Here is a video showing how I solder bullet connectors, I find using this method fast and easy, no soldering iron required. This works well for me and hope it helps out any newbies out there starting out. The connectors I am soldering are the popular 3.5mm but this can be applied to any connector. I am using a micro torch, but you can also use a windproof butane lighter that has a blue flame, they are dirt cheap, I picked up mine at the dollarstore.

The steps are:

  • strip the end of the wire you want to solder
  • clamp and position the bullet connector and wire
  • heat the connection joint
  • apply solder to the connection joint
  • allow to cool and then heatshrink wrap the connector and wire

Step 1: The Tools

The tools:

  • Wire stripper is useful to have but you can use a knife
  • Electrical solder, also know as rosin core solder (edit: if you use rosin core solder with PB (lead) the temperature needed to the soldering is much lower and the solder flows much nicer but it is lead...)
  • Lighter for heat shrink tubing
  • Mini Torch
  • "Helping hand"

I don't actually have a real helping hand, I just made one from some alligator clips, electrical wire and stapled it to a piece of wood as a stand.

Step 2:

Pictures of:

  • Bullet connector and wire held in the "helping hand"
  • Finished connectors covered in heatshrink tubing.

Watch the video for the complete procedure.

Check out my website too:http://eclectic-workshop.weebly.com/

I had been looking around for helping hands, your method never occurred to me, but it's quite brilliant. Will be incorporating that into my bargain-basement workshop :)
<p>Good tips, thanks for sharing!</p>

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