB (419,463,168 bytes)
saunders565 years ago
My administrator blocked me from using command :@:@:@:@
Can Someone give me a file list for the linux ISO.
I am going to manually make the iso with PowerISO.

Thank you for all help
rydog258225 years ago
 Ok this sounds really really lame, but I think the type of disk to burn the ISO that i'm using is wrong, what type of disk do i need to use. My comp keeps saying disk read error. Never did that before, i got all the way to the menu but the ndure file was missing because i had the setup wrong. Fixed that now but it wont read the disk now. Please help lol
VzjrZ (author) 5 years ago
Sorry guys but it seems instructables is messing up somehow.
stonedray5 years ago
the text isnt on here anymore? would be nice to know what to do :)
why isnt there any text on this page??
dakine7t95 years ago
Nevermind I just turned the .bat file into a .exe and it worked perfectly!
dakine7t95 years ago
I'm trying to do this from a ubuntu machine.. am I wasting my time? So far I have gotten to the point where I need to run the .bat file however it doesn't work that way in ubuntu.. Is there any way I can make this file run?
I need help with this i get to the part where i need to add the new script and when i add it in it does not ask me to overwrite the old one it just adds another one in there i tried like 10 times can anyone help me out if so im me or something bmeggitt1985@yahoo thanks
kornsk8er6 years ago
when i go to ndure thing after option 1 i get download and burn sminstaller to xboxhdm cd any help?
Wow...to rermove a file extension simply put quotation marks around the file name, like this: "ndure" (hold shift and click the quote-marks to the left of the Return (enter) key on a standard keyboard). Easy. Now if only someone could confirm this line 182 thing....sigh....i've bricked 3 xboxes lol, two boot to blank screens, one gets the "Xbox needs service" error message (got ndure running on that one, then used an XBMC auto-installer disc...don't do that!!! Apparently its best to FTP an XBMC install).
israel136 years ago
hey every time i enter the ndure script it says. No such file or directory.
whangchung7 years ago
It appears as though the updated configuration script is incorrect. Line 180: "cp -R /CD/ndure/C/shadowc/filler1.img /xbox/C/shadowc/" should be after line 182, otherwise you will run out of hard drive space before the installation is complete.
soo is the original script right and dont have this prob??
I couldn't tell you, but the "updated script" above has that problem
I am have the disk space problem also. can you elaborate. Is this the ndure file that you overwrite in the modding process. I am currently copying that line of code and pasting after line 182.
In the Ndure installation script above that you download and run in your bash shell, you are modifying files on the xbox hard drive. At the end, you copy a filler file that fills up the rest of the disk space. However, this is supposed to be executed at the end of throwing files onto the hard drive. Right now, the filler is being copied prior to finishing part two of the Ndure installer, so when you try to create the /xbox/C/shadowc/resc folder (line 181), and put some crap in that folder (line 182), you're out of luck because you've already filled your disk space with some other crap (line 180) that should really be flung after lines 181 and 182 have been executed.
do you know how to fix this? i don't want to make any mistakes...
I can barely remember this, but I probably cut out line 180 and pasted it after line 182.
Green9293926 years ago
what is the text in place of line 182 Or CAN SOME ONE FIX THE SCRIPT AND MAKE A NEW DOWNLOAD LINK PLEASE
demoloty6 years ago
When I go to save the update it does not ask me to overwrite anything. I made sure the file name was ndure, can someone help me with this?
maxpower496 years ago
every time i save the ndure folder it keeps saving it as html file
derners7 years ago
It was all going well, until it came to the bat file... I didnt get one created, or am i doing something wrong? Any comments and suggestions? Cheers.
i'd just finished creating the CD. you have to double-click on the 'make-iso-win' file and a window on MS Dos will appear. Once you reach 100%, the linux ISO File (about 400+MB) will appear in the same folder...
When I right click on the HERE link above it doesn't give me a save as option. It only gives a save link as & it saves it as a firefox link. Also can't get the new ISO file to show up in the xboxhdm folder. Please help.
tgranger8 years ago
after I right click on the link and hit save target as, it comes up with the screen and I delete the extention and period, but when I go into the file the extension is still on it. Then, I rename the file and delete the extension, but it says that I can't because there is already a file with that name. I deleted the old one and then renamed the new file by deleting the extension, and there was no complaint. Will this still work?
Thizzlano8 years ago
quick question when i save the above file it's doesn't say "save as" it says "Save Target As" and it still saves it as an "html" and i can't figure out the problem....any solutions
what i ended up doing was, once it gave me tyhe "save as" window, i went through the file tree and clicked on the original file, and it worked fine for me. i had the same problem at first though.
VzjrZ (author)  Thizzlano8 years ago
if it adds an html extension simply delete it read this:
How To Delete Extension