How to Solder Amateur Jewelry





Introduction: How to Solder Amateur Jewelry

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This video is in response to questions I’ve gotten about soldering. This is how I solder all my projects. Keep in mind metal solders best when it’s clean. Also, some metals are difficult or impossible to solder the way I’m doing in this video (stainless steel, aluminum).  Good luck. Hope it helps.



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    2 years ago


    Thank you for this tutorial. I really liked it. My two problems are;

    #1. How do you solder (I'm using a Weller electric soldering iron as I cannot use a torch at this time. Stinks as most videos are for torches.) a flat surface to another flat surface? I work with metal cuff bracelets, I would love to solder say a metal filigree piece or a clockwork gear to it face down.....Id give a chocolate bar to find out. That's saying something coming from a female :) Ive search u-tube and countless sites, I know you use a torch but please please....if you can, it would be epic. Thank you for your time and I really enjoyed the video. Every second was clear and percise. Some u-tube videos take 11 min just to talk about the jump ring (groans). Major back pats sir.

    A metal lover

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    I've been asked a lot about that over the years. I will look for my weller gun and see what I can do. Brent

    omg that would be so awesome!!!! :) I just cannot thank you enough for even the effort. I have found no videos at all for this. All they show is doing two wires together. Boring and very not interesting to a jewellery maker. When I went to the hobby store and also Home Depot and asked about Soldering they both pointed me to the Weller, not a flame torch. I didn't know about the Flame Torch till after in videos and my Weller cost me $110 !:( I finally have a bit of energy after so long bed-ridden with illness, finding no help to tell me what to do. I cannot leave my home yet not being fully recovered. Hence also why I cannot use a flame Torch, it would be just to scary in my position if I suddenly became ill. A bit TMI but I am trying to give you a picture why some might HAVE TO use a Weller and not the torch. Your video again was terrific and I look forward to seeing more on good days. Thank you again sir and hope you have a wonderful day :)

    ya know I bought special ,"silver solder" at my local hobby store. It was expensive and a mess. It came with liquid flux which was the mess lol. After trying Rosin Core, Silver Solder.....just go with plumbing solder..LEAD FREE. When working w/ Jewelry always lead free. At amazon I bought, 1.1 lbs for like $22.. paste (amazon) is Nokorode 4oz (big jar) .
    Hopefully you wont waste money like I did. Store clerks just want to make a sale:(
    ...just my thoughts.

    Home depot is really expensive. After going there I went home, got online at amazon...ordered, paid and it was delivered in mere days. I ended up with a huge roll of solder instead of a little bit and same amount of money. Just my thoughts. :)

    Thank you for the Amazon info..I am a prime member and will check there for the solder,,,


    2 years ago

    Im going to check out a dozen or so videos by you. So if you have something there, just fyi. Thank you again for doing all this. Most artists dislike to share knowledge. They believe its their ,"secret weapon". which is toolish but...we move. Your aces all the way. :)

    thank you so....... much--I make costume jewelry and always wanted to know how to solder and others have equipment I didn't want to buy--this was so straight forward and in anyones budget--When you said silver solder?? were you referring to the color or the solder and not the composition??? Great video!!!!!!!!

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    They have 2 kinds of solder. Rosin Core & Silver solder. I first tried Rosin Core (which has the flux in it) but if you are soldering anything with silver in it etc...You need Silver solder + liquid or paste flux. Silver solder also comes in sheets (soft, med and hard) and you can cut to little pieces and place with tweezers or stats. I do not do it well with my iron but it works amazing with a torch. Its just about exactly what he did in his flattening it and cutting it off. :)

    Thanks for the complement and taking the time to write. Silver solder is an alloy of different metals which does include silver. Also it does have a silver color. Good luck. Don't forget to post pictures of your creations.

    A good solder surface is a bathroom tile turned upside down. it will reflect the heat back st the piece you are working on. It also will not burn as it is a material that already has been fired fully.

    I want to solder pre made swarovski mounts all the way around a cuff bracelet side by side. I am not sure how to solder one flat surface to another. Do I apply the flux, then the solder (what kind?), then just put a mount on top of the solder and heat it? When I do the next one will the solder run on the previous one? I want to lay them side by side. Or will the other setting mount stay tight?

    Will a resistance unit or spot welder work as well as the propane torch? In other words, will the more or less instantaneous heat be sufficient to melt the solder and bond the metals? I need to bond two pieces of steel wire together (the kind that dry cleaning hangers are made from).


    Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! I have so many ideas to try :-)
    I've always wanted to try out some trees....this makes it possible! thank you sooooo much again!

    My projects are mostly rings and other things that require extreme precision. How would I do this without leaving big lumps on the piece?

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    Check out the photo owl I made. The joints are precise. It just takes practice.