Step 4: Opening Your Xbox

Take your xbox, disconnect anything and everything from it and flip it on it's back.

Now Peel off the corner plastics (see picture 2) and poke through the plastic to unscrew all 6 torx screws.

Flip it back careful not to let it open and when you have it on same ground lift the top part of the case off.

Now in order for you to hot swap your xbox you will need to move your xbox as close as possible to your computer. With the case off connect the power and video cables back on.

You have both the Xbox and PC hooked up as normal. You will use the Xbox power supply to supply the power to the Xbox hard drive.

<p>nothing works for unlocking the hdd, i always get no xbox partition found on ...</p>
<p>i cant tell if it worked for me. the power light is solid orange and everything seems to work except when i type in &lt;&lt;EggsBox&gt;&gt; it just shows me the creators of xbox like the ending credits of a movie and then it reboots. everything looks the same, shouldnt it look differant at all?</p>
<p>I have the same issue. when i installed ndure, i checked the box for kernel specific fonts, and not the individual one, which i think is causing it. also, make sure you have the proper caps and accents for &lt;&lt;EggsBox&gt;&gt;. Now, im gonna delete everything on the hard drive and try this again.</p>
<p>i have pc with sata cables so i was trying to connect xbox hard drive with usb external rack for dvd/hard drive.But when i boot from cd and write xbrowser it tells me &quot;Linux CD not found&quot;.I didnt do anything with idle cable in my pc</p>
Worked liked a charm great tutorial. Modded 2 xboxs so far and got three more lined up. Bought one at the DI for 25 bucks and modded it out with this and now its running with a 250 gig hard drive with several games on board. Cor those looking to download games google is your best bet. Most games are 2 to 3 gig downloads but once downloaded all thats needed is to ftp them to you gamea folder. I use F:\Games for mine, reboot the xbox and I can select them from the games tab and play away. I can also copy game discs as well. If your going that route though upgrade the hard drive because the original hard drive can hold maybe one game.
<p>Hey, thanks! This worked perfectly.</p><p>I just have a few questions (if you don't mind):</p><p>Do I really have to use the easteregg exploit each and every single time I want to acces unleashX?</p><p>and (a bit more complicated one):</p><p>My xbox works perfectly, outputs sound/video (trough compostie/scart), runs games, the softmod works etc. but after the console boots to the ms dash the console's power indicator turns orange (solid orange, no flashing) and the fans start to make noise. I also have noticed an electrical noise coming out of it, but when I tried to search the internet about &quot;solid orange original xbox&quot; i literally found nothing. This started to happen immediately after the softmod was complete.</p><p>I'll swap the HDD to a bigger one next weekend and I'll see if it's the hard drive but I would appreciate any information about it.</p>
Try moving your video cables away from appliance cords. They should not cross. Run them up and down without crossing. You should notice immediate results if it is the humming noise i think it is. Orange light could be the kiss of death red ring i keep seeing
<p>i dont work, when i boot the cd and select 1-2 options and its loading then my computer beeps and says this:</p>
<p>error 12 means the DVD isnt connected properly....push all the leads in again should be fine mate</p><p>I have modded my old xbox in a similer mannor and its now 120gb home media center......the old xbox's are awesome to mod</p>
<p>I don't know if I can change my drive, any suggestions on what one I should get?</p>
<p>I should try something like this to my xbox.</p>
<p>Okay, I have a bit of a problem.</p><p>The softmod works fine and all, and worked great when the Xbox was all gutted, but once I screw everything back in I get the blinking red light and the service error (error 12??). I don't know how to fix this, or what's causing it, but maybe someone can help?</p>
For those of you having trouble getting your computer to recognize the xbox hard drive do this: Have the IDE cable you are going to use plugged into a separate hard drive and boot the computer and the xbox. Follow the normal unlocking procedures on the xbox end (aka: copy music file and play it). Unplug the IDE cable from computer's hard drive, and plug it into the xbox hard drive. Then do everything else like normal. I could not get my computer to recognize the hard drive until I did this and I suspect this would fix the problem for you.
<p>This is the only thing that worked for me, thanks!</p><p>Having an extra HD to switch with helped a whole lot. I kept getting errors on the drive being found, but this process worked for me. Wish I could have tried this earlier after hours of trying to figure it out though.</p>
Alright, so here is where I am stuck. Someone please post a reply! After all the linux messages I get the following.. <br> <br>&quot;Found HardDrive. <br>We will now search dev/hda for an xbox partition table... <br> <br>No xbox-partition table found on /dev/hda <br> <br>Done!!!&quot; <br> <br>Is this issue caused because the hard drive is still locked?
<p>See my other post for a possible solution.</p><p>I'm afraid I can't quite remember the context in which i received your particular error so I'm not exactly sure of the cause.</p><p>It's worth noting that of all the steps in this complicated process, the unlocking/hotswapping part was the most trouble-free for me! It seems that once it's hit the dashboard, it's pretty much unlocked, playing a track should ensure it though. </p><p>It's just my experience, but I think it's much more likely to be a misconfiguration (not helpful, I know) than the drive being locked.</p>
