Step 4: Opening your xbox

Picture of Opening your xbox
Take your xbox, disconnect anything and everything from it and flip it on it's back.

Now Peel off the corner plastics (see picture 2) and poke through the plastic to unscrew all 6 torx screws.

Flip it back careful not to let it open and when you have it on same ground lift the top part of the case off.

Now in order for you to hot swap your xbox you will need to move your xbox as close as possible to your computer. With the case off connect the power and video cables back on.

You have both the Xbox and PC hooked up as normal. You will use the Xbox power supply to supply the power to the Xbox hard drive.

Hey guys make sure you hold the power button down for about 2 seconds before opening it to eliminate and electric charge :D
3mm Allen wrench :)
SonicAce15 years ago
Help my top part won't open all the way even though i have all screws screwed out help me plz
Blimp8215 years ago
i used an alan wrench as well, not sure wat size but it worked perfectly. good luck.
 1/8" works
xboxbox5 years ago
used a flatback screwdriver, from a standard set, worked great, just apply enought force ae and it will drive right out
i dont get it what do i do when i open my xbox? where do i connect it to the pc or how? im like a noob hehe, what is an ata cable and what does it do? what is hot swap? please answer to xebaz_stan_bn_indios@hotmail.com
i missed one quest: "-You will use the Xbox power supply to supply the power to the Xbox hard drive.-" so i just connect it normal?
Oh i feel stupid all my quest wherwe answered in step 5 -_-U
its working very well with me thanks alot
shinespoon6 years ago
Bah...... I can't get my cover back on for some weird reason.
Green9293926 years ago
i used a close pair of barber scissors and used it like a screwdriver
emman1017 years ago
For those who may not have this screw driver..If you have a set of "Allan Keys" they should work, thats what i used. Use the back of one (im not sure what size) but it will work fine.