I made a quick video of how to solder Electroluminiscent tape, I speak in spanish but I´ve put some subs in english.
In my country Uruguay nobody sells this kind of tape, so I have to order it online.  

Sometimes I need really short pieces on my cosplays, and the sellers told me that you should use what you need, cut and throw away the rest of it. . .  I don´t know you guys but for me it´s a pitty to throw this cool material!

I know its not as sturdy as how the seller sends it, but its something!

So i kind of stripped one piece and tried, and it worked! : )  Hope it helps!

<p>Yo no hablo espanol bien. &iexcl;Pero gracias para la instrucciones!</p>
thank you so much for this!
Oh :) Thank you! never tought could be of some help actually! Really glad

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