Introduction: How to Soldering All Components of Électronics

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this tutorial shows you how to soldering components smd ans components has long legs

Step 1: The Nécessary Hardware

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you need : one soldering iron,one bobine of tin, the components and many pinces

Step 2: Place the Components

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place the components at the place previous for him

Step 3: Heathing

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heat the paste and the pellet

Step 4: Welding

add the tin on le paste ans the pellet

Step 5: Tips for Maintain Your Pcb Board

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use a paper clip for maintain your pcb board

Step 6: Your Components Is Welled

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it's finish your components is welled!

Step 7: Now : the Smd Components !

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the welding of smd components is more dificult than the préviously components beacause is littler

Step 8: Tin the Pellet

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add the tin on the pellet hot

Step 9: Mouve the Components

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use a tweezers for move the smd components

Step 10:

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add the components on the board and heat the tin,it's finish! your components is soldering!

Step 11: Clean the Material

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use a absorbant paper for clean your soldering iron


seamster (author)2015-07-30

Nicely done. Thanks for sharing this!

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