<p>Hi, thanks for the great guide! </p><p>I got it to work but it wasn't exactly smooth sailing so I'll try to be as thorough as I can for the benefit of others with similar problems. </p><p>I can, of course, only speak for my particular hardware and BIOS and it may not work on other machines but it may help nevertheless.</p><p>Issue:</p><p>My main pitfall was the &quot;Linux CD not found&quot; error when trying to access xbrowser. </p><p>As I went through different configurations I even received an error where I was told that I had no disk drive connected!!</p><p>I occasionally got the same error as JGridlock aswell (&quot;No xbox-partition table found on /dev/hda&quot;) but assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that they stemmed from the same issue.</p><p>Other errors I encountered were errors 10 &amp; 20.</p><p>My (working) Configuration:</p><p>I have a Pentium4 &quot;Acer Power FV&quot; with a single IDE port on the motherboard and a two-port IDE cable; my BIOS is a 2005 American Megatrends (R01-C4).</p><p>Note that I used ONLY the IDE connection, no SATA or USB etc...</p><p>I used the cable's port nearest to the motherboard for the Xbox harddrive and the end-port for the DVD-drive. I set the jumper on the Xbox-HD to master and the jumper on the DVD-drive to slave.</p><p>I set the DVD-drive to boot first in BIOS. </p><p>When it came to hotswapping I played a music track for a few seconds (and then paused it) each time and never encountered any apparent problems.</p><p>My solution:</p><p>As it turns out, it was a BIOS issue, or more specifically an issue with the &quot;ATA/IDE Configuration&quot; (something I was previously unfamiliar with).</p><p>I solved it by going into the BIOS and under the heading &quot;Standard CMOS Settings&quot; changing the ATA/IDE Configuration mode from &quot;Compatible&quot; to &quot;Enhanced&quot;. There should also be a menu that shows all the IDE devices that are currently connected to the PC.</p><p>After a restart the BIOS detected the DVD-drive (and the xbox harddrive, if connected) as Third IDE Slave &amp; Master, respectively (rather than Primary or Secondary, for some peculiar reason).</p><p>After this I was able to hotswap as usual and reach the xbrowser window.</p><p>I encountered no further problems and was able to install ndure thanks to this fantastic guide and I hope this helps others in their quest to mod this now-ancient console!</p>
What do i do if my primary master for my board is a sata? <br>
Anyone know how to un soft-mod XBOX if done via this method? <br> <br>
I tried to download NDURE 3.0 and Avast! says it's a Decompression Bomb. I'm not touching that file!
I agree with Jas, I have use NDURE many times on multiple systems safely. I'm a paranoid IT Support Volunteer so I try to keep my system locked up tight. You may have just got a bad download, it happens.
i have avast nothing happended so its prob safe i also scanned it with mcaffe and avast
Nice!, I think I will use this! :) I have 2 Xbox's I don't use.
dude i cant understand the process. could u send the by the numbered instruction here stevedelarosa5879@yahoo.com. thanks!
sweet worked perfectly<br />
dude i cant understand the process. could u send the by the numbered instruction here stevedelarosa5879@yahoo.com. thanks!
Hey guys i have made all the necessary work (burn cd ,conect xbox) and i when i go to the point to write (xbrowser) i am writing it tells me that i need to put the linux cd... WTF?? (looking for cd.Incert linux cd)<br>Please help me...
after suffering for hours trying to unlock my HDD, I figured I would tell everyone what I've learned and what this tutorial doesnt mention. Ive learned that if you swap the IDE cables AFTER your PC has booted up, it wont detect the xbox drive. <br> <br>1st step: unplug dvd ribbon on xbox. <br> <br>2nd step: turn on PC, boot to your bios (we're doing this so the pc wont boot all they way yet) <br> <br>3rd step: turn on xbox and the instant u see the red ring, unplug the IDE for the hard drive (be fast, yet gentle), then plug in ur primary IDE from PC. if it didnt work, u were either too fast or too slow, try again. <br> <br>4th step: exit bios, let PC boot to CD. Then press 1, type xbrowser. if all goes well, u should see a directory of files on the xbox hard drive. <br> <br>5th step: finish tutorial, and crack open a beer, you earned it ;) <br> <br>if this tutorial had mentioned to connect the pc-xbox BEFORE the PC posts, I'd have saved me a few hours and a headache &gt;.&lt;
Does I need a game to do this?
This worked for me but there were a couple of tips I want to share: first off, be sure the CD/DVD disc you burn is readable by the drive that is installing NDURE. Not thinking, I used a 10yr old drive and it failed on a couple of critical files and I had to rebuild my XBOX hard drive and do other nasty stuff.<br><br>Also, for me, generating error 12 was a great method to unlock my hard drive but it can be tricky to get: dont pull out the DVD drive cable until about halfway through the startup animation or you will instead get error 11 and the HDD wont be unlocked.
hey guys, i hope people are still reading these comments.<br>So i followed the tut to the T the first time and it worked like a charm (minus using a diff method to unlock the drive)<br>Got myself a 250gb drive, and aout 50 of my Fav games on the drive along with a dedicated FTP stream of movies for the XMBC. its amazing.<br>So i thought i would get a couple cheap xboxs and do this to them for the rest of the house (lots of kids)<br>I felt confident i had memorized the entire tut so i proceeded with out it on the 1st xbox. low and behold it didn't work, unlock worked, install of ndure work however when the box restarted, i only got the splash screen then a black screen.<br>it will play games from the CD still but will NOT boot without a GAME in the drive.<br>Still able to unlock the drive and access is it from the boot cd with the browser, but when i try to restore from the backup, it errors saying either no disk space OR read only file system. So not able to restore from backup, then with out thinking, i tried it again and it wiped out the backup and created a backup of the broken system.<br>after racking my brain for weeks i realized that i had totally used the original BOOT CD i had created which I'm guessing was the wrong kernel.<br>This is Xbox 2. is there ANYWAY to fix this HD? <br>This brings me to the 3rd xbox, i discovered the problem with the kernels AFTER attempting the same thing on the 3rd box. so kinda in the same delima however this one is still unlockable but ill NOT boot to any game or theHD, just a service 21 error. When i look at the drive with the browser i can see the backup is still intact but will not let me restore it, giving the same disk space error or READ only error. Is there a way to fix this one?? please if ANYONE has some answers that would be great. other wise its a loss of $100 on my part. Expensive mistake I'm trying to fix. i did however get a lot of games and accessories out of that $100 hope to hear from someone.
It worked for me! Thanks for making it vzjrz
i have a problem whit my xbox classis, how to install software in new hardisk in xbox classic. PLEASE HELP ME, Thank`s
PLEASE someone help...<br>i follow the instructions to the letter, my XBox HDD is unlocked etc. i made the boot disk with the ndure script and when i enter XBROWSER i see the ndure script there but when i try to start it, it just says &quot;no such file in directory&quot;<br><br>i tried to make the ndure script into .exe, .bat, nothing works, just the same old error... but when i hit F3 i can view the script and i can edit it...<br><br>please help, im loosing my mind trying to figure this out :/
I couldnt get it running until i read this:<br /> easiest way i found to unlock the drive is to disconnect the ribbon from the<a class="iAs" href="http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=513956#" rel="nofollow" style="font-weight: normal;font-size: 100.0%;text-decoration: none;padding-bottom: 1.0px;background-color: transparent;background-image: none;padding-top: 0.0pt;padding-right: 0.0pt;padding-left: 0.0pt;"></a> dvd player and also its power cable.<br /> <br /> use a molex from your pc to power the xbox HDD.<br /> <br /> now boot the pc into xboxhdm and turn on the xbox.<br /> <br /> once the xbox has booted it will give you the &quot;xbox needs <a class="iAs" href="http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=513956#" rel="nofollow">service</a>&quot; screen, when this shows up you need to swap ata cables.<br /> <br /> dont do it like the tut suggests as i tried all ways mentioned and it just would not unlock, my way unlocks first time everytime.<br />
This worked awesome, dude! Thanks for the helpful tip. On my way to having an xbox linux server. Bwahahahahaha! in yer face, MS!
Please how can i vonvert my x box so that i can download game to it.... Please help me out<br>
wow. that actually works cant believe it. i tried every other method... and not having an xbox controller with me didnt help either lol. i found this xbox in the dumpster XD
well hello tyler i found you lol. its helti.... im moding my xbox 2. XD
need help?
It's sad how these perfectly operational systems end up in the dump. They make an awesome dvd player.
i find it funny when people think macafe and avast are good avg hasnt said a thing.
Hello..... Please i am tired of buying disc on my x box can you please help me out i really want to know how to convert it and download games on it and the software to down and steps to take please if any suggestion mail me into my mail bhakhay@yahoo.com
Follow the tutorial, don't get frustrated, and try snesorama for the games.
Please how can i vonvert my x box so that i can download game to it.... Please help me out
HI Guys <br> <br>I have managed to lock my deagate drive, followed all your instructions and half way through hotswap (After Ihad saved C drive) the processed errored and stopped. <br>Now I get red lights when i turn XB on. How do i sortr this out, and what could have gone wrong? <br>Thanks in advance
Ok I made a bad I installed it all correctly but I may have deleted my m$ dash file because I can't return to the ms dashboard when I hot swapped I made a back up my question is can I restore the xbox to retail state with the back up?if so can anyone fill me in on how?Thanks a million
my cd didn't boot why? help plzz!thx
Did you follow the guide to make the ISO. What software did you use to burn the ISO?
I somehow broke my dashboard doing this. Is there anyway to fix this? I got errors when it tried installing ndure onto the xbox and then the next time i turn it on i got an error everytime the dash tried to load. I can't restore the c backup either because i didn't restore before trying the install again and it saved my broken c image as the backup.

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